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L.L.H: Chapter 155: Kaguya’s Will Mode

“Great Grandpa, let me go, I’m going to battle!”

Nawaki was yelling and shouting, while Masahiko on the side, shoving his ears and yawning helplessly.

After rejecting Konoha’s request for help, Masahiko suddenly remembered that Nawaki was still there, and rushed to Konoha overnight, preparing to tie Nawaki and drag him to the Uzumaki Clan and take care of him.

“Great Grandpa, would you let me go to the battlefield if I say yes?” Nawaki pleaded softly after failing the hard way.

“Nawaki, you’re still injured, and Great Grandpa, will take you with him to the Uzumaki Clan, and personally train you, how many people do you think had such an honor…?” Aside, Tsunade tried to persuade him.

“There’s no need for that, I’ll just take him away, and it’s over…” Masahiko waved his hand and said, “Also, if you had the chance to see Kagami, tell him to be more careful. Those people who came to Konoha before may target him again.”

Tsunade was startled, “And Nawaki?”

Masahiko shook his head, “Yes, they’re targeting him too, but they won’t dare to come at him while I’m around, rest assured!”

After saying that, Masahiko ignored the still struggling Nawaki and floated him to the sky, then went straight to the Land of the Whirlpools. On the way, Masahiko almost fell asleep a few times because he didn’t get any rest the couple a few days.

Returning to the Uzumaki, Masahiko tied up Nawaki and called two people to take care of him. Then went straight to his home and collapsed on his bed.

However, ten minutes later, Masahiko opened his eyes helplessly and sighed, “Damn it, I have insomnia!”

He couldn’t help but think of the Six Paths of Pain, and how the one controlling these people was deliberately trying to correct the plot.

“When I encountered the Deva Path, he actually greeted me… Does it mean he knows me? But I have never seen a young man with a bun before!”

“Bun… Mito? Hiruzen?”

Masahiko kept thinking and recalling people he met before, and gradually his consciousness became blurry, and he finally fell asleep.

The next day, he woke up by a sudden knock on the door.

“Grandpa Masahiko, wake up, it’s time to work!” Masahiko sighed helplessly upon hearing Yuna’s voice.

“Nooo, I’m tired. Shadow Clone! You go with her… Wait!” Masahiko suddenly felt so stupid, why didn’t he do that before?

“Yuna, let’s go.” The clone led the way, and Yuna followed.

Masahiko sighed with relief, but he was awake and wasn’t in a good mood to sleep again. After bringing Nawaki last night, he had no choice but to go and look after him.

The two clansmen guarding Nawaki were already drowsy. Masahiko didn’t make it clear yesterday, so they thoroughly treated him as a prisoner.

Masahiko smiled helplessly, “You two worked hard, go and rest.”

“Yes, Great Elder!”

Masahiko nodded then walked into the house.

Masahiko went inside and felt that Nawaki has been troubled enough already. The poor boy seems to have unintentionally slept while sitting. Thus, Masahiko didn’t rush to wake him up.

Masahiko will never allow him to go to the battlefield in such a state; he must be able to protect himself before he could let him out of sight.

As for training, the 14-years-old Nawaki already has the strength of a Chunin, he lacks a lot of things, but Masahiko really doesn’t know what to teach him.

“He has three Chakra Nature, Water, Wind, and Earth, he learned how to use Rasengan which is good, but his physical strength and Chakra Volume are not up to the standards to learn Rasenshurikin.”

“So, I will teach him how to control Earth Release first. Earth Release is better for saving lives, and it has a lot of defensive Ninjutsu.” Masahiko whispered, looked at Nawaki, who was still asleep, then he raised his eyes brows, and the bed started shaking violently, and Nawaki got thrown out…

Nawaki landed smoothly, but when he saw Masahiko, he sighed like a little old man.

Masahiko shook his head helplessly, “Come on, don’t act like this, I will teach you some good tricks today!”

Nawaki’s spirit was finally lifted a little and followed Masahiko to the Uzumaki Clan’s training ground that has just been built.

“Look at this! Earth Release: Hiding in Rock Technique!”
With one hand sign, Masahiko went in and out of the ground.

The corner of Nawaki’s mouth twitched, “Great Grandpa is this what you call a good technique? Isn’t this an escaping technique?”

Masahiko glared at him, “What an ignorant kid. Do you know that this technique helped me defeat Uchiha Madara’s Genjutsu, only after I’ve broken out of his technique people called me the Majestic Uzumaki!”

“The Majestic Uzumaki?” Nawaki seemed doubtful. However, noticing the annoyance in Masahiko’s eyes, he began to practice in desperation.

There are only four seals connected to the Earth Release. Once you’ve seen it, you can fully remember it, but it’s not easy to learn.

Nawaki’s talent for Ninjutsu is pretty good. After watching it once, he imitated the shape, then used the hand signs. But nothing happened.

Masahiko’s ability to perceive was on, and he immediately pointed out the mistakes that Nawaki made.

About half an hour later, Masahiko explained every single detail, and the rest was up to Nawaki to practice it.

Masahiko asked him to work hard, then he walked away, with a dignified and troubled face.

When he cast Hiding in Rock Technique just now, it felt exceptionally smooth. Although his Earth Release was LV8, this feeling he has never experienced before.

“Is it Black Zetsu?”

Masahiko opened his clothes 100 meters away from Nawaki, then stared at his stomach.

“Because I was in a hurry, the sealing technique was too messy. Four Trigrams Sealing Style Release!”

Masahiko lifted several basic Four Trigrams Sealing Style seals, yet Zetsu seemed to be still sealed. However, he felt there has been a little change.

“I seem to be able to…”

As soon as Masahiko said that, he entered a strange state.

“Great Grandpa, what’s wrong with you, why is your face so dark?”

Nawaki noticed the situation here and came over.

Masahiko frowned, then used a hand sign, “Water Release: Water Shield!”

His face was reflected on the water shield. A layer of blackness covered his face. It looked a lot like Black Zetsu’s skin color. Masahiko quickly rolled up his sleeves, and his arms have the same color. Looking at Nawaki on the opposite side, he felt inexplicable irritability in his heart. With a shock in his heart, he quickly released the state.

Instantly everything went back to normal, Masahiko sighed with relief, then spoke slowly, “It’s nothing, you go back and practice.”

As Nawaki walked away, Masahiko frowned, “That rage just now it was infested by Black Zetsu. It’s worth of Kaguya’s will, he’s so dark.”

“So, how can I use this?”

Masahiko was curious and entered that state again. Without the seal, he could go in and out smoothly, but in this state, it was faster and easier, he felt like a fish swimming in a river.

“Escaping skill, huh… is this all that Kaguya’s will Mode has to offer me?” Masahiko sighed, feeling a little weak. “Others have Bijuu Mode, and I’m stuck with this Black Zetsu. However, I want to believe that there’s more.”

“Fortunately, I have all the time in the world to study it and see what else I can gain from Kaguya’s will…”

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