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L.L.H: Chapter 234: Kumogakure

Since receiving the news that Sasori defected, Masahiko has been paying close attention to Sunagakure’s movements. First, he was curious about what has changed, and second, he wanted to know if the Third World War will break out as expected.

Unexpectedly, there was no news from Sunagakure, but someone came with a letter from the Land of Whirlpool that was sent to him, and since he couldn’t find him, it was given to Hiruzen.

“Elder Masahiko, Kumogakure started moving!” Sakumo came to find him.

Masahiko was both startled and puzzled.

Although Kumogakure has recovered a bit of its strength in recent years and managed to elect a Fourth Raikege, it was still far weaker than the Land of Whirlpools. Even without Masahiko, it may not be able to defeat them.

They always dealt with the annual “tribute” punctually and have never defaulted on anything.

Looking at Sakumo in front of him, Masahiko nodded, “I see, is there any other news? For example, news from Kirigakure, or Sunagakure?”

Sakumo hesitated but still spoke.

“There is nothing unusual with Kirigakure, but it seems that something is wrong with Sungakaure. The village movements are getting strange.”

“That right.” Whether it is Sasori’s defection or the Third Kazekage’s death, at least one thing must have occurred. It would be even stranger if things were normal with Sunagakure.

“Then what’s up with Kumogakure?”

Sakumo shook his head, “We haven’t gathered enough information yet.”

Masahiko smiled, “It’s okay, I’ll go back and have a look. Maybe something went wrong.”

Masahiko didn’t think that Kumogakure would be stupid enough to resist. There should be other reasons.

However, taking this opportunity, Masahiko just returned to the Land of Whirlpools since he had some things to do.

After explaining to Sara, Masahiko entrusted her to Ichiraku Ramen again. He didn’t have to worry about Sara much now since she was Teuchi’s apprentice, and he would take good care of her.

“If my two apprentices came over, you open the door for them and say that I had to do something and went out,” Masahiko said.

After that, he went straight back to the Land of Whirlpools. He didn’t bring Nanako and Kenichiro because he didn’t feel that he’s gonna need them.

Masahiko flew high in the sky but also a bit slow because he was holding a little kitten in his arms.

“Even if you’re a kitten, you still need to see the world!” Masahiko smiled.

“Meow~” This wasn’t a response. The cat was just afraid and shrank into Masahiko’s arms.

“You’re not too young anymore. I can’t call a kitten anymore. Let’s call you Cat in the future.”

It took more than an hour for Masahiko to fly back to the Land of Whirlpools, and he immediately found Yuriko.

“Sensei, you’re back… and you’ve also brought the cat.” As soon as Yuriko spoke, she noticed the Cat in Masahiko’s arms.

“Come on, be happier.” Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He put the white Cat down, and it instantly ran away.

“I heard that Kumogakure couldn’t stay sit still any longer. So I came back to have a look.”

Yuriko nodded, “I have sent some people to investigate, but they found nothing. It doesn’t seem like they’re going for a war, but they do send out ninjas frequently.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko paused and smiled, “We can always send someone to ask them directly. If there is anything they needed to investigate, we will help them. Of course, there is a charge.”

Yuriko was taken aback, then nodded.

“Then, Sensei, what if they refused to say?”

“Well, then we will cut talking. And I will stay here longer and see if they went crazy.”

Masahiko didn’t believe that the Fourth Raikege, who was reckless on the surface and “delicate” deep inside, would underestimate the dominance of the Demon King, Uzumaki Masahiko.

Manipulating the gravity, the white Cat flew back into Masahiko’s arms and rubbed her head on his chest.

Leaving Yuriko, Masahiko went to the training ground to find his two young disciples.


Masahiko nodded, “I haven’t paid much attention to your training recently. Is there any progress?”

The two are already fourteen years old, and the rate of their growth was really insane. It can be said that the fact that he asked if there’s any progress is nonsense, but Masahiko, not surprising at all, was talking about something else…

“How many seconds does it take you to run the hundred meters track?” The moment he asked this, the two kids’ expressions stiffened.

“I’m teasing you, don’t worry, you don’t need to run. Nagato, you stay here for a while and practice. Konan, it’s time to make the Explosive Tags.”

This was the real purpose of Masahiko’s return. Regardless of whether the Third War will unfold as scheduled, he wants to prepare a batch of the explosive tags, which might come in handy.

“Yes, Sensei.” Both said, then Konan followed Masahiko to find Yuna.

Konan’s Chakra reserve is actually not bad now. According to Masahiko’s stats, the 14-year-old girl should be about 200 points. Except for Nagato, compared to her peers, she has a relatively large amount of Chakra.

But if you want to mass-produce the explosive tags quickly, Masahiko has to assist. Otherwise, it will take more than ten times the time.

“Grandpa, you brought Konan to make Explosive Tags again?” Yuna said with a smile, “You can use the machine by yourself this time, right? You don’t need me anymore.”

Since the last mass production of the Explosive Tags, Masahiko brought Konan here to make small quantities every time he returned. Now the Uzumaki Shinobi are practicing throwing explosive Kunai happily in the training ground every day.

“Yuna is there any important research recently.”


Masahiko smiled and handed her the Cat in his arms, “Then help me take care of the cart for a while.”

Yuna: “…”

“Okay, Konan, get ready to start.”

Maybe the Cat wasn’t a big part of the family after all…


At the same time, Nagato found a more remote forest and started practicing his Chakra. This was the method that Masahiko taught him. Hanging upside down on a tree while using Chakra on his feet to stay stuck to the branches, this will greatly increase his Chakra Control, and it’s a good way to build up Chakra in his body… But the hanging part has only a psychological effect since sitting all day long molding and manipulating Chakra is boring.

“Practice, practice.” One thing about Nagato is that he doesn’t get bored with training, but the moment he closed his eyes, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“Who is there?!” Nagato widened his eyes and looked behind the big tree.

After a long silence, a dark-skinned kid walked out from behind the big tree, wearing sunglasses, and carrying several swords behind him.

“Who are you?!” Nagato said warily.

“Oh, YEAAA!” The kid suddenly stretched out his hands and shouted simultaneously, which scared Nagato, and made him take out his Kunai vigilantly.

“Ayo, Red-haired boy, it’s time!

The Forest drops deep as does my Tree.
I never get Discovered, ’cause to be Discovered is the Weak of key.
Beyond the walls of sunglasses, life is defined.
I think of he’s training when I’m in a Bijuu state of mind.

Hope the key got some c.
My me don’t like no dirty sea.
Run up to the flee and get the free.

I’m rappin’ to the tail,
And I’m now gonna move your scale. Oh, YEAAAA!”

Nagato: “???”

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