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L.L.H: Chapter 166: Failing Together

“Be careful, Konan, you are a little too anxious.”

Masahiko forgot that flying would be so appealing to children of this age. After mentioning to Konan, that she might be able to fly in the future, she let go of everything and focused on the paper wings technique.

As soon as the basic training of medical Ninjutsu was completed, and got her Chakra Control improved a little, she began to make paper wings.

It may be because of her young age and lightweight, a pair of incomplete wings actually carried her, but it only flew for half a meter.

Konan didn’t dare to lose focus and concentrated all of her energy on staying in the air.

“Well, this way, she can practice Chakra Control, and her Chakra volume will improve faster.” Masahiko pondered.

About half a minute later, Konan controlled her pair of wings and landed tremblingly and cut her knee. Her forehead was sweaty, and Chakra was almost exhausted.

Masahiko nodded and walked over.

“Interest is the best motivation. But it still needs to improve.”

Before Masahiko approached, Nagato rushed over, holding on the crumbling Konan.

“Sure enough, it’s still too reluctant…” After a short break, Konan said softly.

Masahiko shook his head, “Don’t worry, since you can already float, in two years at most, you will be able to fly freely.”

“Sensei, how long will I need…” Nagato looked longing.

Masahiko glared at him, “If you’re in such a hurry, you better stop being lazy and master the Shadow Clone technique!”

Nagato smiled wryly and went to practice.

“Konan, continue your medical Ninjutsu practice, your Chakra volume, and Chakra control aren’t enough.”

“Yes, Sensei!”

This event above was repeated five times in five months, and every time her medical Ninjutsu was improved slightly, Konan would try to fly once again.

Of course, the time spent flying will be longer and longer with each progress.

“Sensei, I’m getting closer, let’s practice medical Ninjutsu for a while, I feel like I’ll be able to fly soon.”

Masahiko shook his head, “No, we’ll stop here, I’m taking you to Konoha.”

In fact, in these five months, Masahiko had already taught her all medical Ninjutsu that he knew, and his knowledge about the advanced techniques wasn’t enough.

Masahiko tidied up and prepared to take her to Konoha. On the one hand, Kushina was about to graduate, and on the other hand, he wanted to see if Tsunade could give her more help in medical Ninjutsu.

Nanako went to Konoha nearly half a year ago, probably because she wanted to observe her grandson-in-law.
Both Kushina and Minato are twelve years old this year, and both have reached a level above Chunin, but neither applied for early graduation.

It seems that Kushina knew that she would have to go back to the Uzumaki ِClan after graduation; thus, the two were trying their best to spend as much time together. Therefore, the two became the seniors of the Ninja Academy.

But the Sixth grade is coming to an end, and two will have to graduate eventually. Masahiko wanted to be there and witness this “partition,” personally, or think of a way to help the couple.

Masahiko called Nagato, then the master and his disciples went to Konoha. Because the two kids like flying, Masahiko didn’t walk and flew over with them.

Konoha village still looks the same, nothing changed. Masahiko didn’t rush to find Nanako and took the two kids who came for the first time to Konoha for a walk around the village.

After a full circle, the sky dimmed, and the three returned to the main gate.

Just by the look on their faces, Masahiko could tell that they were exhausted, so he said: “Let’s go to the Senju Station and rest for a while.”

Masahiko didn’t change his appearance when they were walking around the village. People from the Senju had long known about his arrival. And soon as he reached the gate of the clan, Mito and Nanako were there to greet him.

“Are these the two new disciples of Second Grandpa?” Mito said with a smile and then focused on Nagato.

“This kid…”

Masahiko nodded with a smile, “Yes, he’s a Sage Body. This is the firstborn Uzumaki clansmen to have such a talent.”

Mito replied with a smile, “Aren’t you also a Sage Body?” She obviously sensed it.

Masahiko’s face stiffened. Then, he started his nonsense again, “Well, I cultivated it through every day’s training!”

“Sensei, you’ve come at the right time, Kushina is graduating tomorrow,” Nanako said.

“Yes, I’ve been counting the days,” Masahiko replied and walked into the Senju Station with his two disciples.

“Kushina hasn’t come back yet?”

“Well, school isn’t over yet.”

Masahiko glanced at Nanako and Mito. Nanako was adopted by his nephew many years ago, and she was considered as Mito’s youngest sister, but she was much older.

“So, Nanako, did you like Kushina’s little boyfriend after watching him for the last six months?” Masahiko giggled.

Nanako nodded, “They boy from the Namikaze is well behaved, talented, but unfortunately, he’s a commoner…”

Masahiko was startled, then shook his head, “So since you’ve become the wife of the daimyo, you started looking down on the civilians?”

Nanako smiled bitterly, “How it is possible, it’s just that Kushina is the princess of the Land of Whirlpool after all…”

“It doesn’t matter, that kid is gonna become the Fourth Hokage of Kon… Just let Kushina marry Minato…”

The three kept talking, and without notice, the sky was completely dark, and Kushina returned from school.

Now, she’s the only exchanged student from the Uzumaki Clan in Konoha.

“Grandpa, you’re here!” Kushina greeted him, then looked at Masahiko’s two new disciples curiously.

“Sister Kushina, nice to meet you.” The two said hello.


Masahiko joked, “Don’t be so polite. Your graduation exam is tomorrow, you’re not nervous, right?”

Kushina hesitated, then clenched her fist, “How come? It’s gonna be easy!”

Masahiko’s heart jumped, feeling that something was wrong. He just smiled and looked at Mito and Nanako, who looked at him and nodded tacitly.

The next day, everyone went to watch Kushina’s graduation exam.

Kushina was really “nervous,” making mistakes again and again. Her clone technique was on the same level as her future son. Shuriken missed the target time after time, making her headteacher look anxious.

More than that, this tension seemed to be contagious, and the same was the case for Minato. Masahiko, watched the Konoha’s genius failing to even make hand seal painfully, and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

Konan pulled Masahiko’s sleeve and asked, “Sensei, Sister Kushina seems to be nervous, let’s cheer her up.”

Konan was already shouting, “Sister Kushina, You Can Do It!”

This cheering made it even worse, and the three adults in the rear couldn’t help but look helplessly at each other.

“That’s it, this girl is going back home.” Nanako sighed, then turned to leave.

Masahiko smiled bitterly, “These two fools, failing the test on purpose, is not the right answer!”

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