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L.L.H: Chapter 148: Death!

The landform has changed again… even Masahiko didn’t know what people will call the Kannabi Bridge after this battle.

Under the continuous blasts of both Masahiko and Madara, the landform kept getting destroyed and changing.

Masahiko closed the Seventh Gate, while his body was covered with bruises. He was afraid that if he keeps it open any longer, he might lose his life. Looking at Madara’s state, the latter didn’t look good too.

It has been two hours since the two started fighting, and the sky was turning bright. In fact, Masahiko has been slightly losing. In the end, his strength was still a little inferior to Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama. Masahiko thought of “cheating” and use his points to restore his strength, but…

The colossal Sasunoo in the sky collapsed, and Madara could no longer maintain his young face.

“Humph, is it time?”

Madara snorted coldly and sat down.

Masahiko let out a sigh of relief; he was barely standing up at that point.

“Madara, in the end… you won.” Masahiko shook his head bitterly.

“Old man, are you pitying me? In the end, the one who kept his life is victorious!”

Masahiko felt stunned and quickly shook his head, “Do you say that to comfort yourself every night? You think you won against Hashirama?”

Madara’s face turned slightly dark, then after a moment of pondering, he repeated again, “Old man, you really play dirty.”

Masahiko smiled, “Wanna go again?”

After this sentence, both of them fell silent.

After a while, Masahiko slowly said, “Madara, do you regret it?”

Madara was stunned, then firmly replied, “No!”

“Is that so? Well, I knew the answer already.”

“Storm Release: Laser Circus!” Masahiko performed a hand sign, then the laser rushed out of his finger, a moment later, several screams came from behind Madara.

Sensing that the battle was over, Kusagakure sent some spies to check out the situation.

“Old man, how can you use this technique?”

Masahiko shook his head, “knock it off already, you’re calling me an old man? Look at yourself…”

Madara was growing older every second.

“Life, oldness, sickness, death, is human nature… Old fellow, even you will experience it someday, and I will be underground, waiting for you!”

Masahiko was stunned for a moment, then he smiled, “Well, you wanted it to be your last words, but I can clearly feel that you still have some Chakra remaining, you won’t die anytime soon…”

Madara turned his head, angrily, “Old man… Are you kidding me!!”

Just when he was laughing, Masahiko felt a sudden severe pain.

Masahiko shook his head while putting his hand on his stomach, “My stomach hurts. I didn’t have a chance to go to the toilet. The battle is over. More and more people are coming, don’t you dare die by their hand!”

Masahiko hesitantly stood up.

“I will have to say goodbye, Madara!”

And flew toward the south.

“His stomach hurts, and he needs to go to the toilet? What a ridiculous reason. However, goodbye, old man.” Madara mumbled these words, as he was looking at the figure walking slowly in the distance.

“I will not die in the hand of these small flies!”

The figure gradually approached, revealing its face.

Madara frowned slightly, “What is this guy? A clone with Hashirama’s cells?”

White Zetsu slowly replied: “Uchiha Madara, it seems like you need my help.”


Masahiko flew toward the south far from Konoha, the destination was to Shikkotsu Forest. After all, he really had a strong stomachache.

After he opened the Seventh Gate for so long and drained his Chakra, Black Zetsu saw an opportunity and started fighting back to break the seal. Thus, he needed to find a safe environment to reinforce the seal.

Half the distance, Masahiko could no longer bear it. Looking at his feet, he saw a deserted cave.

“There!” Masahiko said, then quickly flew toward it.

“Red Yang Formation! Masahiko used a weaker version of the Four Red Yang Formation to block the cave entrance.

“Now, I will deal with you!”

Masahiko really took sealing Black Zetsu seriously this time and basically used every seal he knows on his body.

Finally, not feeling Black Zetsu struggling anymore, Masahiko sighed with relief. He basically had no Chakra left in his body, and his consciousness started getting a little vague. He concentrated what left of his energy to mobilize Chakra and perform a summoning beast technique.

“Katsuyu-Sama, sorry to trouble you, please keep me alive.”

The world was getting darker; it felt as if he was falling asleep…

Katsuyu seemed like it was saying something, but Masahiko couldn’t hear it clearly as he barely was conscious.

Suddenly, familiar Chinese characters appeared before his eyes: “Mostly Change the Main Story of Naruto World: The Death of Uchiha Madara. Reward: 50(/2) (*10) Witness Points.”

“Madara is dead?”

“He killed himself?” Masahiko was sure that Madara wouldn’t let those small fries kill him.

“I lost half of the witness points and the Rinnegan…”

This was the last thought that crossed his mind before he fell into a coma.

At the same time, near the Kannabi Bridge.

Hiruzen arrived with the group of elites from Konoha.

“Mito-Sama…” Mito was among the ranks.

Mito entered the Kyuubi Mode, sensed the place, then shook her head a moment later.

“Can’t feel Madara’s Chakra, but Second Grandpa should be fine. He was flying south a moment ago.”

Hiruzen felt slightly relieved, “It seems that Elder Masahiko has won, well, we will go back and wait for him!”

Tsunade in the team also breathed a sigh of relief but didn’t notice the strange light shining in the eyes of her teammate Orochimaru.

A small snake suddenly came out of his sleeve, then slithered across the ground and took a few drops of blood.

As time goes by, Masahiko slowly woke up, and after a little activity, Masahiko regained his energy.

Masahiko looked around, but he couldn’t find Katsuyu and estimated that the technique was lifted on its own after a while. However, the Red Yang Formation has also disappeared from the entrance and got replaced by a huge spider web.

Masahiko looked puzzled, “What the hell? How long I’ve been sleeping…”

Masahiko took a few steps, then he used his fire release to remove the spider web. Walking out, the dazzling sunlight made him squint slightly, and suddenly he felt an unbearable severe pain coming from his waist…

“Second Grandpa!” Hashirama’s shout from far made Masahiko stunned.

“Old man, die!”

Masahiko looked up and saw the dreaded face of the Susano in its second stage.

He glanced down at the huge wound in his waist while feeling shocked, then recalled the place and the time, “What the hell? Hashirama is still alive, this place… This is the war where Uchiha Izumi died?!”

“Did Madara trap me into his Genjutsu?”

Masahiko gradually started losing his consciousness.

“Am I dying? Well, the story is over then!”