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L.L.H: Chapter 146: The Choice

When Masahiko went to see Madara, he was ready to meet his thunder blows. But who knew that after he opened his Sharingan, he would turn, then slowly sat down again.

“Indeed, it’s been a long time, old man.”

Masahiko was stunned for a moment, then he mobilized his gravity force, and a flat rock naturally emerged under his feet, and he also sat down, staring at Madara.

“Why did he sit down, is it because he knows that he isn’t my opponent in his current state? Madara, you’ve really fallen, you wouldn’t be afraid of the enemy’s power before.” Masahiko looked sad.

Madara’s face was already covered with wrinkles, his hair was almost white, but the pumping veins in his forehead proved that he was still alive… probably.

It took a long time for Madara to speak, “Old man, you really play dirty.”

Madara closed his eyes, but Masahiko didn’t know what to say, he could only smile.

“Old man,” Madara finally said, “I have some questions that need your answers.”

Masahiko was startled, then he slowly nodded.

“Is the infinite Tsukuyomi really possible?”

Madara’s question surprised Masahiko, but he found it reasonable. He believed that Black Zetsu’s intervene in the battle of the valley of the end would definitely raise questions in Madara’s hearts. But what surprised Masahiko is the fact that Madara asked him, as if he felt that Masahiko knew what infinite Tsukuyomi is.

“What is this infinite tsunami?” Masahiko pretended to look puzzled.

“Old man, don’t try to hide it…”

“You seemed to have known that Hashirama will die and that I will leave Konoha, and you have long known that I will attack the village…” Madara slowly said, “You can’t hide anything from me. Yes, only an idiot like Hashirama won’t notice.”

Masahiko: “…”

It has always been this way with Madara, you can’t be too relaxed around him, even a calm expression will make him suspect.

“Is that really the case?” Masahiko’s silence was enough for Madara, “So this time, you also knew that I would use that boy?”

Masahiko sighed.

“So this is where I’ve made a mistake, I should have killed you the first time I’ve met you, old man.”

Masahiko kept the smile, saying, “This is just a coincidence, and you’re the only one who’s blamed for your dark life.”

“I’m the one to be blamed, huh?” Madara stood up and said, “So, you also knew about my Rinnegan? Which makes me assume that my entire plan was exposed.”

Masahiko’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help but smirk.

“Madara, you’re really clever. Between you and Hashirama, maybe you’re the one who could create a truly peaceful and prosperous world.”

“True peace and prosperity…” Madara whispered, “Do you mean what was written in the Infinite Tsukuyomi is wrong?”

Masahiko hesitated, then shook his head, “It’s true, but that isn’t peace.”

After saying this sentence, Masahiko shifted the topic.

“It has been twenty-four years, don’t you want to know more about the Uchiha? Or do you already know through Black Zetsu?”

“It has nothing to do with me.”

Madara sat down again.

Masahiko reluctantly smiled bitterly, it seems that Madara has already learned about the Uchiha from Black, but he isn’t good at expressing his inner feelings.

Even if he didn’t look like he cared, Madara really fought for the clan; he really wants good for them.

Masahiko had no plans to do anything, and just like a tired old man, he closed his eyes and rested. It has been more than half an hour since he came here to meet Madara. He only focused on him, so he had no time to pay attention to his surroundings.

The underground cave was vast. Masahiko entered the cave under the Valley of the End then ran to the southwest for more than ten kilometers before finally finding Madara. If Masahiko’s sense of direction isn’t wrong, they should be near Kusagakure, and even closer to Kannabi Bridge.

However, not far from Madara, there was a strange-looking stone statue, tens for meters high, with multiple round strong pillars emerging out of the shoulders. It was definitely the Gedo Mazo, which is the vessel of the Juubi.

Looking around carefully, Masahiko glanced at Madara with a smile, “The environment is quite spacious, but it must have been hard to live so many years without sunlight. However, your skin hasn’t turned white yet…”

Madara didn’t respond, Masahiko paused, then said, “Your hope for resurrection is gone. Are you planning to spend the rest of your days here and die?”

Madara opened his Sharingan again, looked deeply at Masahiko, then spoke again. “Another question, what is that black guy?”

Masahiko smiled, “That’s your will. Hashirama has the will of fire, and you have the will of darkness. One is red, and the other is black… matches well!”

Madara frowned and stopped talking.

“You can take your things back!” Masahiko hesitated, took out the box with the Rinnegan, and threw it to Madara.

Madara reached out and caught it with a smirk, “Old man, I thought you’ve lived all of these years by letting go of your courage.”

Masahiko shook his head, “I just don’t want to miss the last chance to win against you, without the Rinnegan you will be vulnerable, even if I win, it won’t count.”

Madara clenched his right fist tightly, then he began to transplant the eyes.

“Old man, you really play dirty,” Madara repeated the opening speech again.

Masahiko recalled, “I remember that we’ve fought three times, and I lost every time. The first one when I was 49 years old, and you were 17. The second, I was 62, and you were 30 years old. The third, I was 67, and you were 35.”

“But now,” Masahiko sighed, “I’m 100 years old, and you’re 68 years old, do you think you still have the power to fight me?”

Madara didn’t answer. The power of the Rinnegan returned to him again, and his Chakra was violently surging, his white hair turned black, and the wrinkles on his face slowly faded. Two minutes later, a young version of Madara was in front of Masahiko.

Masahiko felt shocked and thought, “So this is your answer Madara,” But he still smiled, “When we were in the Second Shinobi World War, you mocked me because you thought I’ve drained my vitality to fight you. I never expected you to do the same.”

“Old man, don’t blame me when I kill you!” Madara didn’t answer directly.

“You think you can kill me?” Masahiko laughed, “I will just play with you one last time, and I hope you will be able to dance with me along the way!”

(T/N: this is actually one of Madara’s famous quotes.)