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L.L.H: Chapter 253: Gone Crazy

Kisame pulled up the banner with a ninja that Masahiko didn’t know.

Masahiko really didn’t expect that his work will be loved by not one but two.

Yesterday, the ninjas who Fuguki sent had already returned. Of course, the hunt for the “rogue ninja” who run with the money was unsuccessful because that man was still in Masahiko’s space.

“Civilian, this is very good. Let’s cheer up the Elder today.”

Masahiko looked excited on the surface, but he was pondering inside, looking at the middle-aged ninja opposite to him.

“I wanted to use this banner to tease Kisame. Why are you treating it as if it was art?”

He didn’t understand why this awful banner was accepted so readily.

Not only that, but the gazes of the ninjas who were entering the venue swept back and forth, looking at the banner with interest. After a while, a few ninjas ran out hurriedly and came back half an hour later to pull up an “Elder Mangetsu Hozuki Must Win“ banner, which also informed Masahiko of the identity of the other candidate.

“Mangetsu Hozuki, can that little guy compete for the Mizukage’s position?”

Konoha’s joint Jonin Exam made him lose confidence.

“He will get over it…” Masahiko sighed shamefully.

As time went by, most of the people who watched the battle yesterday stepped into the field. Even the wealthy businessmen found different ninjas to protect them. Although they didn’t have to spend as much money like yesterday, there was no way to fully guarantee their safety. The protection of Chunin or Jonin cannot be compared to Fuguki’s.

“His work rate yesterday was superb…”

As for the other two who fought yesterday… both weren’t present, one estimated to be still injured, and the other, Ringo, doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who would be interested in making easy money from collecting protection’s fees.

As time went by, the two candidates entered the arena. They didn’t start a “rap confrontation” as the other two did yesterday but locked their eyes on the two banners.

Looking at their expressions, it seemed that they were delighted with what their subordinates had done.

“This reminds me of football games…” Masahiko said emotionally.

When the two stood next to each other and referee in the middle, it looked more like it.

Masahiko walked sideways toward Kisame while holding the banner and said, “Shark Brother, it seems like I’ve done a great job. The Elder seems very proud of you. How are you going to thank me?”

Kisame kept the long face and said nothing back.

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief. It seems like he’s finally back to being a typical… shark.

At the same time, the battlefield of the Land of Rain.

While standing on a gigantic toad, Jiraiya was panting, looking puzzled at the colossal puppet that could change its shapes.

“Thousands-year-old Lady, I didn’t expect you to be hiding such a technique!”

Chiyo didn’t say a word, and the huge puppet rushed forward in the form of a human.

Jiraiya squinted then said, “Gamabunta, you go back first…”

The moment the summoning technique was release, Jiraiya bit his finger again, “Summoning Technique!”

Two olds toads appeared on Jiraiya’s shoulders. He looked at the Konoha squad, which was having a hard time dealing with the puppet controlled by Ebizo, then he evaded and escaped Chiyo’s attack.

“It seems like we are going to use the Sage Mode… to finish this quickly!”


On Masahiko’s side, the battle has begun.

Next to the Kisame, Masahiko kept explaining in a low voice…

“This drafting is really unfair.”

“No matter how you look at it, Kinjutsu is really at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with the Hydrification Technique of the Hozuki Clan.”

“Oh, and your elder has already suffered a lot of injuries.”

“Obviously, Physically, he’s way stronger, but he’s still at a disadvantage…”

“You have great eyesight, commoner!” Kisame replied with his playful tone.

Masahiko smiled, “Thank you for the compliment.”

“By the way, why are you talking about my eyesight? Don’t you care about your Elder? Focus more on the battle!” Masahiko shouted.

The ninja around heard this sentence, and they all looked at Kisame.

The corner of Kisame’s mouth twitched, “This guy…”

He’s now quite sure that this civilian has a problem. Either he’s a ninja spy, or he’s just a moron…

As they talked, the situation turned worse for the Fuguki. And he could feel the heavy breaths of the people around him.

Masahiko laughed secretly, then shouted, “What’s the use of being so anxious? Let’s cheer him up!”

The folks glanced at each other, then the middle-aged ninja from before said, “Civilian, what do you mean?”

Masahiko smiled, then took a deep breath, “MASTER FUGUKI, MUUUST WIIIN!!”

The voice was surprisingly loud, and the entire battlefield was suddenly silent.

However, this loud sound of cheering obviously had a counterproductive effect. Fuguki was taken aback by it, and a “water cannon” on the opposite side hit him then slammed him on the wall.

Feeling the murderous cold stares from the surrounding ninjas, Masahiko sighed, “It’s the end game.”

At the same time, the Land of Rain’s Battlefield.

The two old towards on Jiraiya’s shoulders have disappeared, the Sage Mode was also lifted, and he was carrying a wounded man on his back. Only one man from that squad survived.

Chiyo, who her puppet was demolished, was also chasing Jiraiya to prevent him from fleeing.

“Jiraiya, let me go…” The person behind Jiraiya spoke slowly.

“Just hold on for a bit more, someone should have seen the movement here, and reinforcements will be here soon…”

“That won’t change a thing. Tsunade might not be able to do anything with my injury.”

“No, Tsunade’s medical Ninjutsu has improved. She will be able to save you!” Jiraiya thinks that Minato’s injury was treated by Tsunade.

The person behind didn’t reply and passed out in a coma, and Jiraiya carried him on.

Suddenly, the silver-white blade light flashed and blocked Ebizo’s blow before it hit Jiraiya.

Jiraiya was overjoyed, “Sakumo-San!”

Sakumo glanced back, “Go back to the camp!”

Jiraiya gritted his teeth, turned, and left, but Chiyo didn’t stop him either.

The moment Sakumo showed up, her whole focus was on him.

“White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets!” Ten white puppets were suddenly summoned, then Chiyo gritted her teeth and shouted, “Konoha’s White Fang!”

Sakumo didn’t reply. He blocked the attack first, then he solemnly said, “I didn’t expect Sungakure to be hiding such methods.”


Kirigakure’s battlefield.

“It’s you, the bastard who’s holding the cat again!” Fuguki’s voice resounded throughout the venue, and then he suddenly performed a hand sign.

“Fuguki-Sama, calm down!” Ao urgently shouted.

“Go to hell! Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave!” The entire venue suddenly became chaotic, and the crowd quickly fled outside.

The entire field where they held the completion turned into an ocean, and those who could not escape were all shrouded in the water.

Only Masahiko, and Kisame, who was held by his shoulder, didn’t move. The water didn’t reach the place where they stood. The water stopped abruptly two meters away from Masahiko and couldn’t spread anymore.

“Bro Shark, don’t run away. This is the safest place.”

“That Fat Shark has gone crazy with just a bit of teasing, how immature. But if you’re not using a Water Clone Shadow, this is just a discriminatory attack…”