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L.L.H: Chapter 251: Always Safe Around You

“Detective Conan… a man in a boy’s body taking baths with Ran…”

Masahiko thought about it for a moment, then for another second… then stopped looking at Yagura and tried not this think about it.

Masahiko kept watching the entrance for another half an hour but never saw any familiar plot characters again. He really wanted to see what Mei was like when she was a child, but unfortunately, he didn’t get this wish. Maybe it’s because she’s a Kunoichi?
(T/N: Kunoichi: Female Ninja.)

“Thinking about it, there wasn’t any Kunoichi in Kirigakure except for Mei…” Masahiko glanced around. It seems that under the harsh policies of the Village of the Bloody Mist, not many female ninjas managed to live.

“Of course, except for that freak too,” Masahiko murmured and looked at the only Kunoichi member of the Legendary Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Ameyuri Ringo.

She looks pretty on the outside, but when she talks, she exposes her pointy teeth and hideous expression; people can really use her to scare kids.

Opposite to Ringo, it was another member of the Seven, holding a pair of flounder shaper swords. It was… triangular head?
(T/N: sorry, but it’s not clear to me who’s exactly this character.)

Forgive Masahiko. He can’t remember all the members’ names. As for why he called him a triangle-head, it was because he really had a triangular pyramid-shaped head.

The two had entered the arena ten minutes ago, and they were chatting with each other awkwardly… provoking and roasting each other. Although The Seven have always been a team, they have never been friends.

Seeing that the two of them were going to use their mouths to solve this instead of their swords. The businessmen looked a bit worried.

Even though they looked wealthy, one million Ryo wasn’t a small sum. Such money shouldn’t be spent on a quarrel. They were here for a fight to the death. Therefore, rumors started to spread, and people started talking about “whether they were gonna fight or not.”

Masahiko smiled and watched them, attracting the two’s attention. Upon suddenly hearing one of them say that she might be afraid of fighting the triangular head because she’s a woman, Ringo smirked, then raised her twin swords and said, “Roar Kiba!”

Chakra was poured into the twin swords, and a bolt of lightning suddenly flew toward Masahiko’s direction.

Masahiko smiled and froze in his place, “Damn it, it wasn’t me. Why are you shooting at me?”

Fortunately, Fuguki was more “useful” than he had imagined and took the initiative to stop the blow with his Samehada.

Ringo showed disdain, thinking that Masahiko was socked, then snorted to turned the other way. Masahiko sighed inwardly, “Ohhh, one more person on this old sage man’s list, just you wait, I will make sure to clean you up after watching this drama.”

After Fuguki took the blow, he glanced at Kisame, and the Demon Shark took immediately walked to Masahiko and others and explained the “precautions for watching this game” again.

“Don’t worry, this fight will start the moment the referee is here.” In the end, Kisame added this sentence.

“There is a referee?” Masahiko was startled.

This is not a Chunin Exam. These people were counted as S-Ranked Shinobi, who can be their referee?

“Bro Sharked-face, who’s the referee, is one of the Elders of Kirigakure?”

Kisame didn’t even turn his head this time.

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, then he shook the far cat in his arms, “Hey, fat cat, don’t sleep, get up and eat this deaf shark.”

Kisame: “…”

After a few more minutes, another person slowly walked through the entrance. Masahiko narrowed his eyes and murmured, “I almost forgot about this business.”

This newcomer was the one who took the Byakugan eye in the previous war. Because he feared that his identity will expose, he was hiding his right eye with a black blindfold, and two charms were hanging on his left and right ears. Masahiko could tell that these charms enhance perception.

“Kirigakure has some methods that I don’t know. And what was the name of this ninja again?” Masahiko wondered. After more than 100 years, he barely remembers Sasuke’s face.

“You’re too late, Ao.” Ringo gave Masahiko the answer.

“Sorry, I’m later, elders.” Ao walked to the middle of the venue and looked around, “Then this battle will officially begin!”

After saying this, Ao fell back, and the two ninjas’ swords immediately collided.

“This guy is only in his early twenties. It’s incredible that he’s the referee of this battle.”

Masahiko didn’t pay attention to the two swordsmen in the middle who were madly trying to kill each other but locked his gazes on Ao.

The blue veins in Ao’s right eye throb violently, which also left Masahiko guessing.

“Maybe the Third Mizukage’s control was discovered by him after he got the eye.”

Masahiko’s guess was indeed correct. Ao was originally a perceptual ninja and one of the Third Mizukage’s guards.

After he participated in the previous attack on Konoha and captured the Byakugan, he discovered that the Third Mizukage was being controlled by someone after the transplantation.

As Masahiko pondered, he suddenly heard a burst of exclamations, “Oh! Wow!” What…

At this time, these wealthy businessmen were amazed by this confrontation between such top swordmasters.

“You look very calm?” Kisame said.

Masahiko smiled. It seems that Kisame started to have some doubts about his identity.

“I’m not calm. My heartbeats are rising up. This is so amazing!”

Masahiko said while widening his eyes.

As they talked, the Kenjutsu confrontation in the field ended, and it was the Ninjutsu time.

Because the triangle head fell into a disadvantage in Kenjutsu, he started to use Ninjutsu.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet!”

Behind him, a water dragon formed instantly, then twisted and roared, heading toward Ringo.

The power of this kind of Ninjutsu can be bother big and small. The positive impact is indeed shocking, but the hit rate is really pitiful. Not only that, but the aftermath will also reach the audience.

Masahiko took two steps forward and watched the others turn into a soup chicken.

“This is good protection.”

Fuguki frowned and turned around to hear Masahiko saying hurriedly, “Wow, a water dragon incoming!”

The Samehada blocked.

“A Great Waterfall…”

The Samehada was waved and defended.

“Lightning Ball…”

The Samehada opened its mouth and swallowed it in one bite.

“This is the true value of the money.” Masahiko smiled.


Fuguki felt really unlucky today. Even though he was there only as a witnesser and had nothing to do with the fight, some Ninjutsu will always inexplicably come at him as if he was targeted.

Of course, this is all due to Masahiko. He was having fun attracting this Ninjutsu with his repulsive force.

“Eeeh, it’s a Water Dragon again…”

“Shut up, will you!” Fuguki fiercely tore the Water Dragon apart, then turned and shouted at Masahiko.

“Elder, be careful!” Kisame yelled urgently.

“It’s another Big Waterfall…”

Looking at Fuguki, Masahiko spoke lightly.