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L.L.H: Chapter 163: Suddenly Rich

Gentle Fist LV9(5000000/10000000)

The long-lost feeling of becoming stronger flashed again in Masahiko’s heart, which made him smile in satisfaction. This was the first skill he had trained to LV9 without distributing any points.

However, reaching that level didn’t bring him the benefits he imagined; it only increased his body stat by more than 500 points, which made him a little disappointed. It might be because the Ninth level of the Yang Attribute has added too many points to his body stat.

Masahiko shook his head again and again, “I’m getting greedy, 500 points is also an improvement that isn’t bad! And there is also one level left, and there’s no limit to it, I might be the first person to ever level up the Gentle Fist to the MaxLV.”

While he was pondering, a crisp girly voice came, “Sensei!”

Masahiko was startled, then turned over with a smile.

This was Masahiko’s fifth disciple, Konan. It has been two months since Masahiko brought her here. Now she’s no longer that of a “little beggar,” her clothes were much fine, and she looked lively again. Although she isn’t a clansmen member of the Uzumaki, she was accepted as Masahiko’s disciple, and she naturally became the little princess of the Uzumaki.

“What’s the matter? Did you encounter a problem in practicing that Nagato couldn’t solve?” Masahiko said.

For two months, Masahiko taught Kona some basic Ninjutsu knowledge and then threw her to Nagato. It’s not that Masahiko didn’t care, but the basic training of Chakra controlling and the three-body techniques were also useful for Nagato, so he asked them to train together.

“No, Sensei.” Konan shook her head and pulled out a flower paper from her hair.

Masahiko was surprised. He felt that something seemed different about her today, and it turned out that she had a flower paper on her hair.

“I forgot about that, Konan is a Paper Jutsu user,” Masahiko muttered.

“Sensei, look.” Konan mobilized her Chakra slightly, and the paper flower in her hand slowly unfolded and turned into several pieces of paper.

“Ohh!” Masahiko showed a look of interest. He has seen a lot, but such a peculiar technique is unheard of.

“Can you fold it back?” Masahiko opened his perceiving ability as he wanted to explore the truth behind the Paper Ninjutsu.

Konan nodded, and Masahiko’s face became solemn, and instantly the paper started moving and folded back.

“Nature Transformation?” Masahiko frowned. He only sensed the fluctuations of the Earth Release on that paper, so it wasn’t a Kekkei Genkai.

“It should also be the same case as Kushina’s natural ability to suppress the Bijuu, with her special Chakra.” Masahiko smiled but also felt a bit disappointed. Although the Dance of the Shikigami is special, it was more novel and unknown than ordinary Earth Release.

Sensei, I can also add another Chakra Nature.” Konoha’s words shocked Masahiko.

“Let me see, if that’s the case, then this can be regarded as a Kekkei Genkai.” Masahiko seemed interested again.

Konan hesitated, “If I do so, it will explode…”

“Is that so?” Masahiko raised his eyebrows, remembering that Konan has also had the Fire and Water release. So adding Fire will make it explode?

“The paper explodes when she adds fire. This word is really unscientific!”

“It’s okay, just add it then throw it at me.”

Konan followed his orders, and a piece of paper flew towards Masahiko.

Masahiko immediately wrapped in a light blue crystal. This was a smaller version of the Four Violet Flames Formation. The size was reduced, but the defensive power was still the same. Masahiko felt that this technique should be enough. The small-sized four violet flames formation wrapped the paper in, then Masahiko pressed his hand to the side to feel its power.

The paper exploded but didn’t break the sealing technique, and Masahiko retracted his hand.

“So it’s as strong as an explosive tag? That’s pretty good…” Masahiko muttered, then widened his eyes.

“If so, then isn’t Konan is already a living explosive tag machine?”

“Konan, can you prevent the paper from exploding?” Masahiko asked.

Konan nodded, “I’ve tried that before, but I can only do it for ten minutes.

“That’s enough! It would improve in the future.” Masahiko was delighted, “Make another one!”

Masahiko took the paper that could explode at any time. Konan was very nervous, so he looked at her and smiled, “It’s okay, the explosion won’t hurt Sensei.”


Masahiko: “…”

After finally washing the black stains off his face and hands, Masahiko turned at the ashamed Konan helplessly.

“Huh, I almost died. Did you want to see if Sensei was bragging?” Masahiko laughed.

Konan smiled embarrassedly, then made a new paper.

Masahiko took it, “Seal!”

Using the most basic seal technique, the Chakra inside the paper calmed down.

“Well, you don’t need to continue controlling it,” Masahiko said.

Konan lifted her control, the paper didn’t explode as expected.

“Good!” Masahiko’s excitement couldn’t be hidden. Now just by releasing the seal, the paper will explode. It’s a ready-made explosive tag. Anyone Clansmen can use it easily.

“Moreover, this is costs much lower than the explosive tags!” Masahiko rejoiced, feeling that the Uzumaki Country has suddenly become rich. Looking at Konan again, his eyes flashed with creepy colors.

“However, Konan isn’t strong enough. These explosive papers cannot be mass-produced…” Masahiko calmed again.

“In addition, this ability must also be kept secret. This girl has become too important for the country. It’s simply as accepting a god of wealth and fortune as a disciple.”

“Thinking of this, Kakuzu was working his butt off to collect money in the original, and still didn’t think of using Konan’s ability….” Masahiko murmured, then glanced at Konan.

“However, this shouldn’t delay her Ninjutsu training. Once she gets stronger, the number of the explosive paper she can produce will increase, as the lethality. If she can do one hundred… thousand… No, one million or more, I’m afraid that even I will have to defend myself or get injured.”

Masahiko couldn’t remember at the time. In the original, Konan used 600 billion explosive papers to guards Nagato’s body from Obito. If the latter didn’t use Izanagi, the story would have ended there.

“Sensei?” Masahiko was pondering since he sealed the explosive paper, and Konan’s soft voice woke him up.

Masahiko smiled and looked at Konan, “You need to train harder, you may be more important to the Uzumaki Country than Nagato.”

However, Konan was an ignorant seven-year-old girl who still didn’t understand what her ability meant.

“Your ability is amazing, but you need to use it as a trap card. You should only use it in a sneak attack when encountering enemies.” Masahiko explained. Seeing how Konan nodded, he continued, “Let’s go to the training ground together and see Nagato’s progress.”

The Uzumaki Country was suddenly rich, and since Masahiko was in a good mood, he felt like walking.

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