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L.L.H Chapter 18: Blood Seal!

On the following day, Masahiko and Hashirama went to meet the Libra clan leader after he turned down Tengoku’s request to follow them.

When they arrived, two Libra guards greeted them. The moment Hashirama told the guard about his identity, one of the guards went to inform their patriarch.

Not long after, the Libra patriarch came out to meet them. It turned out that Libra patriarch is the source of the unusual chakra that Masahiko sensed before. His level is about the Jonin master level.

“Welcome, Senju Patriarch! I am the patriarch of the Libra clan”, Said the Libra patriarch. “Please, this way.” He said as he directed Hashirama and Masahiko to the assembly hall.

They sat together with a few Libra Clansmen who also joined them at the assembly hall. Then the Libra Patriarch took the first word, “If I’m not wrong, Senju Patriarch, you went back to your clan to find someone who can use Fuinjutsu, right?” He then looked at Masahiko and said, “This must be the man, an Uzumaki Clansman, isn’t it?”

“Someone with red hear, if not an Uzumaki, what else could he be? Acting like you’re a big deal…” Masahiko sighed in his heart.

Hashirama stayed composed. He doesn’t want to make this conversation awkward.

The Libra’s Head Clan didn’t add a word after that, which made Hashirama with no choice but to answer.

“Yes, that’s right. I initially asked Uzumaki Masahiko here to help us seal your transformation… But now…”

“Can our transformation really be sealed?” Libra clan patriarch cut Hashirama words short.

Hashirama doesn’t really know the answer to that question; thus, he turned his head and looked at Masahiko.

“In theory, everything can be sealed.”

“That’s it! If our transformation can be sealed, please do so.” Libra patriarch said.

Hashirama got surprised. It seems that Masahiko has given a “sure” look on his face.

After examining the Libra Chakra, Masahiko finally understood what the strange feeling he felt before was.

It’s indeed natural energy, the Libra people use an imperfect form of Sage mode to possess this chakra. But because it’s not compatible with their body, it erodes their chakra and causes their bodies to mutate.

Masahiko was afraid that the sealing this will be tough.

Hashirama is about to ask the reason when suddenly a person came barging in, “Brother! Don’t let them seal our chakra!” A huge dark-skinned man appeared, his appearance was similar to the Clouds people.

“If they seal it, how can we protect our people?” The big guy continued.
“Second Brother…” The patriarch replied, “Do you think we can protect our people with this cursed transformation?”

“Don’t do anything rash, brother. The Senju patriarch is here. I warn you not to do anything to him!” Said the Libra patriarch.

“Impossible!” Han shouted as he started to transform and lunged a punch toward Hashirama.

“Steel Fist Transformation!” Han’s arm got bigger and tried to grab Hashirama.

“Ahh… It’s like the Akimichi clan, Jutsu…” Hashirama said this while evading the hand, he seems relaxed.

“Earth-shattering fist!” Seeing his attack failed to land on Hashirama, Han’s hand got even bigger. Then he strikes the earth below, creating a shockwave.

Hashirama almost lost his balance.

“Giant Fist!” Trying to seize this opportunity, Han launched another strike.

“Wood-style: Wooden Wall!” Roots started to sprout out from the earth, forming a five-layered wall in front of him. However, this wall got immediately destroyed by Han’s punch. Unfortunately, the building they’re in also destroyed.

“This is indeed a Sage transformation; it can lower the power gap between a Jonin and a patriarch…” Masahiko was surprised by this explosive power.

Because of the commotion, the Libra rally to the source of the noise.

Hashirama saw a lot of people already gathered, he weaved a hand seal, “Wood-style: World of Trees Barrier! (Mokuton: JukkaiHekki).”

Although Hashirama tried to limit his power, a hundred feet tall wooden wall appeared.

Han got caught by the roots that sprouted beneath him and got bound to the wall. He kept struggling to get out, but it was in vain; he couldn’t escape. His strength begins to drain out of his body until he turned back to normal.

The patriarch stood between the crowds and Hashirama, then he said while looking at gatherings and Han, “Look at this! This is the power of Senju patriarch! Do you think our transformation stands a chance against this? Believe me, it won’t! All it brought to us is suffering! Ten years ago our Clan had 3000 members, now? Less than 1000 remains!”

“More than 100 years ago, our clan founders settled here and found out about this transformation.”

“In the beginning, this transformation gave us power, but as time passed by, more people devoured by this transformation and turned into bloodthirsty monsters!”

“Especially now, more and more people have succumbed to its power. We don’t even know what this is!”

“So, as the Seventh patriarch of the Libra clan, I beg of you, please let go of this power. Let the Uzumaki elder seal it.”

It didn’t take him a long time before he got everyone’s agreement with this decision.

Upon seeing that, the Libra patriarch looked at Masahiko.

Masahiko thought for a moment and then said, “Can I check this transformation first? I need to know the details…”

The Libra patriarch immediately agrees, and he let Masahiko examine him.

“Sure enough, the mutated Chakra has been integrated into your blood.” Masahiko said slowly, “If you want to seal this power, I have to seal your blood power too. You and your descendant will lose this power, unable to transform. This mutated blood will gradually weaken your chakra veins, and eventually, you’ll lose your ability to use Ninjutsu.”

“Of course, it’s also possible if you have offspring with the unsealed person, your child will have the ability to transform again.”

“Regard of all of this, do you still want to seal this power?”

The Libra patriarch clenched his teeth and said, “Yes. At least our children won’t have such an evil power, and live in peace for the rest of their days.”

Masahiko spent half a month there to develop a unique blood sealing technique, then spent another half month to seal every Libra clansmen.
After the process was over, a message flashed in Masahiko’s mind “Witness and Participate in a Side Story – The Libra’s redemption. Reward: 2 witness points.”

“What the hell? Only 2 points?”

Masahiko muttered in his heart, “This is not worth my hard work for the past month!”

“And this is only counted as a side story… Is it because the Libra family didn’t play any vital part in Naruto’s story? The previous event with the Kaguya clan rewarded me with so many witness points because they’re related to the Otsutsuki clan, and their descendants will play a major role in Sasuke Kidnapping Arc.”

“Ah forget it, 2 is better than nothing.”

After the sealing process was completed, Hashirama came to find Masahiko to return back to the Senju clan, but he was stopped by Masahiko.

“Hashirama, do you want to know how the Libra Clansmen can transform?”

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