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L.L.H: Chapter 252: Banner

“You bastard!”

Soaked in water, Fuguki turned back then said these two words to Masahiko one by one. At that very moment, Masahiko felt like he has pushed his luck too much.

“I’m afraid this is important if I don’t want to expose my identity…”

Although he felt that it was probably good for him… since he’s a shark, Masahiko still said, “You have to be careful…”

Before finished speaking, Masahiko watched a thunderbolt struck Fuguki’s back. The big fat guy trembled, and he, Masahiko, could swear to god that he smelled grilled fish. Apparently, Water and Thunder is terrible news for a shark.

Masahiko took two steps back and murmured, “It has nothing to do with me…”

“Elder!” Kisame hurriedly stepped forward.

The big fat man waved his hand to stop Kisame, then turned his head around mechanically, “You two bastards! Are you deliberately targeting me?”

He wanted to earn some easy money, and now these two are throwing Ninjutsu at him? This is to get rid of competitors in advance, right?

Looking at the others, even the kids weren’t injured, which made anger burn in his heart, but this time Masahiko didn’t smell grilled heart.

At this time, many people’s eyes, including Ao, were locked on him.

He immediately rushed to him, “Fuguki-Dono, I don’t think that the other elders are intentionally targeting you.”

It was indeed, unintentionally. And Ao could confirm that because they were still fighting, and even though there was big movement, nothing came at him.

Fuguki took a deep breath and tried to calm himself, but he still felt aggrieved.

“Elder, should we change the place?” Kisame suggested.

“No, we will stay here, but go and watch that cat’s guy. I don’t like him. These mere attacks can do anything to me!” Fuguki glared; of course, he couldn’t change the place. Otherwise, people will start mocking him. How is he going to fight for the Mizukage position when he can’t even stand his ground fighting to candidates fighting?



Ten minutes later.

“Sharked-Face bro, your Elder is really unlucky. You might not have a future following him.”

“Shark, bro, I think you better go help him. He seems really tired.”


“Shut up!”


Masahiko smiled and watched Fuguki brutally getting sieged. The audience was no longer watching the battle in the center of the venue but the Fat Shark blocking one Ninjutsu after another.

This kept going until Ao’s voice emitted throughout the venue, “Ameyuri Ringo-Sama wins!”

Everyone shook their heads, realizing that it was over and Fuguki was no longer gonna get hit.

“Wonderful, really wonderful battle!”

“Thank You for the protection, Fuguki-Sama!”

“The one million Ryo was really worth it!

“I wish you victory tomorrow!”

Hearing these praises, the gasping heavily Fuguki turned around and glanced at the back. All the wealthy businessmen, including Masahiko holding his cat, looked grateful.

Looking back at the center of the field, the defeated Triangle head was in a coma, but Ringo looked better than him. After all, she was relatively resistant to Water Release.

“Damn this.” He cursed secretly, not knowing who he should get angry at, and finally locked his eyes on Masahiko, who really made lose it earlier.

Masahiko smiled slightly, but then suddenly disappeared inside a group of the wealthy businessmen who gathered around to pay Fuguki in gratitude, and left with his cat. He hasn’t watched the good part yet, so he doesn’t want to get exposed for the time being.

Kisame sighed, looking in the direction that Masahiko took as he left, then shook his head and walked to Fuguki… Although there was something wrong with Masahiko, he didn’t believe that he had anything to do with what happened to Fuguki. Maybe he’s really that unlucky?

Leaving the scene, Masahiko was unscathed, and the even cat in his arms was still sleeping.

“No, it’s just because this guy is a really heavy sleeper,” Masahiko muttered.

Many people left with him, and they mostly were ninjas. Thus, Masahiko, who was holding a cat, naturally attracted their attention.

It took Masahiko a long time to realize the gazes of everyone. Looking around, he noticed that most of them looked embarrassed by how he looked. After all, they were two S-Ranked ninjas fighting. This is really disgraceful.

Looking at his neat clothes again, Masahiko aid with a smile, “Fuguki-Sama is powerful. I only spent two million Ryo and watched a great battle unscathed. It’s worth it.”

The ninjas who hear him were startled, then they all showed malicious smiles. Of course, they only focused on the part where he said “two million” and “worth it.”

Masahiko didn’t panic at all. He left slowly and returned to the hotel. If these people dared to act on him, it would only make things more fun.

After eating and drinking and returned to his room, Masahiko remembered that there was still a person in his space. Looking inside, the guy was slashing the walls. Masahiko was really surprised by his good spirit and strong psychological strength.

“He seems comfortable. Let’s keep him there for the time being.” Masahiko decided to leave him alone since he hadn’t figure out what to do with him yet.

“Fat cat, you can go play.” Masahiko put down the fat cat and let it do as it pleases. It has already woken up… while it was eating…

Masahiko took out something from the sealed scroll and started to tinker something…

At the same time.

The battlefield of the Land of Wind, Sunagakure Camp.

Two giant puppets lay in front of Chiyo and Ebizo.

“Sister, it’s finally finished.”

Chiyo closed her eyes and opened it after a while, “This is what Sasori left to us in Sunagakure, and it’s really suitable to deal with Konoha.

“Sister, Sasori, and the Kazekage’s disappearance… maybe it really has nothing to do with Konoha.”

Chiyo nodded, “I know, but they still killed my son!”

Ebizo sighed deeply, “Elder Uzumaki Masahiko…”

Chiyo waved her hand, “He should be the one who took the missing supplies. That was the only time he participated in the war, and he usually doesn’t like participating in wars. He won’t do more.”

“What if he joins the war…”

“No matter what the consequences are, I will bear it all!” Chiyo said solemnly.


In the early morning the next day, Masahiko simply ate some food, held the fat cat in his arms, and headed to the field again, but this time, there was something in his hand; a scroll.

This time he entered the venue smoothly. He watched the battle with a cat in his arms and left unscathed, and now he’s a celebrity.

Looking left and right, Masahiko quickly found the unique face of Kisame.

Fuguki wasn’t there. It’s estimated that he won’t come early on the day of the battle.

Masahiko rushed to Kisame and opened the scroll in his hand. Kisame saw him coming and couldn’t help but say, “How dare you come again?”


A banner with the words “Fuguki-Sama Must Win” appeared in front of Kisame.

“Come on, Sharked-Face Aniki, pul up this banner with me.”

Kisame: “…”