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L.L.H: Chapter 154: The New Fun Part

“Grandpa Masahiko, you came.”

Yuna said, watching Masahiko sighing while coming over.

It has been more than a month since the extending, and the Uzumaki Clan began the construction phase.

Most of the buildings were built regarding the “Villa” he made in the previous country on the seaside. Anyway, the place is now large enough to allow civilians in the country to live in such places.

Masahiko didn’t participate in the construction of these ordinary houses, but he helped to let Yuna set up her own laboratory to do researches and make good use of the materials in the Land of Whirlpool.

It turned out to be a bad decision, though. Masahiko’s leisure life turned upside down, and he became a carver working for Yuna.

Yuna’s husband’s craftsmanship turned out to be good, and all of the things he created were sent to Masahiko so he could use his LV8 Sculpting and Blacksmithing to transform it according to what Yuna instructed.

Masahiko had some ideas on his own too, and the two agreed on creating an automatic cutting machine that can mass-produce Kunai in the World of Naruto. Of course, it is the kind of old machine that needs hands and feet, it would be impossible to work automatically in this world. However, if they succeed, many things would be mass-produced as long as ordinary people use the machines.

“Yuna, what about Nagato?” Masahiko held the carving knife he specially created in his hand and asked while adjusting.

“I sent him to my mother.” Yuna is also busy, mainly because Masahiko can only provide a general concept. He forgot everything he knew from his previous life. Therefore, all the specific details must be found out by Yuna.

Nagato is only four years old now and hasn’t yet reached the proper age for Ninjutsu. Masahiko was patiently waiting to officially accept his fourth disciple.

After hesitating, Masahiko asked again, “Yuna, why did you marry a civilian?” During this time, Masahiko clarified that Yuna’s husband was indeed an ordinary civilian. Although his carpenter’s craftsmanship was excellent, it was only that. In terms of invention and creation, he’s way far from Yuna, which is really puzzling for Masahiko.

Yuna hesitated then smiled wryly, “Well, this is a long story. It was a dark night with cold wind…”

“Oh, you’re not gonna fool me!” Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Since she grew up by his side, Yuna picked up a few of his tricks.

“Okay, don’t tell me if you don’t want. But you need to answer my next question, Okay? Why did you had a child, but still didn’t come back, forget about his talent, wouldn’t it be better if he grows up in the Uzumaki Clan?”

“Well, that’s another long story…”

Masahiko sighed, then shook his head helplessly.

“I didn’t want Nagato to be a ninja.”

Masahiko was stunned; he didn’t expect to get an answer.

“Why didn’t you want him to be a ninja?”

Yuna lowered her head, then shook it, “Ninja are prone to danger, and they can… die.”

Masahiko looked at Yuna deeply. At that time, her father was killed in battle when Yuna was young. After a month, Yuna seemed to be okay. But he was foolish to think that such a trauma won’t affect a six-year-old girl’s life. No wonder Yuna wasn’t keen on practicing Ninjutsu at all back in the day.

Masahiko shook his head, “Yuna, sometimes the danger comes to find you unexpectedly in this world. And hiding Nagato in Amegakure will only make you defenseless.”

Yuna nodded, “I was naïve before…”

“Speaking of this, if it were not for this accident, would you really spend the rest of your life in Amegakure?” Masahiko asked again.

Yuna shook her head, “No, I’ve always thought of you and mom back in the Land of Whirlpools. Maybe I would have come back after seven or eight years.”

Masahiko glared at her, “And by then, you will be sure that I’ve missed the best practice age of Nagato, right?”

Yuna smiled, then continued working on her design while lowering her head, she chose not to answer, and Masahiko never asked her again.

The two of them were busy with their own projects until Yuriko pushed the door and walked in.

Yuriko looked dignified, which stunned Masahiko.

“Sensei, Konoha needs help.”

“They’re asking for help again?” Masahiko couldn’t help but cry, “Has the war restarted?”

Yuriko nodded, “Because Konoha and the Uzumaki were attacked before, Sunagakure started moving again.”

“Only Sunagakure?” What about Iwagakure and Amegakure?”

“I don’t have information about Iwagakure, but Amegakure seems to be after Kumogakue.”

Masahiko frowned. It will be really troublesome if Amegakure to attack Kumogakure. The Land of Thunder’s Daimyo’s next batch of supplies are about to be delivered, it will be really annoying if Amegakure rubes it.

He didn’t want to personally help the Land of Thunder either. It wasn’t easy to do that kind of favor. However, it was time for the Uzumaki to develop, and it would be troublesome if those supplies get cut off.

“Alas, the country is still developing. We can’t afford to get robbed now… Still, the main problem is the lack of population.”

“Maybe I should just wait then go to Amegakure and ask for the supplies…”

Masahiko raised his head and smiled, saying, “I found it, Yuriko. We should encourage the birth in the Land of Whirlpool, and especially within the clan.”

Yuriko froze, Masahiko’s answer made her feel dumbfounded, she obviously asked him if they should help Konoha, and suddenly he started talking about encouraging birth.

Masahiko noticed Yuriko’s expression, then suddenly reacted and smiled helplessly.

“Did they ask for help to use me again? Last time I was there, Konoha had the upper hand. Now there are only one or at most two players, why do they need my help?”

Yuriko shook her head, while her expression seemed still dignified “Sensei, there is also Takigakure. Their leader seems to have joined the same organization of the people who attacked us before, and Konoha is worried that they will also intervene in the future wars.”

Masahiko frowned. He didn’t expect Kakuzu to still join the Akatsuki. This massive change in the plot made him very uncomfortable.

After a while, Masahiko took a breath and whispered, “You want to revise the plot, right? Let’s see you try!”

“You tell Konoha that I know what kind of person Kakuzu is. If he doesn’t want to help, it would definitely be because of the price. Add more and see what he’ll say.”

“As for us, let us work harder to build a new country first.”

After he sent Yuriko off, Masahiko started working harder.

“I’m always worried about the plot, but now this person seems to be more anxious than me about it, which is a little bit interesting.”

“From now on, I will not fix it, I will change it. The Land of the Whirlpool has become the new five, and the cutting machine will definitely be built, and this world will enter the era of mass production, show me what’s your gonna do about it!”

Bored for a long time, Masahiko felt that he has finally entered a new fun part of his life…

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