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L.L.H: Chapter 152: Revising the Plot

“Kagami, take care of your injury, I’m leaving now.”

Masahiko nodded to Kagami then walked out of the ward.

Learning from Mito that when the enemies first appeared in Konoha they attacked Kagami, Masahiko went to check on him and see if he could share any useful information.

Compared to Nawaki, who was still unconscious, Kagami was much useful, according to him, the person who attacked him had the same ability to manipulate the gravity as Masahiko.

The enemy also came to him directly, and only targeted him, he even intentionally avoided the other clansmen from the Uchiha; thus, except for his injury, the Uchiha didn’t suffer any other losses.

Masahiko quickly went to ask Mito again, and the result was the same, which made him a little puzzled.

“What’s the reason? Did they invade the entire village only to attack four people? Two civilians, the Uchiha Patriarch, and a kid… The targets are not connected to each other, and they avoided attacking anyone else. Their goal is really vague.”

Masahiko pondered, feeling very confused.

“I’ll go to check on Orochimaru. It’s really a pity that his parents still died…”

“Still died…?”

Masahiko suddenly froze.

“Kagami and Nawaki should have also died in the original book.”

“No way…”

The look in Masahiko’s eyes suddenly looked sharp, and he immediately rose into the sky and flew toward the Land of Whirlpool.

Sure enough, when he reached the village, Masahiko felt chaotic fluctuations of Chakra.

“This Chakra… Did Nanako seal the Nibi inside her body?”

Although they were being invaded, Masahiko kept his calm face. Except for Nanako, who has become the Nibi’s Jinchuriki, The Chakra of his other two disciples seemed normal. The three seemed not to be losing to the enemy.

“Huh?” Just when he was about to arrive, the Chakra reaction of the five enemies suddenly merged into one, and the Chakra volume doubled.

“His concentrating the Chakra inside the Deva Path?” Masahiko thought, and suddenly a vast black sphere slowly rose into the sky.

“Damn it! Sage Mode-KAI! Seventh Gate: Gate of Shock, KAI!” Masahiko instantly used his full strength and flashed directly to the black sphere.

Masahiko flashed at top speed he destroyed the black sphere before the Deva Path’s body launched it at the village.

“Sensei, you’re back!” The shouts emitted from beneath Masahiko, but the latter was staring only at the enemy in front of him.

“It’s really the Sixth Paths of Pain…” Masahiko frowned, “He’s even wearing the Akatsuki’s cloak.”

Masahiko looked at the strange face on the opposite side thoughtfully. The Deva Path’s body certainly wasn’t Yahiko. He never encountered this person before, but that cloak made him a little bit uncomfortable.

Looking at him across the sky, the Deva Path nodded, and his lips moved, as if he was saying something, then with a ‘puff,’ he disappeared.

Masahiko was startled; the guy seemed to have said hello to him, which confused him.

“Kagura Mind’s Eye!” Ignoring his three disciples around him, Masahiko tried his best to extend his perception to the limit.

“There’s no…” For a dozen or so miles, Masahiko couldn’t sense Chakra fluctuation.

“The control range is so large! I’m afraid that he’s even stronger than Nagato from the original. Who is he? Is it possible that he’s another person who crossed over?”

Masahiko didn’t have many explanations, but the Land of the Whirlpools was attacked as he expected, which confirmed his speculation.

The four people who were attacked in Konoha have only one thing in common, that is, all of them should have been dead according to the Original. Masahiko felt as if someone was deliberately revising the plot, but he failed because he didn’t expect Mito to be so strong.

As for the Land of Whirlpool, if he didn’t return in time, I’m afraid it would have got destroyed.

“So this person who crossed over to the Naruto World wants to revise the plot to the way it originally was without me?”


Masahiko finally remembered the words of the Great Sage Toad in Mount Myobuku. He said that there would be a young man with a bun, and he will fight against him, bringing disaster and destruction.

“If he has a bun, then he should be from the modern world and he must be young…”

Someone capable of bringing disaster and destruction shouldn’t be less than the Six Paths level.

“He appeared now, but in the future, he will also be young, does it mean that he’s immortal… or is it means that he also has a witness point system?”

“No way, that won’t be possible.”

Masahiko didn’t overthink it, he turned then to look at his three disciples behind him, and the village that has almost destroyed and sighed.

“This is unacceptable!”

“The three of you first help the tribes to temporarily settle down. But don’t rebuild the damaged building, we will move out!”

The three of them froze for a moment, then Yuriko tentatively asked, “Are we going to the Land of Thunder?”

Masahiko shook his head, “Don’t worry about where we’re going, I will have my own arrangement.”

He said this, then bite his finger, “Summoning Technique!”

Although he talked about moving out, many of the clansmen were injured, so he used Katsuyu to help heal them.

“Great Elder, I’ve heard that we’re going to move away from here!” Gensuke came over and said excitedly.

Masahiko stared at him, “Where did you go during the battle?”

Currently, except for Masahiko and his three disciples, Gensuke was the strongest, and he would have been a great assist in such a situation.

Gensuke smiled idiotically, “I was really lazy in the past two years, I just wasn’t ready for this…”

Masahiko sighed and didn’t ask more. After all, in these years, the Land of Whirlpool was still prosperous under Gensuke’s management.

“Yes, we’re going to move, we might encounter a lot of troubles, so be ready to get busy,” Masahiko said firmly.

Gensuke seemed to have an idea already and said: “Great Elder, have you finally agreed to move us to the Land of Thunder.”

Masahiko shook his head, “It won’t be the Land of Thunder, you will know tomorrow.”

Gensuke was puzzled, but Masahiko ignored him. After leaving some instructions, he walked toward the direction of Yuna and her family.

Since they’ve lost Yuna, even when the Land of the Whirlpools got its hands on a large number of materials from the Land of Thunder, the development could only be said to be good, but it couldn’t be called extraordinary. After all, the problem was always how to convert materials into practical things.

This time, Yuna came back, and it just happened that most of the buildings in the country were destroyed at the same time. Thus, Masahiko was planning to make a bold, big move. The Land of Thunder was no longer one of the Five Major Countries. And Masahiko decided that the Land of the Whirlpools will be the new fifth!

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