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L.L.H: Chapter 149: Nightmare…s?

In a cave, in the southwestern part of the Land of Fire, Masahiko was asleep and sweating coldly all over his body.

His body suddenly twitched, then he opened his eyes, feeling slightly dizzy.

“No… what?! Was it a nightmare?” Masahiko looked around, muttering.

After a while, he slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s been a long time since I had a nightmare, it’s quite scary. If that battle ended like this, I’m afraid the Uchiha would have ‘unified’ the Shinobi World.”

Masahiko looked up, and Katsuyu wasn’t there, the Red Yang Formation completely disappeared, and it was replaced by a huge spider web.

“What the hell? How long I’ve been sleeping… wait a minute…”

Masahiko got startled upon feeling that this scene was inexplicably familiar.

“This is exactly like that nightmare.”

“Earth Release: Hardening Technique!” Masahiko used a hand sign, then hardened his entire body turning to something similar to a golem.

He used a Fire Release to get rid of the spider web, then walked out of the cave slowly. When the Dazzling sunlight reflected on his eyes, he forced himself not to close them.

“Hooo… He didn’t come this time.” Masahiko said in relief.

The forest was still there, but Masahiko felt that it was a bit lush.

“Well, it seems like I’ve been here for a while.”

“First, let’s go and see where Madara is, the Rinnegan can’t be left outside.”

Masahiko flew to the north and returned to the previous battlefield.

“What is happening here?”

The landform in front of him has completely changed. It should be filled with the water that Masahiko has unleashed previously during the battle, but it didn’t. Many civilians were wandering around, and some others were even working on a bridge.

Masahiko slowly landed, catching everyone’s attention, and finally, an old man came over.

“Are you a ninja?”

Masahiko frowned; everyone saw him flying obviously, but he still didn’t get recognized?

“What happened to the previous bridge here?” Since he wasn’t recognized, he could only ask awkwardly.

The old man nodded, “Well, it happened more than a year ago in a Shinobi War, and the Kannabi Bridge was blown up by the Hokage. Now that the war has stopped, we can only rebuild it.”

Masahiko nodded, “So that’s what happened!”

Suddenly he felt something was wrong, “Kannabi Bridge? It got blown up more than a year ago?”

Masahiko looked dumbfounded, “Again, how long have I been sleeping? Wasn’t the Kannabi Bridge blown up by Minato?”

Masahiko looked puzzled, but the bridge was really destroyed, “I should get more information.”

Masahiko’s unpleasant feeling was getting stronger every second, and he finally decided to fly toward Konoha.

Ten minutes later, outside of Konoha, Masahiko looked at the huge Hokage Wall while slightly stunned.

“Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato?!”

“Has it really been so many years in the blink of an eye?” Masahiko felt that some areas were slightly damaged, but he didn’t know what went wrong.

Konoha’s gatekeepers have been replaced, and Masahiko didn’t know them. He walked in and used a simple Genjutsu to make everyone unaware of him.

The village was slightly damaged, and many villagers were working on rebuilding some of the places. It looked as if they have just got attacked.

“No way…” Masahiko had a bad feeling about this, and he quickly walked toward the Hokage building.

Along the way, he heard a lot of the villagers talking.

“The Kyuubi.”

“The Fourth Hokage.”


“That monster.”

“Minato sacrificed himself to seal the Kyuubi? How can this be?” Masahiko felt really sad.

When he reached the Hokage Building, an Anbu appeared and stopped him.

Masahiko was stunned, even though he wasn’t good at Genjutsu, his LV8 Yin Attribute wasn’t just for show. He didn’t expect anyone in the Anbu department to see through it.

“Who are you? How dare you use Genjutsu to sneak into Konoha?”

Masahiko sighed, “You didn’t even recognize me, did the Anbu also change?”

Just when he finished that sentence, the Anbu shivered slightly, then replied excitedly, “Is it Uzumaki Masahiko?”

Masahiko was startled, then nodded slightly.

He immediately took off the mask, revealing an unusually familiar face.

“Masahiko-Sama, I didn’t expect you to be alive!”

“Hiruzen?” Masahiko said subconsciously, then reacted, “Shinnosuke?! You’re an Anbu at this age? I was out for so long, tell me, what happened to Konoha and the Uzumaki.”

Shinnosuke hesitated, then said: “Masahiko-Sama, please go upstairs. My father and the three elders are there. If you have any questions, they should be the one to answer you.”

Masahiko nodded, then walked into the building with a lot of anxiety in his heart.

None of the other Anbu tried to stop him, and he walked all the way to the top floor.

The moment he pushed the door, the four people inside immediately looked at him.

Masahiko was on the spot, he had no problem finding Hiruzen and Danzo there, but the other two were actually Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane!

“You two bastards? How did you become elders? Where’s Kagami!” Masahiko said.

The four looked stunned, Hiruzen has even rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and said excitedly: “Elder Masahiko? Are you still alive?! Where did you go after the battle with Uchiha Madara?”

Masahiko waved his hand, “Forget about that and answer my questions!”

Hiruzen was about to reply, but Danzo suddenly stopped him.

“We can’t be sure that this person in front of us is Elder Masahiko. Maybe it’s someone else who has used the Transformation Technique!”

Faced with doubt, Masahiko wasn’t angry, also he wasn’t in a hurry, and he actually loves this part; with a move of his finger, the four floated slightly in the air.

“He’s really Masahiko-Sama!” Utatane and Mitokado said while Hiruzen looked excited.

However, noticing Masahiko’s serious expression, Hiruzen hesitated, then shook his head, “Shortly after your battle with Uchiha Madara, the Second Shinobi World War restarted, and Kagami sacrificed his life against Sunagakure.”

Masahiko looked anxious all of a sudden, his body has even shivered while he asked, “What about the Uzumaki?”

The moment Hiruzen lowered his head, Masahiko’s heart sank.

“Say it? What happened to the Uzumaki!”

Hiruzen quickly replied, “Elder Masahiko, the Land of the Whirlpool is all right, but…”

He hesitated again and said, “In the face of Kirigakure’s invasion, your disciple, Kenichiro ended up opening the Eighth Gate.”

“Is that so…?” Masahiko couldn’t bear it any longer and slowly sat down on the chair beside him.

“What about Konoha? What happened to Minato?”

“You know Minato?” Hiruzen asked first, then said: “During the childbirth of Kushina, a masked man suddenly attacked them and released the Kyuubi. In order to protect the village, Minato used the Shiki Fujin technique and sealed him back. He sacrificed himself for the sake of the village.”

“What did you say?” Masahiko was stunned and yelled without even noticing.

“Where did the Shiki Fujin Technique came from?”

“This is still a nightmare.”

“Two nightmares in a row, this is definitely one of Black Zetsu’s mischiefs!”

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