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L.L.H Chapter 16: Family Visit

When Masahiko told the patriarch about the result of his practice, he got very pleased about it.

“In this case, your strength…” The patriarch couldn’t finish his sentence.
“Ah, yes, I’m stronger now.” Masahiko faintly answered, but the smile on his face exposed his excitement.

“So, have you consider to be an elder for our clan?”

Masahiko was about to refuse the patriarch offer when suddenly the guard knocked on the door.

“Come in.” The patriarch said to the guard.

“Patriarch, Masahiko-Dono, we’ve received a message from the Senju. They said they’re coming to visit. Senju Hashirama and Mito are on their way.”

“What? Mito is coming?” The patriarch got overfilled with joy, which made him forget about his offer to Masahiko. All of what he can think about is his daughter Mito.

“So… Patriarch, are you sure they just coming to visit? He’s bringing Mito with him I don’t think she only came here to visit her father, I think they’re here to ask for help. Remember that you’re not gonna instantly agree the moment she asks you, Okay?” Masahiko couldn’t help but ask.

“Don’t worry about it, Uncle.” The patriarch replied.

“Of course, I am!”

“Ahh… Forget it, I’ll talk to him again tomorrow. Now I have to think about a good way to spend my witness points. Maybe I can advance to patriarch level this time.” Masahiko thought.

On the following day, Masahiko and the patriarch stood in front of the main gate. When the Senju arrived, the patriarch was there to greet them. It was Hashirama, Mito, and the captain of Senju guards (self-proclaimed), Tobirama. After five long years, Masahiko has finally got the chance to see the three of them again. Hashirama and Tobirama have become more mature, and Mito she’s like she’s always been. However, she has a diamond-shaped mark on her head now.

“Mito, it seems you have successfully cultivated the Yin Seal,” Masahiko said with a smile.

“Yes, grandfather, yes, indeed, The Yin Seal. Oh, I almost forgot how about yours? You practiced the Yin Chakra Sealing Technique too, right?” she said that with a grin smug on her face, obviously, she was teasing Masahiko for that lie.

Hashirama noticed that now he understands the meaning of this symbol on his wife’s forehead.

“Isn’t this technique can only be practiced by women? It’s yin energy cultivation after all.” Hashirama asked Mito, he was really confused.
Masahiko couldn’t help but wink at Mito in a subtle gesture.

“Yes, husband, how silly of me. How can grandpa practice such a technique?” Mito looked at Masahiko, who have the appearance of 48 years old man, and grinned again.

“Well… I don’t know…” Hashirama was left dumbfounded; he didn’t know what’s happening between the scenes.

“Okay…” Masahiko sighed; he was relieved that this topic didn’t continue any further. Fortunately, Tobirama didn’t say anything about this too.

The three of them continued their conversation for a while before the Uzumaki patriarch invited them inside.

Hashirama walked with the Uzumaki patriarch and had a little chat.
“Really? Mito is pregnant?” In excitement, the patriarch forgot to lower his voice.

Masahiko suddenly became curious, did he heard wrong, or Mito is really pregnant.

“Yes, father, that’s the reason behind our visit here today.” Hashirama scratched his head and said this while blushing.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Quick, have a seat.” The patriarch became more excited.

Masahiko quickly took a look at Mito. He kept looking at her carefully, but it seems her pregnancies haven’t reached three months yet. Pregnant or not, Mito is still a strong Shinobi.

Masahiko’s eyes opened wide, he’s dumbfounded, “But… If Mito is pregnant… Then Hashirama is the father?”

In his past life, when he watched the anime, the identity of Mito’s children was kept shrouded in mystery. It’s was unclear who was Tsunade’s Father. He even had a theory before Obito’s identity was revealed that the masked man who attacked Konoha is Hashirama’s son.

Now he’s really gonna have the chance to see the God of Shinobi’s son!

Masahiko is excited; he can’t wait to know this child. Mito couldn’t help but be excited too. After all, she didn’t see her father for a while.

The five of them finally entered the clan hall, Masahiko witnessed the show of “father and daughter bond.” Then after a while, the patriarch returned to normal.

“Hashirama, I was happy when I heard that you’ve become the Senju patriarch. And I’m very grateful that you spread some time to let me see my daughter.”

The patriarch suddenly said, “How’s the situation on your front? Is everything being okay?”

Masahiko sighed and prayed in his heart for Hagoromo that Mito’s child won’t inherit his grandfather’s stupidity.

Unexpectedly, Hashirama answer, “It’s not bad, we always have the upper hand.”

“But…” Hashirama suddenly stopped dramatically.

“Here we go!” Masahiko shouted in his heart.

“We encountered a small problem, in the south-western corner of the Land of Fire, with a small Clan attacking our people there.”

“Small Clan?” The patriarch got puzzled. “Is there any small clan who’s stupid enough to mess with the Senju?”

“Yes, they’re called the Libra Clan (Jugo from “Naruto Shippuden” clan),” Hashirama answered.

“Their number is small, but they have special transformation ability, upon transforming they go berserk and fight to the death. It has caused us a lot of trouble.”

“The more I hear, the more I feel familiar. Libra? Is it Jugo’s Clan?”

Masahiko couldn’t remember correctly. After all, he died 50 years ago!

When the patriarch heard this, his face turned red, “If I don’t act for this mockery, then I Uzu…”

At that very moment, Masahiko felt like palming his face. Fortunately, Hashirama interrupted him saying: “Calm yourself father, It’s not like we need an army; we just need one shinobi from Uzumaki who is proficient in Fuinjutsu to seal their transforming ability.”

“Oh, is that so…” The patriarch calmed down. “Then, I will send one of my elders to go with you.”

“An elder? That’s great, and who is this elder?” Hashirama was pleased hearing this news.

Masahiko was confused, he remembers very well that the patriarch said all the elders are about to retire. This made him have a bad feeling about this.

“Well, the previous elder has already retired. But this one I believe you know him so well. In fact, he’s sitting with us right now.” The patriarch then looked at Masahiko.

Masahiko got shocked; he looked like if he saw a ghost.

He doesn’t want to be an elder, he wants to be free. But he also wants to see the Libra Clan. He thought maybe he will be rewarded by some witness points. He got a mixed feeling about this.

“Second Grandfather?” Hashirama got puzzled, “Can he perform Fuinjutsu?”

“Don’t worry, son-in-law.” The patriarch reassured Hashirama while tapping on his shoulder, “He was practicing his Fuinjutsu for five years. He’s now the strongest seal user in our clan.”

“If this the case, then I’m sorry for doubting you. I couldn’t be happier than this.” Hashirama said this then continued, “We also prepare something for the second grandfather. Tobirama! Show the present.”
Tobirama reluctantly took out a scroll and hand it to the Uzumaki patriarch.

“This is a new technique developed by my brother,” Hashirama explained.

“He calls this “Kagebunshin-no-Jutsu,” it’s very suitable for the Uzumaki clan who have greater chakra reserve than most shinobi.”

The patriarch unfurls it. After seeing it, he asked Tobirama about the Jutsu, and they all looked curious and excited.

Among them, only Masahiko seemed displeased.

“Kagebunshin? Damn Tobirama! You should have told me first. I could have got some witness points from that!”

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