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L.L.H: Chapter 164: Expanding the Ninjutsu Library

In front of Konoha’s gate, Masahiko greeted the two guard-keepers, then walked into the village.

He originally wanted to teach his disciples without any disturbance back in the Uzumaki Clan, but he got distracted by a letter from Hiruzen, saying that Konoha’s Ninjutsu library is about to be supplemented for the third time.

The first time was when Konoha was founded, the clans gathered all non-secret Ninjutsu and formed Konoha’s Ninjutsu Library.

As for the second, it was hosted at the end of the First Shinobi World War. In addition to supplementing a few newly Ninjutsu, they collected most of the secret and forbidden Ninjutsu and recoded them into the Scroll of Seals. At the time, Masahiko spent all of his days in seclusion at the Uzumaki clan, so he didn’t have a chance to participate.

“It’s actually going to be supplemented for the third time. It seems that a lot of Ninjutsu were collected in the Second Shinobi World War.”

Masahiko came alone, and didn’t bring his two newly-acquired Pokém… disciples… Konan’s basic Ninjutsu course hasn’t been completed yet; after all, she has only started practicing less than three months ago.

This time, Masahiko didn’t even think of going to the Senju Station and went straight to the Hokage Building, yet he also didn’t sneak his way in.

“Elder Masahiko, you’re here.” Hiruzen greeted him at the door.

Masahiko nodded and glanced inside the room, “What about the others?” He was referring to the other three elders.

“They have gone to various tribes to collect Ninjutsu,” Hiruzen responded.

“Every tribe?” Masahiko frowned; the secrets techniques of each clan should have already been recorded last time.

“Yes, there have been a lot of seizures during this war, and every clan had its own spoils.” Hiruzen’s response stunned Masahiko.

“Usually, all the loots are uniformly distributed. Why did they use such a method…” Masahiko pondered for a moment, then he realized that Hiruzen should have done this deliberately. This way, the clans will have to work harder if they want to get a share.

“So the plan was to make them pay with blood for war spoils and then use the Scroll of Seal as an excuse to collect those spoils again. For a hesitant person, this is really surprising from Hiruzen, or maybe it was Danzo’s idea?” Masahiko thought but didn’t ask, this had nothing to do with him.

From the moment he entered the room, Masahiko’s eyes were locked on a book at the Hokage’s desk.

“Ninjutsu Encyclopedia?” Masahiko didn’t know that there was such a thing, and out of curiosity, he opened it, “It’s just a Ninjutsu catalog, but the size is surprisingly big.”

The book only lists the names of various Ninjutsu with no specific practice method, but it was still a thick book.

At the beginning of Konoha’s establishment, Hashirama collected a lot of Ninjutsu from various clans. However, Masahiko didn’t practice a lot of them, because the number of technique he was mastering back then was more than two hundred, and now even more, which made the Ninjutsu collection of the Uzumaki Clan very rich.

“Fire Release: 202, Lighting Release: 94, Earth Release: 157, Wind Release… 207? Where did all of this come from?” Masahiko frowned, he could understand the numbers of the Fire Release, after all the Uchiha Clan nature release is Fire, but when Masahiko checked the Wind Release, he found a lot of Ninjutsu that he has never seen before.

“Damn it, the Twin Rasengan too…” All these various Ninjutsu made Masahiko a bit embarrassed.

Hiruzen smiled and replied, “These are the Ninjutsu I developed based on your Rasengan.”

“I thought it was Danzo.” Masahiko murmured, Hiruzen seems to be thinking the same way as Naruto in the Original. If one Rasengan cannot solve the problem, then more will do it.

“Water Release, 42?” Masahiko was startled.

“Why are there only a few Water Releases? I remember that Tobirama has developed a lot!”

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, “Yeah, most of Tobirama-Sensei’s techniques are included there, but only a few are ordinary techniques.”

Masahiko nodded, then read all of them, ignoring the numbers.

“About half of them are Ninjutsu that I haven’t mastered. I really underestimated these tribes.” Masahiko originally thought that he had mastered most of the techniques after more than a hundred years of being alive.

Masahiko looked at Hiruzen, “It is okay for me to copy these common Ninjutsu, right?” Masahiko didn’t ask for the secret Ninjutsu. He basically had no need for these Ninjutsu, and it was very difficult to teach for others.

Hiruzen nodded again and again, “No problem, but I also hoped that you will help to add a few there. This time, I’m hoping that we will eventually collect thousands of Ninjutsu.”

Masahiko scoffed, “Thousands? Dude, the Anime had like less than a hundred!”


“Aaah… Nothing…” Masahiko pondered, “Why did they only use a few in the original. Didn’t they say that Kakashi copied thousands of Ninjutsu in the war? I thought it was an exaggeration…”

Masahiko didn’t respond after that and kept looking at the Encyclopedia of Ninjutsu, while Hiruzen waited anxiously.

About half an hour later, Masahiko sighed with relief, “There are only 720 Ninjutsu now? It took me a lot of time to count them all…”

Hiruzen smiled bitterly, feeling that Masahiko seemed glad that they didn’t reach one thousand.

“Huh, what a pity… only 280 Ninjutsu are left, right? Even with more help, I can only give you a dozen water releases, which I’ve previously seized from Kirigakure.”

Hiruzen hesitated, “What about the advanced type of the Rasengan, and the Thunder Ninjutsu you’ve taught your disciple Uzumaki Kenichiro…”

Masahiko was startled, then squinted his eyes looking at Hiruzen in front of him. No wonder he rushed to find him the moment he thought of adding more Ninjutsu to Konoha’s library. It turned out that he was eyeing his unique Ninjutsu.

“I can give you the Chidori. Just like the Rasengan, it’s just the basic form of the technique, and it has other advanced forms. However, the other advanced Ninjutsu are all S-Class secret techniques, you some ordinary Jutsu is a fair price?” Masahiko looked at Hiruzen with a smile.

Hiruzen gritted his teeth, “In addition to the secret techniques of each clan, you can also take a copy of the other Ninjutsu in the Scroll of Seals.”

Masahiko waved his hand, “I have read the Scroll of Seals, and I basically know all the Ninjutsu’s training methods.”

It’s impossible that Masahiko, the person he came up with the idea of creating the Scroll of Seals, would have read it. He also remembers the wood release techniques and every forbidden technique created by Tobirama. If it weren’t for the Space Attribute that has never appeared in his attribute bar, he would have used the Flying Thunder God.

Hiruzen frowned, thinking about what he could offer as an exchange.

“I have also developed a lot of new Ninjutsu over the years. There are about a hundred kinds of techniques. If you want, you can have them all.”

Masahiko was shocked; developing 100 types of Ninjutsu is kind of astonishing… This is the collection of The Professor’s wisdom.

“No wonder Hiruzen was called the Professor, and even the God of Shinobi.” Masahiko suddenly became interested in this trade.

Most of the Ninjutsu developed by Hiruzen weren’t original, it was a try to modify the predecessors’ Ninjutsu and create other combinations, which brought a lot of new ideas to Masahiko.

“Although I can’t use them, they will be useful in case Nagato couldn’t learn the Dust Release, I can teach him these.”

In the end, Masahiko sent out a series of Chidori’s forms to Konoha, the Rasenshuriken wasn’t included. After all, no could use it except Tsunade and Jiraiya, who had practiced Senjutsu.

Finally, with the Ninjutsu collected by the three elders, the number of techniques reached one thousand, and Konoha’s third Ninjutsu library expansion was completed.