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L.L.H: Chapter 237: Space

Masahiko’s sudden disappearance wasn’t deliberate.

After that last move, he felt a sudden attractive force coming out from his body. It felt as if he was sucked by himself!

As soon as he opened his eyes, Nagato and Konan disappeared, and he appeared in this locked space.

The space wasn’t big, it’s roughly a cube with a side length of more than 100 meters, and there are no decorations at all. However, the vast Eight Trigrams Sealing Style made him understand the situation.

“So… the tenth level of the Gentle Fist grants this field? Eight Trigrams field?” Masahiko didn’t understand what this means, but he looked happy.

However, wherever he encounters such situations, he always finds the answer in his status bar.

What made him slightly disappointed was that his “Body” had not improved, and it was still 5000 points.

“Wait, where is my Gentle Fist?” Masahiko looked again and again, but he couldn’t find the Gentle Fist Attribute.

“My tenth level skill…” Masahiko frowned. When his other skills reached the level max, they didn’t cause such a situation. However, the Gentle Fist skills that he seemed to use instinctively still assured him that he didn’t lose his techniques.

After scanning back and forth twice, Masahiko found the difference in his unique ability.

Space (1/8)

Masahiko was stunned for a while. Then slowly, he smiled with the corners of his mouth, almost reaching the back of his ears.

“Space Ninjutsu, so this is the kind of space teleportation Ninjutsu that I will use in the future. Yes, I have my own dimension!” Masahiko looked delighted. After a while, he glanced around, then sighed, “However, this space seems to be quite small.”

Masahiko completely forgot about Nagato and Konan and patrolled his own “territory.” There is really nothing in this space, worry not though Masahiko wasn’t planning to add decorations or anything. It took him more than five minutes to go around the place.

“It’s tiny, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s not impossible to improve since it’s only 1/8.” Thinking of this, Masahiko felt that something was wrong, “1/8? Does this mean that this space will improve seven times, or are there still seven other dimensions?”

Looking at the Eight Trigrams Sealing under his feet, he roughly guessed that it should be the latter. This dimension is obtained by the Gentle Fist’s full level, and he estimated that he would need to level up his other attributes to unlock the remaining dimensions.

“Exactly seven attributes, one for each dimension. Wind Release, Hurricane Space, Fire Release, Blazing Fire Space, no, Scorching Hell Space…” Masahiko gave each space a cool name, “Yin Release Spiritual Space, Yang Release… Physical Space? A Gym?”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched; that last one didn’t sound good.

“By the way, there is also Fuinjutsu, The Seal Space, so the Yang Release may not be available.”

After thinking about the future, Masahiko satisfactorily named the current space… Eight Trigrams Space.

Looking at his status bar again, the Eight Trigrams Space’s appearance didn’t improve his ranking. He was still SS+, but this technique will certainly make up for his lack of defensive strategies. With his current strength, if he ever fights Madara again, he shouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

Looking at the witness points, he already has 1,080 points. The death of Mito and Kushina becoming the Jinchuriki brought him 70 points. And this sudden gain of Space Technique made him question his own way of adding points.

If he uses all of his points now, he can immediately gain another space. Something like the Yin Release might grant him the ability to use some strong Genjutsu that have a grand scale like the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

“Hold it, hold it back.” Masahiko gritted his teeth. One more dimension will not help to make him stronger. The only thing that will make him much stronger is the Kekkei Mora. Moreover, only then he will be able to travel freely between his dimensions, what was it called again? Amenominaka.

To divert his attention, he first researched his first dimension, the Eight Trigrams Space.

Since there are multiple spaces, each space’s characteristics must be different, and Masahiko could guess the general idea of each one based on their attributes.

Masahiko first perceived his surroundings, there was no trace of Natural Chakra. Sure enough, this space is completely isolated from the outside world.

After that, Masahiko used several basic escape techniques and found that it was much less powerful than usual, and it should be due to the suppression of the dimension.

“It seems that this space restricts the using attributes to only physical strength and Taijutsu… but this is a bit tasteless for me.”

Masahiko tried to use Dust Release, but it was absorbed by the walls of the dimension without even making a hole, and after releasing it, he felt that his power was suppressed by at least half.

“It’s a pity that Taijutsu is the only thing you can use in this dimension.” Masahiko preferred Ninjutsu.

Sensing slightly, Masahiko raised his hand and swiped it in front of him, and the outside scenery appeared before him.

It was still the training ground, but Nagato and Konan are no longer in front of him. It seems that he has spent a lot of time discovering the place, but it must not be that long since…

On a big tree not far away, the fat cat was still sleeping.

“Sorry, cat, but it seems like you’re gonna be my first experimental subject,” Masahiko said, and then he suddenly didn’t know what to do.

“How do I let it in?”

This was a bit embarrassing since he himself was sucked in entirely inadvertently.

Looking at the window in front of him, Masahiko tried to stretch out his right hand, but he found out that he couldn’t reach the outside world.

“This is a bit uncomfortable, Fat Cat. You come here.” Masahiko muttered and then felt as if his Chakra has mobilized.

On the tree, the fact cat was asleep but suddenly sensed a strong feeling of crisis, its ears retracted, and its hair stood on end.

The space in front of it suddenly distorted, and the cat was sucked in.

Masahiko watched the fat car appear in front of him and land on the ground, stunned.

After a while, ignoring the cat hanging her legs and biting his head wildly, Masahiko smiled again; this dimension is full of surprises.

“I don’t need to come in touch. As long as the opponent doesn’t evade it quickly, he will be pulled in, and all that I need to do is think about it… My spatial ability is really strong.”

Looking at the fat cat that he pulled her off his head, it seems that he was already tired of biting and was just lying on his head sleeping.

“This gonna be your new home for the time being. Don’t try anything funny!”

“I guess one hour has passed since I disappeared. I should go out and say hello to them. I’m afraid that Nagato and Konan might go to Konoha on their own to find me.”

Masahiko focused for half a minute, but…

“What’s up with this dimension now? Why can’t I get out?” Masahiko’s face darkened. It seems that he got stuck.

But when he was focused on getting out, he could sense some weird vortexes in the space, so he randomly tried to focus on one of them out of curiosity.

Suddenly, the scenery before Masahiko’s eyes changed, and he appeared inside a snowy field.

“Space jump! So each of these vortexes represents a position? It…” Masahiko muttered to himself.

“More importantly, where the heck am I?!”