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L.L.H: Chapter 156: Konoha’s White Fang

The new country of the Uzumaki was being constructed for more than half a year now. And it will be finally completed in the upcoming of the thirty-fourth year of Konoha.

The other villages outside were really at it, but the Uzumaki seemed to be in a paradise. Since Masahiko there, no one dared to disturb the Uzumaki, even that guy.

The country of the Uzumaki didn’t hold another found ceremony, doing that twice didn’t seem right. But you can’t just ask people not to celebrate. Therefore, Gensuke and Nanako decided to say a few words and helped the civilians to their new homes. It was truly a lively and bustling scene.

However, the country was more than ten times larger than before. Including the ninjas to the civilians, they still occupied only a quarter of the place.

“I still have to find a way to expand the population, we want to be a big country, but this is not enough.” Masahiko wandered on the brand news streets feeling happy.

In the past six months, his and Yuna’s research had achieved small results, and now it’s just a little bit less stable, and the scrap rate is relatively high.

It’s estimated that when the accuracy is improved, there will be mass production, and the country of the Uzumaki will finally have a stable economic source.

Currently, the Land of Whirlpool has no special production, and no land farming, for the past six months all they did is rely on the grounds and materials delivered to them by the Land of Thunder. In the face of the surprising invasion of Iwagakure, the Daimyo sent 20% more of the materials they agreed on and only left what they needed to maintain the country’s normal operations. Therefore, with full of sincerity, Masahiko personally ran to Iwagakure and “dissuaded” Onoki.

That’s all that he did, but what happened after that was superfluous. Even Masahiko didn’t know how did this happen, but Amegakure suddenly decided to attack Iwagakure madly. Therefore, Iwagakure had to retreat because they couldn’t just deal with two fronts.

As for the Land of Whirlpool, of course, they used to have some farms, but the land was completely destroyed when that guy attacked, and it will take time to plant a few more again. Moreover, the new Land of Whirlpool is closer to the ocean now, and it might not be suitable for farming at the moment. It’s estimated that it will take two years, so the country will lose its ability to be self-sufficient in the time being.

“I want us to be the new fifth country, but it might take time, and the plot should… No, I have time, I shouldn’t worry.” Masahiko’s policy of encouraging fertility has been implemented, and it is estimated the results will appear in the upcoming years; more children from the clan will play in these new streets soon.

“Next is a Ninja Academy.” Masahiko couldn’t apply compulsorily free education, because there will be too many ninjas, which will cause other problems. The main contradiction is that the tasks available will be less, and the people who can perform them are more.

He estimated that none of the major villagers implemented that into their system for the same reason. If that would greatly strengthen the national forces, they would have done it.

In the former country, the Ninja Academy was established inside the Uzumaki village to allow the clansmen’s kids to learn. Except for them, there were only five exchanged students from Konoha.

Of course, in the past three years, two exchanged students have graduated, and another one will be soon.

“Three years later, and I don’t know what happened between Kushina and Minato.” Masahiko whispered helplessly, “Let’s hope that there was some progress.”

“Great Elder, I got some news from Konoha!”

A patrol member appeared suddenly, interrupting Masahiko’s thoughts.

In the past six months, the patrol team’s main task was guarding the “Great Wall,” and paying attention to the movement of Kirigakure.

“I know,” Masahiko responded casually then walked to the new Uzumaki Residence.

This one was different from the previous small village. The Uzumaki Clan is not stationed in the same country as the civilians, but compared to them, their residence is closer to the Daimyo Palace, and the Uzumaki clansmen were treated now as the “royal family” of the Land of Whirlpool.

Speaking of the Daimyo Palace, Gensuke finally got what he wanted, he had a palace larger than the Daimyo of the Land of Fire, and it was much more luxurious. Masahiko didn’t stop him. In his view, Gensuke’s days as the Daimyo are numerous, and the next Daimyo will be Nagato! Of course, due to the fact that the hereditary system doesn’t exist in the Land of Whirlpool, it was more like the “Masahiko appointment system.”

Walking to the new Patriarch Hall, Yuriko greeted him, “Sensei.”

Masahiko nodded, laughing, “Konoha asked for help again?”

Yuriko smiled and shook her head.

In the past six months, Konoha’s fear of Takigakure attacking them didn’t occur since the money was in the right place. Although Kakuzu didn’t help them anymore, he still didn’t stab them in the back. Amegakure withdrew its forces from that front and attacked Iwagakure, and the only enemies left were unexpectedly Kusagakure and Sunagakure.

However, they seem addicted to asking for help. Obviously, since Konoha entered the Land of Wind territory and almost reached Sunagakure, they thought if Masahiko joins them, they won’t suffer any losses.

“Since Konoha didn’t ask for help, did something wrong happened?”

Yuriko sighed and said, “It’s some new related to Sakumo. He has made a name of himself now after he beheaded the famous couples of puppet masters in Sunagakure. He’s known now as Konoha’s White Fang.”

Masahiko got stunned, “That supposed to happen in this war? Well, It hasn’t changed…”

He was surprised, but he also felt that it was expected. Sakumo was an S-Class ninja four or five years ago, it was about time people start talking about him.

Masahiko glanced at the somewhat depressed Yuriko in front of him and smiled.

“What, you’re feeling a bit disappointed now that Sakumo didn’t end up being your son-in-law?”

Yuriko nodded.

Masahiko felt helpless, “Well, if Yuna married Sakumo, she wouldn’t have given birth to Nagato. Such a talent he has will protect the clan for at least 60 years.”

Yuriko sighed, she was still feeling sad.

“Nagato’s talent is indeed good, but that’s all because of Yuna… Maybe if she married Sakumo, he would have been stronger.”

Masahiko laughed, “That’s not necessary. And if that’s the case, the kid would have ended up being a member of the Hatake Clan.”

Yuriko nodded, then sighed with relief, “Well, that’s true.”

Masahiko smiled, “It’s okay. I’ll tell Yuna about this and see how she will react.”

Yuriko couldn’t stop herself from laughing, “Yuna will probably say that Sunagakure Shinobis are too stupid to let that white-haired guy defeat them.”

Masahiko’s movements abruptly stagnated, feeling that Yuriko’s words made a lot of sense, and suddenly lost the mood to tease Yuna.

“Forget it, I’m not going anymore. Yuriko, you send a congratulation letter to Konoha’s white fang, and bring me a copy.” That was truly something worth the praise.

“Wait, forget about that, I’ll go personally.” Masahiko thought for a moment. He hasn’t been in Konoha for a while, and Kushian should be in third grade now. Masahiko was going to check on her “feelings” in person.

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