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L.L.H Chapter 15: Uzumaki Secret Techniques

On the following day, a funeral was held for those who sacrificed themselves in the battle. New tombstones were erected in the burial ground. Many mourning parents, siblings, children, lovers were there crying. After all, these people were part of families, some of them were loving fathers, some were faithful sons or a good friend…

“Although this was not my first time, I really don’t want to attend any more funerals…” Masahiko muttered deep in his heart.

After the funeral, Masahiko went to see the Patriarch and ask him for the clan’s secret techniques scroll.

“All of our Clan secret techniques are written here in this scroll. I heard a lot of good things about you from the elder in the last battle. Thus, I thought I should grant you this scroll. Guard it with your life.” The Patriarch already prepared it for Masahiko and handed the scroll to him.

Turned out, that the second elder told the Patriarch about how Masahiko turned the tides of the battle for the Uzumaki Clan, he knows that Masahiko is now way stronger than before. So he decided that it was time for Masahiko to learn the clan secret techniques.

Masahiko replied, “I will guard this with my life, don’t worry about it.”

“Of course not uncle… But you know, sometimes you…”

Masahiko quickly replied, “Rest assured, rest assured, remember this current me is different from the past me, you know.”

Masahiko looked at the Patriarch’s face, and it seems he was still in doubt, but Masahiko didn’t care about it, he got the scroll, so he took it and went back to his home.

“So, before I learn these techniques, I have to solve this problem with my right hand first. I don’t want people to call me The One-handed Uzumaki Jeez… Although it will be cool…” Masahiko shivered a little, then he looked at the scroll.

Usually, this kind of injury takes months before it fully recovered. After all, compared to Naruto, when practicing Rasenshuriken, Masahiko didn’t have a medical-nin like Sakura in case things go awry.

“My body is not strong enough to sustain such an after effect. It’s time to invest some of the witness points on “physique.” Masahiko unwound the bandage on his right arm. Then he opened his status bar and added 10 witness points to “physique.”

Sure enough, a layer of skin suddenly appeared on Masahiko’s right arm. He tried to move it, but it was still painful. Thus, he put 5 more points to the physique, which caused an instant regeneration!

“Wow! It regenerates almost instantly. Still, I’ll bandage it for another two months. Or else explaining this will be a pain in the ass…”

“Hmm… let’s see…” He opened the scroll. “Fire Sealing Method, Evil Sealing Method, Four Symbols Seal, Five Elements Seal, Eight Trigram Sealing Style, Reverse Four Symbols Seal… Where is the Shiki Fujin Seal? Did the Patriarch hide it from me?”

“No, he wouldn’t do that. This Jutsu must haven’t developed yet. I don’t know who created it, but it must be worth a lot of witness points.”

“The first one who used this Jutsu is Namikaze Minato to seal the Kyuubi, and Kushina is the one who taught him every sealing technique he knows… Does this mean Kushina is the one who developed the Shiki Fujin technique?”

In this era, Kushina’s Grandfather, and Grandmother should be alive, do I have to look them up? Ah, forget about it, it’s impossible. I’ll just keep an eye on Tobirama, he developed most of the Forbidden techniques after all.” Masahiko thought a lot, then he shook his head, and begin to learn the seals.

Masahiko’s affinity for Fuinjutsu is good; after all, he is an Uzumaki. In just one day, he managed to accustom to it. And a new attribute appeared on Masahiko’s status bar.

Fuinjutsu/Sealing-Technique: Lv1 (1/10000)

Masahiko tempted to add some point to it, but he restrained himself. He decided to continue on learning Fuinjutsu on his own.

About two months later, Masahiko learned two new simple seals, Explosive Seal and Binding Seal. His Fuinjutsu also advanced to LVL2.
Later, in order to learn Five Elements Seal, he needed to improve his earth and water attributes.

Masahiko actually didn’t put any point in Fuinjutsu, he improved it by training alone. He went so deep into training he forgets that he has witness points.


In a blink of an eye, five years have passed. (T/N: this sentence shocked me xD)

During these five years, Masahiko managed to learn all of the Uzumaki sealing techniques, except for the Reverse seal. His sealing technique has surpassed even the masters of the clan, and reached LVL5!

Not until that moment, he realized that five years have passed away.

For the people in the warring states period where life’s expectancy is only 40, five years is a long period of time.

However, in five years, he actually got younger… He is now 31 years old.
But he still maintained his 48 years old appearance.

During these five years, he isolated himself with no regard for the events happening in the outside world. He just trained himself. But now after he finished his training, he immediately went to find the Patriarch, to ask what happened during these past five years.

“Uncle, you finally came out! Your body… Are you okay?” Masahiko didn’t expect the Patriarch would be the one to speak first.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. If you can do it, of course, this uncle of yours can do it too.”

“I’m sorry, uncle. The thing is… Last year, the first elder resigned from his position, saying that his body is getting weaker. Now he’s meditating in his house all day. Even the Second and Third Elders want to retire, but we don’t have anyone to fill for their position. Thus they’re still hanging on it until we provide replacements.”

“Of course, this is not just happening in our clan, the other clans have also faced the same problem. The old generation can no longer keep up. Now it’s time for the young Shinobis. After all, I’m almost 40, too; it won’t take long before…” The Patriarch explained it to Masahiko.

“If I didn’t have this “system,” I would be 53 too. Of course, my body would have also degraded.” Masahiko thought to himself, then he said to the Patriarch, “You don’t have to worry, I can still kick butts for another two years at least. So, I’ve wanted to ask, did anything big happened recently?”

“Big? Well, except for the war, nothing else happened. Two years ago, a big battle between the Senju and Uchiha took place in the Wind Valley, Butsuma Senju and Tajima Uchiha were killed in the battle. Now the position of the clan patriarch has passed down to Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, respectively.”

“The other clans thought that losing their Patriarch will leave the Senju and Uchiha vulnerable. But they proved them wrong. This era has brought a new level of shinobis. Hashirama and Madara, now are the strongest Patriarch among all clans.”

“We are more closely related to the Senju, not to mention Mito is now the wife of Senju’s Patriarch… Sigh… It’s a relief to know she married a strong man.” It seems that the Patriarch is still missing his daughter
“So nothing has actually happened? Madara and Uchiha are now at the peak of the warring states period. A new era will be coming soon.” Masahiko thought.

“However, in these past five years, I didn’t age a day, in fact, I’m getting younger and stronger,” Masahiko thought to himself, and a smirk drawn on his face as he looked at his status bar.

Name: Uzumaki Masahiko

Age: 31 years old (-)

Ninjutsu: 245 (+) Physique: 118 (+) Chakra: 1570 (5.5)(+)

Three Bodies Technique: LV.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)

Blade Throwing Technique: LV.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)

Earth Transformation: LV3 (30458/100000) (+)

Wind Transformation: LV4 (116764/200000) (+)

Fire Transformation: LV3 (29985/100000) (+)

Water Transformation: LV2 (10000/20000) (+)

Lightning Transformation: LV2 (10000/20000) (+)

Fuinjutsu: LV5 (200000/400000)

Special Talent: Perception

Rank: Jonin (Master)

Witness Point: 34

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