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L.L.H: Chapter 145: Long Time No See

Masahiko needed to wait until everything is calm again… but how could he be calm?

Masahiko’s shooting display this time wiped out a quarter of the Land of Rain off the map.

After the seal was finished, Hanzo finally showed up, followed by several elite Shinobi.

“You… should be the Great Elder, Masahiko from the Uzumaki Clan. Why did you come to my land?” Hanzo was a cautious person, even when he could clearly see that Masahiko wasn’t in a good state, he still didn’t act recklessly. After all, if the rumors are true, Masahiko’s strength could exceed that of the so-called demigod. After all, even he was surprised to see that star Masahiko has created covering the sky!

Masahiko didn’t respond. He was indeed in a bad state, but he was still fearless in the face of Hanzo and his clowns. Bad conditions can also be relative, and Amegakure can’t put him in danger.

“Grandpa, are you okay?” Yuriko and her family members rushed to Masahiko, then she asked.

“I’m okay…” Masahiko, who was sitting on the ground, got up slowly. Even after using the Sixty-Four Seal, Black Zetsu was still restless and kept fighting it inside. In the end, he was something related to Kaguya.

Masahiko looked around, then glanced at Hanzo, who was in an alert. He then shook his head, smiling, “I came to Amegakure to find one of my lost relatives. Now that I’ve found him, I should go.” Masahiko said while pointing at Yuna in front of him.


One of Hanzo’s men spoke, he obviously couldn’t bear to see his leader being mocked by that old man, but he was intercepted by the latter.

“You’ve destroyed my country, and you expect me to believe such a claim?” Even Hanzo couldn’t keep his calm expression this time.

Masahiko sighed, “I would like to give you a reason, but if I said that I just defeated an enemy that would bring a disaster to our world, would you believe it?”

Hanzo took a deep breath, stared at Masahiko for a long time, and said: “That battle a year and a half ago, it was you too.”

Masahiko smiled and didn’t respond, “Yuna, let’s go.”

In the end, Hanzo didn’t do anything. He wasn’t sure how much strength Masahiko had left, and he could tell now that Masahiko has spared his life in that battle a year and a half ago.

Masahiko took Yuna and her family back to the Uzumaki, but because they traveled with two ordinary people, the pace was slow.

“Yuna, can you tell me now what happened today?” Yuna’s husband finally asked.

Yuna shook her head, hugged Nagato, and pointed to Masahiko, “Hirakawa, I’ve told you before that I’m an Uzumaki, this is the great elder of our clan and my mother’s Sensei. As for what happened, I’m still confused. Grandpa Masahiko, what was that shadow?”

Masahiko stared at her, “You’re so kind to ask!”

Yuna wasn’t afraid, and stared back, “Oh don’t start this! I would have even stayed if you didn’t just keep forcing me on that white-haired boy.”

Masahiko sighed deeply, “You could just say no!”

Yuna said furiously, “I did!”

“Fine!” Masahiko sighed again, “That thing you’ve called a shadow, is Black Zetsu, and he was going after your son, Nagato.”

Nagato glanced slightly behind Yuna’s back at Masahiko with a curious look.

Yuna hugged him tighter, “Why? If he’s after the Uzumaki Clan, it should be me.”

Masahiko pouted, “You really regard your talent highly. Indeed, you and your mother we the most talented clansmen before, but you’re far behind when it comes to your son!”

Yuna was stunned for a moment then looked overjoyed.

Masahiko then went on to say, “Nagato possesses the ability to be the first clansmen of the Uzumaki to achieve the Sage Body, something only Senju Hashirama have achieved before.”

(T/N: Sage Body: a term that only Chinese uses to describe the power that Asura, Senju Hashirama, Madara, and Naruto possessed in the original. It’s mostly referring to their special Chakra and strong physical powers.)

“You mean that Nagato might become a Shinobi like the legendary First Hokage?”

Masahiko hesitated, then nodded.

Although Nagato isn’t Asura’s reincarnate, Masahiko felt that if he was raised from an early age, he might really grow to a level close to Hashirama.

Yuna leaned forward and kissed Nagato’s forehead, then asked, “You haven’t told me what exactly that shadow is?”

Masahiko shook his head and no longer explained. Leading the three slowly, they finally reached the Land of Whirlpools.

“Yuna, you still have to think of a way to explain all of this to your mom. I won’t go with you because I have something to deal with… But don’t run away again, you can’t keep hiding Nagato forever, wait for me to come back, and I will guide him personally.”

Yuna looked at her husband, who was listening to them all the way; he looked like he knew already some of the truth in his heart.

“Yuna, take me to your mother.”

This kind of composure actually made Masahiko look a little bit surprised; it seems that Yuna at least married a real man.

Masahiko waved his hand and flew again to the direction they came from. This time, the destination wasn’t the Land of Rain, he was going to the Land of Fire to a place called the Valley of The End.

On the way, Masahiko took out a box from his sleeves, this was the only thing Black Zetsu was carrying, and it contained the Rinnegan eyes!

“Oh man, I’m feeling a great temptation…” Masahiko sighed, “No wonder Black Zetsu had to come out to the surface. He wanted to swap Nagato’s eyes. This is the right time for me to go…”

Masahiko didn’t plan to use the Rinnegan. They will cause him a certain burden, and his old man’s body might not fully withstand its power.

About half an hour later, Masahiko arrived at the Valley of the End, and the sculptures he created were still standing there.

Masahiko knew a long ago that Madara should be underground around here, but he never came to clarify for the plot’s sake. But since he sealed Black Zetsu, he no longer cares about the plot and the future Fourth Shinobi World War.

Now, after losing the Rinnegan, and without the assistance of Black Zetsu, Madara should be in a bad state now. Masahiko didn’t feel that it was right to let an old friend die there alone in the dark and decided to come to see him for the last time.

Using his Earth Release, Masahiko sneaked deep into the ground. About two hundred meters down, Masahiko entered Madara’s huge underground palace.

“It’s unexpectedly big.”

Masahiko’s perception ability was fully on, and he could sense that familiar Chakra more than ten kilometers away near Kusagakure.

“Is it that far away?”

Masahiko couldn’t wait and fastened the pace.


“Black, you’re back. Why did you bring my Rinnegan eyes back? What happened to Nagato?” Madara’s eyes were closed. And although he didn’t have any perceptual abilities, he could still sense his own Rinnegan eyes.

Masahiko held his laugh in with his hand as his eyes turned to looks like a fox-eyes, then he imitated Zetsu’s dark and hoarse voice, “Madara-Sama, the plan failed, Uzumaki Masahiko appeared there, he was too handsome for me to handle.”

Madara stood up, opened his eyes, and slowly activated his Sharingan, “It turned out to be you, old man, and it seems that my will’s manifestation has been destroyed.”

Masahiko smiled, “Yup, it’s me, Madara. I haven’t seen you for a long time, but man, you look old…”