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L.L.H Chapter 14: Black Zetsu Appears

“The Kaguya Clan Extinction (1/2)?”

“Is it possible?” Masahiko thought about it. “It’s true that most Kaguya’s clansmen who use their Kekkei-Genkai suffer a lot of strain on their bones and muscles, and die.”

“In the Land of Water, the place there said to be damp… Frosty Bone Grass can’t grow in that kind environment.” When he thought about it, in the warring states period, the Kaguya clan has already extinct.

As for the others who already fled to the Land of Water, they will establish a new family there.

“However, ½? It seems like I will have to go to the Land of Water in the future to witness the Kaguya rebellion and demise. Surely I will get more witness points out of that.”

“The 50 points I’ve got this time have to be used wisely. Looking at the growth rate of Madara and Hashirama, the era of two Gods of Shinobi is drawing near.”

Suddenly, Masahiko felt something’s wrong, using his sensory skill perceives he could sense a dark aura in the battlefield.

“Who’s there?” Masahiko suddenly turned around and shouted to a direction.

The Senju and Uchiha elders who have just barely escaped death became anxious again, and the regularly turned tense. However, no one showed up.

“Sorry, sorry, maybe I got it wrong…” Masahiko said.

The Uzumaki elders were even more embarrassed. They thought that Masahiko now has become more reliable. They didn’t expect him to do such a silly prank, especially now when everyone is so tense.

“My sense never wrong… Is it Black Zetsu?” He kept thinking about it although he already apologized.

Masahiko, who already knows the plot of Naruto, knows that black Zetsu is the main factor behind all evil in this world, and he plans to unseal his mother, Kaguya.

Masahiko was giving this matter a lot of attention; he expects that Black Zetsu is already active in the warring state era.

When he was younger, he discovered something that has never been mentioned in the Naruto story, the existence of an underground black market.

According to the testimony of the clan elders, these black markets already existed even before they were born.

Until now, no one knows who is the founder of these black market.

These black markets are specializing in gathering intelligence all across the Shinobi World, so information is its main commodity. It’s speculated that these black markets were founded by Black Zetsu, to assist him in his plans.

The recent event somehow supports this speculation. Things have been strange recently. Like how did the Hyuga clan manage to infiltrate The Uchiha’s fourth training ground, and how did the Kaguya find frosty bone grass in Uzumaki territory, it seems that these confrontations were arranged, it’s not just a mere coincidence.

“I’m sure you are the one behind the shadows, Black Zetsu…” Until recently, he began to feel a dark aura around this battlefield, it wasn’t a shinobi, nor samurai, but something else. Masahiko was sure that most of the conflicts between the Clans in the past few years are related to someone, and now he’s confident it was Black Zetsu.

“It’s time for me to start learning my Clan Fuinjutsu…” When he thought about the Edo Tensei, the Kyuubi, and even the resurrection of Otsotsuki Kaguya, Masahiko felt like he needed to focus more on learning the Uzumaki Fuinjutsu.

At that moment, somewhere in the dark, a black shadow appeared.

“Good perceive technique, I almost got exposed!” Black Zetsu thought for a moment then said: “How did he know, though? No one even knows about my existence!”

Black Zetsu was left confused, he didn’t think anyone would expose him. But somehow, when he thought about Kaguya, he got more excited. “Mother, wait for me, I will definitely resurrect you! Those traitors, Ashura and Indra, I will punish them! Their descendants have already fallen to my hand, Senju, and Uchiha, one day, sooner or later…”

“But these Uzumaki, they make things more complicated.”

Black Zetsu walked into the shadow and disappeared.

On the battlefield, the Uzumaki, the Uchiha, and the Senju were gathering any resources that once belonged to the Kaguya clan.

Masahiko was surprised that the amount of treasure would pile up this high.

The first thing they agreed on was the Uzumaki cut. They received twenty percent of the total loot, the Uzumaki second elder didn’t object. Besides compared to the Uchiha and Senju, the Uzumaki is the weakest. They were already satisfied to receive twenty percent.

However, the Uchiha insisted that the loot needs to be divided half by half. Half for the Senju and half to them. But the Senju objected this, they declared that the Senju has contributed more in the war effort. And they want to acquire sixty percent of the remaining loot. There was an argument between the Senju and the Uchiha.

Madara said in a loud tone, “We will take half of it! Do you have problems? Don’t you try and pick a fight with us!”

Masahiko was stunned, he got agitated by Madara’s rudeness while handling in this matter. A heated argument in the council was inevitable. Just before Masahiko could scold Madara, Hashirama stopped him.

Forced to choose between a friend and family, Hashirama took the first.

He said to Mizuko, “Elder. Just divide the loot by half, the Uchiha also suffered a significant casualty, and our people already tired of fighting. It won’t do us any good if we fight the Uchiha now.

Upon hearing this from the soon-to-be patriarch, Mizuko reluctantly agreed.

In the end, the remaining eighty percent of the loot was equally shared between the Uchiha and Senju. Then the council was dismissed, and everyone returned to their respective village.

The Uzumaki were also preparing to leave. They packed their share, and went home; the loot was more than plenty for them.

But, the Uzumaki has also suffered quite a massive loss. Before the fight, Masahiko recalled that there were more than a dozen of Elite Jonin with them, but now only eight remained. These were the backbone of the clan. Fortunately, there weren’t any casualties among the elders.

As for the ordinary Jonin and Chunin, only gods know how many they lost.

“In short, our clan has suffered a heavy loss. It can be assumed that our clan patriarch and elders won’t agree to assist the Senju if they’re planning on fighting the Uchiha, not until we recover… This is also a good opportunity for me to learn some Fuinjutsu.” Masahiko thought.

Masahiko and his team finally reached the village in the evening.

The patriarch and the elders greeted them at the gates of the village.

The patriarch didn’t ask anything about the battle. Instead, he arranged a welcoming feast for them. And the loot was placed in the clan warehouse.

Masahiko just simply ate his dinner. He didn’t pay too much attention to the patriarch’s speech about glory, sacrifice, honor, and others. He had a lot in his mind, not to mention his injured hand.

He gently bid his farewell to the elders and patriarch, then returned to his room to rest, he applied medicinal herbs on his hand and then went to sleep.

This marked the end of January, and he was really tired.