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L.L.H: Chapter 147: The Fourth Battle Against Uchiha Madara

The Land of Fire was quiet, most of the lights were turned off as Konoha’s citizens were sleeping through the night.

An earth-shattering loud roar emitted suddenly awakening everyone from their dreams.

The Third Hokage, Hiruzen, heard this sound and quickly walked out of his house.

“This is…”

Hiruzen was surprised as he looked northwest.

“Hiruzen.” Two voices came at the same time as Danzo and Kagami rushed over to him.

“Kagami isn’t this…!”

Kagami looked confused as he nodded, “According to the legends, yes, this should be the Susanoo of our great Patriarch.”

“Didn’t he die by the hands of the First Hokage?” Danzo asked urgently.

Kagami lowered his head; he really didn’t know the answer.

Looking around, Hiruzen could notice that most of the people in the village walked out of their houses in shock.

“Danzo, Kagami, let’s apply the emergency refuge plan first. The one who’s fighting Uchiha Madara should be Elder Masahiko, and their battle might affect the village!”

Danzo and Kagami nodded, then started evacuating the civilians.

The wind blew on the battlefield.

Masahiko was flying in the air with a smile on his face as he was looking at the field, “Will people rename this place after our battle?”

Madara’s huge move of opening the complete Susanoo in this small area caused the landform to change.

The underground cave got destroyed too.

Madara, who was standing there proudly, then said, “Old man, it seems that you will be the last to witness my Susanoo as you were also the first!”

As soon as the two faced each other, Madara started performing unusually familiar hand signs.

“Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees!”

Masahiko, who was flying in the air, looked infested at the trees that were emerging from the ground. And within a few seconds, the valley turned into a forest.

“Hashirama…” Masahiko sighed emotionally while mobilizing his Wind Chakra Nature to his feet, cutting off the giant growing trees that were coming after him. Facing Madara, Masahiko was obviously more cautious.

“Wood Release: Wood-Dragon Technique!”

It was yet another familiar Ninjutsu, which twisted Masahiko’s heart.

“You keep using Hashirama technique to deal with me, Madara, you always attend to look down on me every time we fight.”

Masahiko opened the Sage Mode, then performed a Ninjutsu that hasn’t been used for a long time.

“Senjutsu: Wind Release: Rasenshuriken!”

The rotating Shuriken instantly cut the wood dragon’s head. But, the piercing buzzing sound gradually dissipated, as it was spinning against Madara’s palm. Masahiko almost forgot that the Rinnegan had the ability to absorb Chakra.

“Old man, it’s not that I’m looking down on you. It’s just that your weird techniques have no effect against these eyes.”

Masahiko smiled helplessly and said, “Madara, you haven’t seen me for such a long time, and it seems like you’ve forgotten that I’m a Taijutsu Shinobi type.”

Madara seemed puzzled, he has never known or heard of this, but when he saw Masahiko quickly approaching, he scoffed, “Humph, try your best!”

Two minutes later, the ground trembled a few times, then Masahiko took a stance similar to Bruce Lee’s pose screaming “WHAAA,” while Madara’s face was completely turning dark.

“Come Again!”

Madara shouted angrily then rushed over again.

“Fine by me!” Masahiko replied excitedly.

However, two minutes later, it was Masahiko who got embarrassed. “Madara, what about playing fairly here?”

This Taijutsu confrontation between the two turned out to be Masahiko against five; Madara and his four Limbos. Masahiko knew that this was a unique technique that belongs to his Rinnegan eyes, and since he had the two transplanted, he could use four shadows.

Masahiko didn’t receive the Six Paths Chakra, and he couldn’t sense these four Shadows, but his high Yang Release, coupled with his Kagura’s eyes, gave him the ability to feel them a little bit.

“Fifth Gate: Kai!”

Opening the fifth gate allowed Masahiko to retrieve the situation again.

It’s ridiculous to say that the strongest two Shinobi alive didn’t use any earth-shattering Ninjutsu yet, but only their fists.

In the middle of the chaos and after a long confrontation, the two breathlessly opened the distance again and looked at each other; they could see the smile in each other’s eyes.

After gasping twice, Madara was in action again, then said straightly: “Old man, try not to die!”

Masahiko nodded without speaking.

A crazy amount of Chakra rushed from Madara’s body, then his complete Susanoo emerged again on the battlefield. In the end, he chose to fight Masahiko in his best state.

“Seventh Gate: Gate of Shock: KAI!”

The blue vapor waves burst out. Masahiko looked at the opposite side where a colossal blue giant as height as a mountain was looking down at him and suddenly felt that his final transformation wasn’t cool enough.

“I went all the way to Kumogakure for the sake of this moment and forgot to ask for the Lightning Armor Technique’s secret.”

“Well, let’s try this first.”

“Water Release: Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

Masahiko rarely used Water Release, even when he got his hands on a lot of its Ninjutsu after the battle with Kirigakure. However, one of these techniques he studied a lot. The Great Waterfall technique is just an ordinary A-Class Ninjutsu, but under the vast Chakra amount of Masahiko, it’s much stronger than any other technique.

“Well, this is what I call a Great Waterfall!” Masahiko nodded upon watching that terrifying waterfall that was hundreds of meters high and tens of meters wide falling on Madara’s Susanoo. But a moment later, Masahiko flickered away terrified. The Susanoo’s lightsaber did not only cleaved the waterfall but also nearly cut Masahiko into two halves.


“Then what about this?”

“Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave!”

Masahiko mobilized a large amount of Chakra filling the area with horrifying crushing waves submerging Madara’s Susanoo completely. He felt that if he overwhelms Madara with this great amount of water, he would get the chance to attack him using his high speed.

However, the condensed water got absorbed easily by Madara.

“Old man, why are you always using these weird techniques? You’re weak!”

Masahiko dodged and avoided every slash of the Susanoo’s swords while feeling speechless, “These Water Releases are really useless,” But he still replied with, “I’m letting you take some of my Chakra. Otherwise, I’m afraid I would have beaten you three or four times by now. However, this time, I will be serious!”

“Senjutsu: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

Masahiko’s instant casting didn’t leave for Madara much time to use a hand seal, so he decided to block it with Susanoo’s sword. Facing the mightiest defense, Masahiko’s Dust Release shouldn’t have an advantage. Almost instantly, Masahiko’s beam of light collided, and the shock wave completely wiped out the original forest.

Masahiko was pushed hundreds of meters back by the impact while frowning and looking at Madara. The Sasusano’s sword was completely shattered, but Madara quickly recovered it by consuming a little of his Chakra.

At the same time, Konoha has been successfully evacuated under Hiruzen’s order, then he gathered a group of elite Shinobis, and was ready to go and aid if things went wrong.

In his heart, if Madara wins, it will be a disaster for Konoha and the world.

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