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L.L.H: Chapter 165: Sparing Time for The Disciples

After completing the extending of the Konoha Ninjutsu Library, Masahiko copied all the Ninjutsu and brought it back to the Uzumaki. After checking, the Uzumaki’s collection of Ninjutsu has increased by several hundred, and eventually, it has even exceeded Konoha’s collection of Ninjutsu. After all, Konoha didn’t obtain all of the Uzumaki sealing techniques.

The Uzumaki followed Konoha’s footsteps and expended the Ninjutsu Library once before. Unlike Konoha, you must complete a certain number of tasks or make some contributions to obtain new Ninjutsu, the Uzumaki Library is completely open, but there are restrictions on the numbers.

For example, a Genin can only learn five types of C-Class Ninjutsu, while a Chunin can learn five types of B-Class plus ten types of C-Class, and so on. Moreover, teaching Ninjutsu isn’t allowed unless it’s within a master-disciple relationship that has been formally established.

This way, on the one hand, they can avoid leaking any secret technique, and on the other, it will also help the ninja focus on developing and refining their skills.

As for the sealing techniques, it’s even stricter. If you want to join the Fuinjutsu class, you must go through a lot of reviews, and finally get judged by Yuriko or Masahiko personally. And it’s even more difficult for a regular ninja to get his hands on a sealing technique. In addition, to become a Jonin, he has to pass various difficult tests.

Originally, teaching Fuinjutsu wasn’t too strict, but the situation is different now. Fuinjutsu is coveted by too many villages, and after Masahiko’s LV9 Fuinjutsu, many easy-to-master sealing techniques were developed. And in order to prevent its spreading, they can only increase the learning requirements.

It took Masahiko more than a month to sort out the new Ninjutsu. Only then he had some time to spare for his two disciples.


When they came to the training ground, the shouts of the two kids came. Masahiko has been busy during this time, but they never stopped practicing.

Masahiko smiled, “Show me what’ve you learned.”

“Sensei, I have completed the basic training,” Konan said while lowering her head.

During this time, Konan only worked on improving her Chakra control, practicing the three-basic techniques, and the Kunai throwing techniques. Watching Nagato every day practicing his various Earth Releases, she felt envious.

Masahiko nodded, “Good, sharpening your skills in only three months is good. However, some people took them six years to master it.”

“Huh, what an idiot…” the two kids murmured since both mastered it in two or three months.

“Unfortunately, that idiot has been born yet.”

The two children rolled their eyes at the same time. However, Masahiko was really telling the truth.

Although he believed Konan, Masahiko had to check by himself. Feeling that your Sensei really cares about you is good for the development of the disciple.

“Well, the Three Basics Technique is well mastered, but the Kunai throwing technique still needed to be practiced. Sometimes, a bit of lack will cause a disadvantage in a battle.

Konan’s Kunai throwing technique, in fact, is very accurate, with 97 out of 100 hitting the center, but Masahiko wants her to pay more attention to the basics. In his view, if the strength and quality of the ninjas are equal, the basics will ultimately determine, for whom the upper hand will be.

Masahiko pondered for a moment. Since Konan nature transformations include Wind, Water, Earth, and Yang Release… Then there’s no need to teach using the normal methods of Ninjutsu practicing.

“Konan, I can’t give you much guidance in terms of Ninjutsu. You’re different from Nagato. Since you have Nature Transformations, you should think of something in that aspect.” Masahiko said, “And I’ll be here to give you some ideas.”

Masahiko remembers a lot of Ninjutsu that Konan has used in the original, and he was planning on shamelessly claiming it as his original ideas.

“I don’t need to say much about the Paper Shuriken. You’ve already come up with that on your own. The ability to make the paper explode is also good. You need to sharpen your Chakra control though, to make the explosions more controllable. I will teach you medical Ninjutsu later. It’s the best way to be proficient in Chakra Control.”

“In addition to this, you should try to enhance your paper manipulation even more. Eventually, you will have to be able to fold and splice millions of papers. Someday, you will be able to use paper to make wings and achieve the effect of flying.”

When she heard that sentence, Konan’s widened her eyes, “Sensei, will I be able to fly by myself soon?”

Masahiko’s face stiffened, “Well… you must work hard, when you’re as half proficient as me you will be the first disciple of mine to ever fly…” then glanced at Nagato.

After all, Nagato’s progress wasn’t so fast, and he needed some pushing.

But Nagato didn’t seem to be caring about any of that and looked at Konan enviously.

“Besides,” Masahiko continued, “Konan, you’re explosive tags doesn’t consume a lot of Chakra. You should think of a way to increase the quantity. However, quantity shouldn’t affect the quality. And remember, that using such a technique effectively will require restraining the enemy, so you should think of a technique for that…”

Masahiko shared a few ideas, then left Konan with a thoughtful expression, pulled Nagato, and walked aside.

“Have you mastered all the Fire and Earth Releases that I’ve shown you?” Masahiko asked.

Nagato nodded, “Yes, Sensei.”

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction but didn’t check them all one by one. Because they were four or five techniques for each release, and Nagato has been practicing them for three months, unless he was careless, it’s unlikely that he hasn’t mastered them all.

“Your Chakra volume is enormous. So next, I will teach you Shadow Clone, it will help you practice faster…” Masahiko frowned suddenly, feeling a familiar Chakra approaching.

“Nanako?” Masahiko hasn’t seen her for a while.

Masahiko smiled at Konoha, “Good for you, you’ll finally meet your big Senior Sister apprentice.”

Nanako wasn’t far away, and she smiled wryly when she heard these words.

“Grandma Nanako!” Nagato run to her, Konan hesitated for a moment, but she still called her grandma.

“What can I do for you, Nanako?” Masahiko asked after she greeted the two kids.

“Sense, Kushina should be graduating soon, I want to go and visit her in Konoha.”

Masahiko was startled, “It should be after 6 months, why are you in such a hurry?”

Nanako showed a helpless expression, “Sensei, you didn’t bring me any news about Kushina for more than two years now, you know…”

“Uh, really? I should have told you…” Masahiko scratched his head, feeling embarrassed.

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