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L.L.H: Chapter 235: Six Paths of Rap

One month later.

“Yuna, what is today’s date.”

These days, Masahiko’s life consisted of sleeping, eating, making Explosive Tags, and practicing the Gentle Fist.

“Grandpa Masahiko, it’s September the 30th today.”

Masahiko was taken aback and looked at the sky, to find that it has completely dimmed. Then he looked at Konan, who was resting, and said, “Konan, since you’ve worked so hard, I will give you a holiday tomorrow to celebrate the National Day.”

Although Konan didn’t know what the National Day was, she was relieved. Masahiko was also tired, not physically, though, because he could go for one more month.

“Okay, Sensei.”

“By the way, Yuna, where is my cat?” Masahiko finally remembered the white cat.

Ten minutes later, Masahiko watched a real 8-shaped cat walking toward him. Yuna smiled and said, “For such a small cat, it really eats a lot.”

Masahiko sighed. Yuna, you really didn’t have to take revenge this way…

“Forget it, I’ll go to Yuriko to deal with the Explosive Tags.” Masahiko took the fat cat, turned, and left, “Konan, you go back and rest. You won’t need to practice tomorrow, and you should also rest for two days.”

“Yes, Sensei.”


In the Uzumaki Residence, Masahiko went to find Yuriko, who had a really sad face.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

Yuriko sighed and shook her head, “Sensei, Nagato has become… a bit strange recently.”

“Nagato?” Masahiko remembered that he didn’t see Nagato for a month now.

“What’s up with him?”

Yuriko shook her head, “It’s hard to describe.”

Masahiko felt confused, “Well, we’ll talk about his Puberty problems later if it’s that hard to explain. Let’s talk about Kumogakure’s situation first.”

Yuriko nodded, “Kumogakure has returned to normal. It seems that they were looking for something earlier, and they found it now.”

Masahiko was startled, “Look for something… oh, no wonder they sent ninjas out to investigate. Did they found some kind of treasure?”

Masahiko was a bit excited, but he tried his best to resist, so he doesn’t seem impetuous.

“What about the other countries? Are there any movements from Konoha or Sunagakure?” Masahiko was still more concerned about Sasori’s defect and whether the Third War will break.

Yuriko’s expression became more solemn, “No one knows why but it seems that Sunagakure has entered a state of martial law, and we can’t get any news from them, so Konoha has entered a state of combat readiness.”

“That’s it…” Masahiko murmured, according to their reaction, it should be that the Third Kazekage has disappeared.

“Then, now it’s up to Sunagakure to decide what they want to do next.” Masahiko murmured.

“Sensei, how’s your Explosive Tags production going?” Seeing Masahiko pondering, Yuriko asked.

“The amount is going to be twice as much as the first time.” Masahiko smiled with satisfaction. Because Konan’s got stronger, then efficiency and the rate have gone better too.

“Then how much do we sell?”

Masahiko frowned, which stopped Yuriko from asking any more questions. He really wanted to sell like last time and seek benefits from the other villages, but before was before, and now is now. War is about to break out; he can’t just sell weapons to other villages.

“Okay, send someone and see how much Hiruzen wants to buy, keep the remaining amount, and we will wait and see the situation.”

After all, other countries may become Konoha’s enemies, even though Masahiko always makes fun of Hiruzen and complains to him, he even threatened him, but he will never sell Konoha to the enemies.

Yuriko nodded in understanding, “Sensei, I’m going. I have a lot of other affairs.”

“Go…” Masahiko was about to say, but he remembered what she told him about Nagato.

“You haven’t said what happened to Nagato?”

Yuriko smiled bitterly, “Nagato met and wandering singer a month ago and fell in love with singing.”

Masahiko was startled. The career of a wandering singer is really not much in the Shinobi World.

“Was he that good? Well, isn’t it great to have such artistic talent in our family? Even though I never expected Nagato to like singing… Well, as long as it doesn’t delay his training, let him sing.” Masahiko replied.

Yuriko’s expression was even bitterer, “Well… Huuh.”

Yuriko sighed again.

“When did you adopt this old-fashioned way of restricting your child’s freedom, Yuriko.” Masahiko smiled.

“I’m not restricting him.” Yuriko didn’t know how to say it, “Okay, how about this. Nagato held a concert with his singer teacher, and it caused a riot in the village.”

Masahiko’s eyes widened, “So amazing, death metal singer?”

Yuriko couldn’t laugh or cry and didn’t know what a death metal singer is, “Many people from the clan heard of this and came to watch. After listening to his singing… they drove the wandering singer out of the Land of Whirlpools.”

Masahiko was taken aback, and then he seemed like he realized something, “So, that wandering singer talent is very ordinary, huh? Nagato is also ignorant. He should have asked me if he wanted to learn how to sing.

Masahiko’s voice is fine, and he really good when it comes to… Naruto’s openings.

“It’s not that…” Yuriko wanted to explain more, but she was interrupted by the Patrol team, who suddenly entered.

“Great Elder, Patriarch, there have been boats from Kirigakure sailing around the sea route.”

Masahiko was startled, “Did they attack us?”

During this entire time, there were no accidents with Kirigakure.

“No master.”

Masahiko and Yuriko looked at each other and shook their head, “Reinforce our defensive lines on the ships. If you get attacked, you must retreat immediately, then we will counter-attack. I will personally ask a hundred times the amount they paid last time.” Once again, Masahiko didn’t believe that things will reach this point.

“Yes, Sir!”

Sending off the elite patrol team, Masahiko looked at Yuriko again, “So what happened to that wandering singer?”

Yuriko sighed, “You’ll know when you see Nagato.”

Masahiko shook his head and walked out, “What the hell.”

Masahiko quickly found Nagato and walked to the training ground. He was practicing Taijutsu while muttering things.

“Is he singing while practicing?” Masahiko wanted to get closer to hear what he was singing.


Masahiko was taken aback by Nagato’s shout. Although he didn’t try to hide his presence, he didn’t expect to be discovered so easily.

“You’ve really got stronger, Nagato.”

Nagato scratched his head when Masahiko praised him.

“I heard that you have recently learned how to sing from a vagrant singer? Why didn’t you come to me? Sensei would have taught you if he knew that you like to sing.”

Nagato was taken aback, “Sensei, you can sing too?”

“Of course. Okay, sing to me, so I can see if you really have talent.”

Nagato blushed; this was his moment…

Sensei disappeared and ‘kept missing him all the day
‘Cause without him, its Boring people and boring life
Wake up to the same nine to five
Practicing’ Chakra, killing off the night
‘Cause it’s boring training, and boring life. Oh, YEAAAAA!”

Masahiko: “…”

Damn it, bring back the pale version of Nagato.