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L.L.H: Chapter 236: Disappeared

This rapper version of Nagato kept Masahiko from speaking for a long time.

“Sensei, how was it?” Nagato looked expectant.

Masahiko sighed, feeling that Nagato somehow has turned into Killer B.

“Killer B?” Masahiko finally reacted.

“The wandering singer, and the thing Kumogakure has been looking for… Oh, you’re joking, right?!”

No wonder they sent people out. It was mentioned that Killer B does this all the time. As the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki, he actually dared to come to the Land of Whirlpools, and he wasn’t afraid of what Masahiko was going to do if he catches him.

“No, if the Hachibi really appeared in the Land of Whirlpools, how could I not be aware of it?” Masahiko frowned, “Then Killer B must have not become a Jinchuriki yet but noticing Kumogakure’s nervousness, he will be soon.”

“Sensei, did I sing well?” Nagato asked again since Masahiko didn’t respond for a long time.

“Oh…” Masahiko sighed, “It’s… good, but you are not very suitable for rap. Sensei will teach you something else later.”

Nagato nodded happily.

Masahiko was still worried.

Nagato’s life trajectory is utterly different from that in the original. He has never experienced “pain.” And he was still that innocent, naïve kid he once been in the original story. That made Masahiko unsure if he should let him take over Yuriko’s position. In comparison, Konna is a lot stronger. That one year of life as a homeless orphan child made her more mature.

“Well, if the Third World War breaks, I will send him and Konan to fight for Konoha and gain experience.” Masahiko secretly said.

“Come over. I will teach you how to sing.”


“Damn you, Killer B!” Masahiko cursed him secretly.

In his previous life, he liked Killer B and found him really funny. It might be due to the similarity-attraction effect…

Because he “appreciated” the other party, Masahiko had thought before if Ay ever sent Killer B to the Uzumaki for revenge, he would only beat him up and send him back.

But now the disciple he worked so hard to train was ruined by Killer B, which really annoyed him.

Looking at the expectant Nagato in front of him, Masahiko smiled, “Wait, I have something to do with you, Grandma first. When I come back later, we will practice for ten minutes.”

After that, Masahiko returned to Yuriko with a murderous look on his face.

“Sensei, did you listen to Nagato’s singing? If that vagrant singer wasn’t kicked out by the clansmen, I would have personally beat him up…” Masahiko didn’t expect Yuriko to think the same way.

“I know that person, he’s not any vagrant singer, he’s a Shinobi from Kumogakure. We really need to strengthen our intelligence sources.” Masahiko said first.

Yuriko was taken aback, then nodded, “So he’s from Kumogakure?”

“Yes, that’s what I found.” Masahiko replied, “He’s the Fourth Raikage’s partner and next Hachibi’s Jinchuriki.”

“So, that’s what it is?” Yuriko pondered.

“Then, what shall we do?”

Masahiko groaned slightly. He really wanted to kick some butts, but he didn’t know if he should do that. He always gets carried away.

Also, those people are hot-tempered, especially that grumpy Fourth Raikage.

“Well, you write down the matter and let someone send it to the Fourth Raikage, and he will surely teach Killer B a lesson for us,” Masahiko said with a smile.

Yuriko was startled, “Is this okay?”

“No problem, I know what kind of a guy the Fourth Raikage is.”

Yuriko nodded and didn’t ask how he knows all of this.

After talking to Yuriko, Masahiko finally felt more comfortable and went back to Nagato with a sad face, and he had to work on correcting his “taste” now.

A week later.

“Nagato, have you learned it?”

“Yo! I learned it.”

“Don’t Yo me!” Masahiko looked helpless, while Konan next to him was laughing.

“My lovely disciple, you ruined everything, Killer B, just you wait! Masahiko muttered, “Yuriko’s letter should have been delivered by now…”

At the same time, Kumogakure.

The fourth Raikage has just received the letter from the Uzumaki’s messenger, and after reading it, his face turned red.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, he looked at the messenger on the opposite side, “I see.”

When the messenger walked away, Ay shouted, “Bee! You bastard!” Simultaneously, he slammed the desk in front of him and shattering it.

“Raikage-Sama.” A black-skinned middle-aged man hurriedly walked in.

“Call that bastard Bee here. He didn’t tell me that he went to the Land of Whirlpools this time!”

“He went to the Land of Whirlpools?” The middle-aged man on the other side also looked surprised, and after hesitating, he said, “Master Raikage, it seems that Master B is now…”
(T/N: He’s referring to the old Hachibi’s Jinchuriki, not Killer B.”

“Master B…” The Fourth Raikage was startled, then said heavyhearted, “Is it time?”

The middle-aged man nodded heavily.

“This will spare him this time.”


At the Land of Whirlpools, Masahiko kept correcting Nagato’s taste for almost two months. It was almost December when he finally managed to do it.

During this period, Masahiko was paying close attention to Sunagakure’s situation, but to his disappointment, they seem to have counseled patience during this crisis and didn’t make any moves.

“Their secrecy work is pretty good.” Up to now, there is no news of the Third Kazekage’s disappearance.

“I need to keep practicing my Gentle Fist. I will hit the Max Level soon!” Masahiko was a little expectant.

The next day, Masahiko was about to finally finish his training before a clansman from the Uzumaki suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Great Elder, an urgent report from Konoha! Last night, many Kirigakure’s ninjas appeared in the southern part of the Land of Fire. Konoha was unprepared, and a large number of villages and towns in the country were looted, causing heavy losses. The two sides are now at war.

Masahiko’s brows tightened, “Misty did that?”

He really didn’t expect that Kirigakure would suddenly attack Konoha.

“How did they reach Konoha… Did they bypass us? How dare they? However, in this case, Sunagakure…” Masahiko murmured.

“I see. I will take Nagato and Konan with me to Konoha.” Masahiko said.

“Yes, Sir!” The clansmen instantly left and went to inform Yuriko.

“Sense, are we going to Konoha? When do we leave?” Nagato asked from the side.

Masahiko glanced at the attribute column.

Gentle Fist LV9 (9999985/10000000)

“Wait for Sensei to finish his training first, then we leave.”

Nagato and Konan looked dumbfounded.

Pushing himself to the limit, Masahiko had a “master” demeanor traces all over his face.

And with the last move, Masahiko finally took a sigh of relief upon feeling that something was different.

Just when he wanted to recheck his attributes, his expression suddenly changed, then he disappeared!

Nagato and Konan rubbed their eyes in disbelief, then the first said, “Sensei, didn’t you say you’re going to take us to Konoha?”