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L.L.H: Chapter 151: Red Clouds

“Katusyu-Sama, how long have I been sleeping?”

Masahiko looked around, then asked after a slight reassurance.

“It has been a month, Masahiko-Sama.”

Masahiko frowned, he was in a coma longer than what he expected, but that’s better than decades.

“A month? That’s okay…” Masahiko whispered, “Thanks for the hard work, Katsuyu-Sama.”

Without the help of Masahiko’s Chakra, Katsuyu must have spent a lot of her energy to keep him alive.

Masahiko released the summoning technique then stood up. After easily lifting the Red Yang Formation, Masahiko walked out of the cave.

“Night? Well, that’s okay too…”

Masahiko looked at the sky and frowned slightly.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s go to Konoha.”

The right thing to do is to go and take back the Rinnegan eyes, but two real dreams in a row made him unable to tell whether this is the reality or not, so he decided to confirm it first.

The roads, the trees, everything looked familiar as he was flying to Konoha for the second time.

“Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen…” Masahiko counted the heads sculptured on the Hokage Wall and felt slightly relieved. This timeline should be the right one.

Obviously, Katusyu reassured him that it has been only a month, but Masahiko was still worried.

“Huh?” Slightly sensing the village, Masahiko felt that Konoha seemed to be a bit chaotic; it seemed like they were in a battle.

“What the hell? The Kyuubi broke the seal again?” Masahiko thought of this the first time as he was walking through the main gate of the village. This time, the gatekeepers didn’t “pay attention” to him.

He walked in to find that a lot of the buildings were damaged.

Listening to the people around, Masahiko frowned, “Five powerful enemies invaded the village, and Mito stopped them?”

After listening to the chatter of some of the villagers, Masahiko gradually understood the situation.

“This strong version of Konoha was invaded by five people? And Mito had to take action in person?” Masahiko felt puzzled and quickly walked toward the Senju station.

“It’s a bit too much…” When he reached the station, it was dilapidated, and a few familiar clansmen were working on rebuilding.

Slightly sensing the place, Masahiko frowned.

“Mito isn’t here?”

Masahiko felt helpless; he didn’t plan to make any big moves this time when he came back.

“Kagura mind’s eye!”

The village was immediately alerted, and the Anbu around Konoha started moving.

“At the hospital? No way, Mito will not be injured…” Masahiko whispered and hurried to the Hospital.

At his foothold, a few Anbu suddenly appeared there with Hiruzen leading them.

He glanced around pondering, then he waved his hand at the Anbu.

“It must be Elder Masahiko.”

In Konoha Hospital, Masahiko saw Mito and Tsunade there with Nawaki lying on the bed.

“Second Grandpa, you’re back…”

Mito spoke slowly, and her original young face turned into a middle-aged one.

Tsunade was also happy, but before she could speak, Masahiko asked.

“You had to use that much Chakra? What happened, who attacked us?”

Mito shook her head, “I don’t know, there were five of them, and they looked very strange. Also, all of them were wearing a black cloak with red clouds…”

Masahiko was startled, “The Akatsuki?”

“How is this possible? When and where did this come from?”

Mito continued, “Their eyes seemed weird, I feel insane saying this but it looks exactly as the legendary Rinnegan described in the books, I’ve also noticed that their visions seemed to be connected to each other. Also, it felt to me that they are not living people. It’s as if someone is controlling them.”

Masahiko looked even more puzzled.

“The Six Paths of Pain? Obviously, it wouldn’t be little Nagato, then from where did Pain came from?”

Masahiko sighed, then yelled: “Black Zetsu, you will not cut it, won’t you?”



Ten seconds later, Mito and Tsunade were looking dully at Masahiko who was closing his eyes.

Mito felt that she already knew Masahiko and fully understood him, but this time even she was surprised.


No matter how hard he tried, the picture in front of him wouldn’t break.

“Heck, it’s unreleasable…” Masahiko whispered.

He then looked at Mito again and sighed, “You won’t fool me, start talking!”

He gave up on breaking the Genjutsu and waited for what Mito will say.

The door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Hiruzen came in.

“Masahiko-Sama, it’s really you.”

Masahiko nodded, “Please start the performance, and try your best to convince me.”

He kept looking at Mito as the latter was shaking her head, feeling puzzled.

“Great Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?” Tsunade said doubtfully.

Masahiko sighed again, “Cut the crap and start talking, you three.”

These words made the three of them speechless.

After a long time, Hiruzen said, “Tsunade, how is Nawaki?”

Tsunade sighed with relief, “No more problems.”

After that, the three decided to ignore Masahiko for a while and talk.

Masahiko kept listening quietly, which made him only more anxious because the conversation between the three was flawless.

Masahiko looked at his status bar, and the LV9 Yin Release was still there.

Yin Release LV9 (5000000/10000000) (Can be merged 1/7)

“Impossible, I should be able to break Black Zetsu’s Genjutsu! And obviously, Zetsu must have been successfully sealed inside of me since I’ve got that message from the System…”

“It seems that someone has really taken Madara’s Rinnegan. But how did he manage to use it this flexibly after only one month?”

Masahiko looked up when the three has just finished talking.

Hiruzen looked at Masahiko again and said, “Elder Masahiko, I need to go first. I have to check on Orochimaru.”

When Hiruzen went out, Masahiko frowned then at the two doubtfully.

“Why does he need to check on Orochimaru? Did he got injured too?”

Tsunade shook her head, and said bitterly, “Orochimaru is fine, but his parents…”

Masahiko was stunned, “Orochimaru’s parent got killed?”

Mito said: “Second Grandpa, the five people attacked Konoha separately. Three of them attacked Uchiha Kagami, one attacked Orochimaru’s parent, and the other attacked Nawaki. Kagami and Nawaki were just injured, but…”

Masahiko was stunned, and seemed to be a bit clueless, “Why only them?”

“Did you kill any of the five?” Masahiko wanted to look at the bodies to see if they were similar to the Six Paths of Pain.

“No, halfway through the battle, they suddenly disappeared, as if they were summoned away. This is why I estimated that they’re not living people.”

“It’s really the Six Paths of Pain!”

Masahiko sighed, “This man who took Madara’s Rinnegan is really troublesome…”