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L.L.H Chapter 17: Hurry!

Due to Hashirama worries about the clan’s affairs, his visit lasted for only one day. Then in the following day, he bid farewell to the Uzumaki Head Clan and left.

When they come, they were only a group of three. Now they become four, with Masahiko as the fourth member.

They went all the way back to the Senju clan.

Along the way, Masahiko seemed a little upset, he kept grumbling, and he was even avoiding eye contact with the others.

Tobirama didn’t know what could have offended Masahiko to this degree, he didn’t realize that the former was even considering kidnapping him so he could witness the birth of the Edo Tensei Technique then letting him go…

The situation was awkward. But it didn’t take them long before they were already in the vicinity of the Senju.

When they reach the main gate, the people were already standing there to greet them. The Senju’s Clansmen immediately bow whenever Hashiram walked near them. Although it felt strange at first, Masahiko remembered later that Hashirama now is the Head Clan.

Mito went back to her room. Hashirama went to the assembly hall, and Tobirama went to deal with some of the clan’s affairs.

Masahiko finally managed to see the other side of the God of Shinobi.
About an hour passed, now it’s already afternoon. Masahiko was already sleepy.

Hashirama finally finished two days’ worth of paper works. Then he said, “Second Grandfather, I’m sorry you must have waited for so long.”
“…Heh… Oh… It’s okay… the patriarch sure is busy, so I sleep.” Masahiko said this while half awake.

“Brother, you’ve finally finished you’re work. Grandpa, now let’s set off!” Tobirama shouted.

Masahiko got freaked out by his shouting and muttered in his heart, “That’s it. I’m kidnapping this kid and making him develop Ninjutsu for me…”

“No, Tobirama, this time you stay.” Hashirama said to Tobirama, “I don’t know how long this expedition will take. So, I need you to stay and take care of our clan.”

“I… understand, brother,” Tobirama replied. “I’ll wait for your return. You can leave the clan to me.”

Although he reluctantly agrees, Masahiko understands that this is the best decision.

Hashirama smiled and said: “Second Grandfather, should we leave now? Our destination is quite far. We’ll have to find a small town along the way to spend our night there. It’s estimated that we will arrive at our destination tomorrow in the evening.”

“Is it so far? Then let’s eat some food before we depart…” Masahiko felt a little hungry after he knew that he won’t have the luxury of eating a good meal again for two days.

“Okay, then…” Hashirama couldn’t help but agree. He asked some people to prepare a meal for them. After finishing their food, they depart to Libra clan.

The afternoon has passed, and it was already afternoon, and neither of them could find an excellent place to spend the night.

Thinking about it, in this troubled time, there are only a few handfuls of small villages or towns across the Land of Fire.

In the end, helplessly, Masahiko didn’t have any chance but to continue. After a few more miles, they stopped in an empty space and eat something then slept for the night.

“Is this ‘I slept for one night with the God of Shinobi’ moment?” Masahiko thought.

Of course, Masahiko is excited, but his excitation is not because of lewd reasons. Hashirama said to Masahiko, “Second Grandfather, I’ll sleep first, and you will keep the watch, and then after a few hours, we will change shifts.”

“You don’t really have to do that; you can use your wood-transformation to make a house,” Masahiko said faintly…

“Oh, that’s right.” Hashirama just realizes this.

“Sure enough, he’s a different guy when he’s not acting like a Head Clan…” Masahiko said in his mind.

Hashirama created a wooden house using his Ninjutsu, then the two entered and slept inside for the night.

The next morning, they woke up, Masahiko washed his face and eat some snacks, then the two continued their journey.

They didn’t take a break in the afternoon. They continued running until they reach their destination in the evening.

Masahiko could feel their Chakra from a distance. It was the Libra clan. The strongest one between them is only at the Jonin Master level, but something seems strange about their Chakra.

“This is natural energy?” Masahiko left puzzled, “But how can natural energy have such an evil feeling in it?”

“Second Grandfather, there is the Libra Clan.” Said Hashirama.

“I know, I have perceived it.” Masahiko replied, “But something is wrong. Something is not right with their Chakra. Where is your squad stationed?”

“It’s not far from here.” Hashirama pointed at the direction, then he suddenly became confused, “Second Grandfather, I can’t feel their chakra…”

They looked at each other and then quickly rushed to the pointed direction.

They were worried that something terrible happened. They looked around and didn’t find any traces for the Senju clansmen. They keep looking for about an hour until they sensed their presence one mile from there.

Hashirama was afraid that they moved because the Libra Clan has attacked them.

The two finally arrived at the source of the commotion, they could hear laughter and singing from a distance, which made Hashirama feel relieved, it didn’t seem like a war camp, it’s more like a party…

“Ah patriarch, you are back!” Several Senju clansmen noticed Hashirama and Masahiko coming and immediately greeted them.

“Where is Senju Tengoku?” The moment he was sure that his team was safe, he couldn’t help but sigh and ask his men about the team captain.

“The captain is in the middle of the camp; I’ll take you there, Patriarch.” One clansman saw them and helped them find the captain.

Masahiko, Hashirama, and two other people went to the captain camp.

They entered a big hut, to find the captain, Tengoku, sitting in the center of the hall, the former immediately stood up when he saw them and said: “Patriarch you are back?”

“Well, I don’t really get what happened here…” Hashirama is even more confused.

“After you left, the Libra clan took the initiative to negotiate a peace agreement with us. Their patriarch explained that their clan attacked us out of the mistake, and they compensate us for the damage.” Tengoku explained to Hashirama.

“So since the other clan already apologized. It didn’t feel right to set our camp in their vicinity anymore. Thus we moved out the camp to this place. And waited for your return.” Senju Tengoku explained.

“So, that’s why the people outside are partying?” Hashirama asked.
“Yes, Patriarch…” Tengoku answered, “They have been fighting for years. It’s been a while since the last time they could blow off some steam. So I let them enjoy the night and relax.”

“It’s okay, as long as our people are safe.” Hashirama turned to Masahiko, “Second Grandfather, I’m sorry to drag you here just to find that the problem has been solved.” Hashirama apologized.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind it,” Masahiko said it with a smile.

“Patriarch, there’s one more thing. Their leader wants to meet with you. It seems he has something to discuss with you. But I still can’t trust them…”

“Okay, I understand. Rest for tonight. Tomorrow I will see them.” Hashirama doesn’t seem to be worried about the security issue; he’s confident in his own strength. “Second Grandfather, are you coming?”

“Well, since I’m invited, I will go!” Masahiko said to Hashirama, he was still curious about the strange Chakra he sensed earlier.

He doesn’t want this trip to be in vain.

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