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L.L.H: Chapter 150: Kicking The Hero’s Butt

“Tell me more about what happened to Konoha in these years.”

Masahiko inconsiderably sat in the main seat that initially belonged to Hiruzen and said expectantly. He had a hunch before, but it started to look clearer to him. It stands to the reason that if he had really been in a coma for so many years, his age in the status bar would have been raised by a dozen years, but there was no change.

They looked at each other, then Hiruzen said, “Elder Masahiko, you can rest for now, we’ll talk later…”

“It’s okay, just tell me what happened in these past few years.”

“For example, did Sakumo committed suicide?”

The four on the opposite side looked surprised, “Have you been hiding in the village all these years?”

Masahiko shook his head, “No, but I predicted it.”

“I also know that the Senju basically doesn’t exist as a clan anymore, Tsunade is suffering from a phobia, and the Uchiha should have the intention of rebellion…”

As Masahiko started mentioning these events one by one, the others across from him looked more and more amazed. It seems that Masahiko has figured out these big secrets on his own, it’s as if he’s connected to the heart of the village.

“Oh, yes, and Orochimaru has defected…”

Speaking of this, Masahiko frowned.

“When did Orochimaru defect again?”

Hiruzen looked shocked at the opposite side, “Elder Masahiko, why do you think Orochimaru is gonna defect?

“It didn’t happen yet?” Masahiko whispered, feeling that he has exposed Orochimaru’s big plan, but he didn’t care much, it was just a dream anyway.

“It’s okay, we’ll talk about it later. Besides what I said, what else?”

The four of them looked at each other, then Danzo took the initiative to say, “We’re gathered here to discuss the issue with the new Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki, Namikaze Naruto.”

Masahiko was stunned upon hearing the name, they actually called him Namikaze Naruto, which he didn’t expect.

But when he looked at their strange reactions, he understood that they planned to call him Uzumaki Naruto, but fearing that the surname Uzumaki would give Masahiko permission to intervene too much, Danzo temporarily changed it to Namikaze Naruto.

Masahiko smiled, “What’s there to discuss?”

Danzo continued to say, “This time when the Kyuubi broke the seal, he caused Konoha heavy losses. I think that the next Jinchuriki should be strictly controlled to prevent this from happening again!”

Hiruzen hesitated for a while, then said, “Danzo, Naruto is, after all, Minato’s child, if you do this…”

“Hiruzen, even if you don’t want to monitor him, you will still have to hide the fact that he’s a Jinchuriki from the villagers!” Mitokado said.

“No, for the sake of the village, he must be controlled!” Danzo continued.

As they continued the discussion, they seemed like they’ve forgotten about Masahiko. He didn’t interrupt, waiting for the conclusion they would come up with.

“Hiruzen, you’re too weak!” Danzo shouted, which made everyone silent for a moment, expect Masahiko, who sighed, then suddenly flashed behind Danzo and kicked his butt!


Danzo was unprepared, and he was struck right in the buttocks, then flew and hit his head against the front wall.

“Elder Masahiko, what are you…?” Hiruzen looked surprised and hesitated to speak.

The other two elders also looked socked. They didn’t know whether they should check on Danzo, or just watch quietly.

Masahiko ignored them, feeling that he get rid of the burden that he was carrying over his shoulders for so long.

“Huuh, what a relief, I really hated this version of Danzo in my previous life. I guess I will just take this opportunity to kick his butt!”

Danzo didn’t suffer any injuries. He slowly shook his head and stood up with a weird expression that Masahiko didn’t know whether it was anger or pain.

“Elder Mashaiko, why?”

Masahiko sighed, “It’s nothing really, but it’s just a bit unpleasant to see you.”

Danzo’s countenance changed and finally snorted without any action.

“So, you’re not afraid of me, huh?” Masahiko sighed with emotionally. The Uchiha clan didn’t annihilate yet, but it seems that Danzo has already transplanted Hashirama’s cells and a few Sharingan eyes.

Everyone kept looking at him waiting what he’s going to do next, but Masahiko only smiled and said, “You can continue, I will just watch.”

Danzo hesitated and said, “Hiruzen, we still have to control the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki…”


With a loud noise, Danzo flew out again.

“Sure enough, I really can’t bear it anymore.” Masahiko sighed again.

“Elder Masahiko, you…” Danzo was a little prepared this time and didn’t hit the wall. His face has darkened; he was kicked in the butt twice, which was already an insult the first time.

Danzo stared at him, coldly, “Even if I can’t beat you, I will fight back!”

Masahiko ignored his cold gazes, and since he already kicked him twice, and it felt so good, he simply took advantage of this opportunity to kick him a few more times!

Danzo’s butt became like the back of a bumper car, and no matter how he guards it, he kept getting pulled by Masahiko’s attractive force, and finally get kicked in his butt.

“Huh?” Masahiko suddenly kicked the air breaking his kicking spree, which made him frown slightly.

Danzo, who should have supposedly kicked by him, disappeared, then appeared in another position.

“Izanagi? Really? Do you regard your butt that much?” Masahiko smiled, “However, nothing is invincible…”

“Seal…” Masahiko was about to use a seal, but Hiruzen stopped him.

“Masahiko-Sama, you really don’t need to embarrass Danzo anymore…” Even after all these years of conflicts and disagreements, Hiruzen couldn’t bear watching Danzo so miserable.

Masahiko smiled and waved his hand, “Forget it, I kicked him so much that I feel so refreshed, so I won’t embarrass him anymore.”

“Then we will meet again.”

While Hiruzen looked stunned, Masahiko closed his eyes and used a one-handed seal with his right, “Genjutsu-Release!”
(T/N: Genjutsu-Release: (Kai): It’s the method Sakura used in the arc “Konoha Crush” to break the Genjutsu, and also the technique Jiraiya taught Naruto saying that ANY type of Genjutsu can be broken if the user can interrupt the chakra flow himself.)

Masahiko opened his eyes, and saw Hiruzen looking at him extremely confused, Danzo on the side seemed to be still in pain and angry.

“No way?” Masahiko was stunned for a moment, and somewhat at a loss.

“No, there’s no way this isn’t a Genjutsu.” Masahiko whispered, “Then it must be because I have insufficient Yin Release.”
(T/N: Most Genjutsu also fall under the categorization of Yin Release, since Yin Release uses spiritual energy to control imagination, and creating the form out of nothingness.)

Masahiko glanced at the remaining witness point, and there were 450 points left. And once he gritted his teeth, he added 400 points to the Yin attribute and upgraded it to LV9.

“This time, it should be fine.”


The picture in front of Masahiko broke, and his consciousness suddenly fell into darkness.

In the cave, Masahiko slowly opened his eyes, hearing Katsuyu’s voice.

“Masahiko-Sama, are you awake?”

Masahiko sat straightly, then looked at his surroundings. Katsuyu was still there, then Red Yang Formation didn’t disappear; he’s not in a damn nightmare anymore!

Chinese characters suddenly crossed in front of him, “Witness and substantial change the main story of Naruto World: Sealing Black Zetsu. Reward: 50 (*8) Witness Points.”

“Just substantial? Killing him is ‘completely change’ then?” Masahiko thought to himself.

He looked around then and smiled.

“This is the correct way to wake up…”