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L.L.H: Chapter 153: Masahiko’s Reclamation

Yang Release (can be integrated 1/7)

LV9 (5000000/10000000)

The Land of Whirlpool was still destroyed. Following Masahiko’s orders, they didn’t rebuild anything. Masahiko added all the Witness Points he obtained from sealing Black Zetsu and distributed it to the Yang Release. If he didn’t add these points, he would really suffer after what’s he’s planning to do later.

As for the Rinnegan, Masahiko didn’t want to think about it for now. Black Zetsu was sealed, and Madara died. There’s no hope for Kaguya’s resurrection for now…

The long-lost feeling of becoming stronger hit Masahiko’s heart again. Upgrading any attribute from LV8 to LV9 grants Masahiko qualitative changes. The first two were the Fuinjutsu attribute and the Yin attribute, but their effect wasn’t clear, yet he estimated that the first should be applied to the sealing skill itself, and the other to the spiritual force. The Yang attribute is different. It directly affected his body.

Masahiko wrapped the Wind Release in his hand and cut his arm, and it healed instantly.

“The Sage Body, just like Hashirama… Self-healing only consumes a little physical strength and more consumes the vitality, but this what I lack most…”
(T/N: This is a Chinese term, it was never mentioned in the original plot, but some character’s referred to it several times talking about the likes of Naruto, Hashirama, Kushina… Which are their special Chakra and strong physical powers. Take for an example, at the last battle between Sasuke and Naruto, the latter didn’t have the Kyuubi’s Chakra and consumed a lot of his Chakra, so he could only perform a normal Rasengan, however, Sasuke took the Kyuubi’s Chakra, used a Chidori mixed with the Amaterasu yet their power was equal and Naruto has even woke up before Sasuke after the coma. Someone who has the Sage Body can make regular Ninjutsu stronger, like Madara when he used the Fire Ball against the Shinobi Alliance Army, and also when Hashirama single-handedly defeated Madara and the Sasunao-Kyuubi just with his Wood Release. As for the strong Physical powers, you can take for an example, Naruto kicking the Truth-Seeking ball. I hope I’ve made this clear for everyone.)

The body changes lasted for ten minutes before Masahiko finally adapted to it.

Looking at the attribute bar, the body attribute completely caught up and even exceeded Ninjutsu, which is nearly 5000 points, and the Technique attribute that defines Masahiko’s Chakra amount, has almost quadrupled, which is already the size of one-tailed beast’s Chakra, and it’s even still growing slowly. And his rating finally reached SS-Class!

Masahiko walked to the beach, then faced the endless sea in front of him. Finally, after standing there for a while, he pointed his right hand with a pistol’s gesture and shot!

A small version of the Bijuudama hit the sea, then a low mushroom cloud rose.

When the Yin Release reached the LV9, Masahiko was no longer obligated to spit the Bijuudama out of his mouth like a Bijuu.

Masahiko raised his left hand while smirking and said, “You kidnapped my woman, and now you must die!” Then he started shooting with both hands while mimicking the sound of a pistol.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Dozens of small Bijuudama were released one after another, causing a huge wave to rise from the sea.

Feeling that the Chakra consumption was less than one-twentieth, Masahiko nodded in satisfaction.

“Please call me Coyote Stark in the future… this skill will definitely make me look more handsome!”
(T/N: Coyote Stark: From Bleach, he’s an Arrancar and the Primera (1st) Espada in Sosuke Aizen’s army.)

He whispered softly, and suddenly Kenichiro flashed in front of him.

“Sensei, what happened?”

Masahiko looked at Kenichiro with a smile, then shook his head, “Nothing, I’m just trying a new Ninjutsu.”

“Also, Kenichiro, I’ve changed my mind…” He suddenly hesitated, then sighed, which left Kenichiro confused.

These days, what scared Masahiko the most was the world Black Zetsu built in his dream.

Before, Masahiko thought he could keep the Uzumaki Clan in peace because he knew what would happen in each period and who would appear, and Masahiko was confident that he will protect them as long as he’s here.

But the enemies that appeared suddenly this time made him understand that there will always be a variety of events that he doesn’t know. This time if his coma took longer, maybe something in his dream would have really happened. If Kenichiro ends up opening the Eighth Gate to defeat the enemy, Masahiko will definitely feel guilty after that.

Therefore, Masahiko wants to make a big change this time, so that the future generations of the Uzumaki Clan will be able to defend themselves without him!

“Sensei!” After a while, Yuriko also came over and said, “The civilians have been placed in the temporary shelters. I’ve also followed your orders and didn’t ask them to rebuild anything.”

“Where are we going to move?”

Masahiko smiled and pointed to the sea in front of him, “We will move here.”

Yuriko looked puzzled, but Masahiko didn’t explain and slowly ascended into the sky.

“Hide away,” Masahiko told his disciples, then turned on his Sage Mode.

“Sage Mode: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

Masahiko directly hit the vast ocean ahead, and the dust release shattered a large area, leaving a bottomless hole in the middle of the sea. Suddenly the sea surface started rotating and descending, and the shore of the Land of Whirlpool under the shocked gazes of Masahiko’s disciples fell a few miles back.

“Sensei, are you…?” Yuriko, who looked shocked, seemed to have guessed Masahiko’s intention.

Masahiko nodded with a smile, flew a few miles forward, and repeated the previous process several times.

After five repetitions, Masahiko’s consumed more than half of his Chakra but finally advanced five kilometers away from the Land of Water.

Such a big movement alerted Kirigakure, and he immediately sensed a lot of Chakra fluctuations heading toward him.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, I thought we have signed a peace agreement, why are you attacking us again?!” The Third Mizukage shouted.

Masahiko waved his hand, smiling, “Well, I didn’t break anything in the agreement. I’m just expanding our lands.”

“Multiple Shadow Clones!”

“Earth Release: Earth Rising!”

The shadow clones all together used Earth Release, and a “Great Wall” rose five kilometers away from the shore of the Land of Water.

Masahiko landed on it, shouting in the direction of the Land of Water.

“Now, this wall has just separated your Land from ours, please keep your side of the agreement and don’t try to attack us!”

Regardless of the Mizukage’s reaction, and how Masahiko has just turned his country into the “Land of River,” instead of water. Masahiko flew back directly because he had a lot of other things he needed to deal with.

The enormous pits created by the dust release were gradually filled with Earth Release layer after layer to avoid any sudden appearance of fountains.

With that, the original ocean zone has finally become inland.

“I’m so exhausted…” Even with Masahiko’s Yang Release being LV9, it was still a long way off.

One after another, Masahiko restored his Chakra then went all out again. It took him more than ten days to finally complete.

During this period, the Land of Water sent messengers to negotiate, but they were all “dispelled” by Masahiko one after one. He didn’t want to move the Uzumaki away, so he had no choice but to expand the original site to allow the country to develop more.

“The next step is to build a new country… Such a big place will need a big country to attract other civilians to stay in. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to have such a site.”

“As for other Shinobis, um…”

Masahiko pondered for a while and decided to let it go. The new Uzumaki Country cannot establish a relatively democratic village like the other countries. The Uzumaki’s ruling position has been determined, but if there are other Ninja Clans who wants to stay and accept the Uzumaki’s orders, he won’t refuse.

“Moreover, should we also implement a compulsory education for everyone?” With the Uzumaki’s talent and exceptional physical strength, if they receive more advanced teaching methods, Masahiko won’t need to worry about the countries safety in the future.

“Anyway, the next step is to build!”

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