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L.L.H: Chapter 254: Who Died?

“Shark, Bro, I was trying to protect you, yet here you are, trying to break my heart.” Masahiko looked at the Kunai piercing in his chest with a sad look.

“Come on, stab me, kill me, I will always love you, you bastard!” Even in that situation, Masahiko could still call out some lines from his best idol drama shows.

On the other hand, Kisame had a hideous expression, and the blue veins in his right hand holding the Kunain were throbbing.

His dragger pierced only five millimeters in Masahiko’s chest, and it couldn’t penetrate it anymore. Even though Kisame looked like he was really eager to stab Masahiko to death…

“Oh, look there, your Elder is getting his butt handed to him.”

Fuguki didn’t pay attention to Masahiko after he performed that Ninjutsu. After all, a civilian will never survive even the weakest Water Release. Therefore, he’s currently in is Shark Mode, fighting Mangetsu Hozoki. But in the water fighting the Hozoki Clan is much difficult, even if you can breathe freely.

The field was spacious, and there was one small exist. Therefore not everyone could escape easily, especially those poor businessmen who paid the “protection fees,” which went completely in vain since most of the ninjas have only taken care of themselves and fled the site hurriedly.

“Husband and wife are of the same forest, but they are flying separately.” Masahiko shook his head emotionally.
(T/N: This sentence is sometimes quoted in ancient literature. Used to describe some selfish people who abandon their husbands (or wives) at critical moments, emphasizing personal selfishness.)

No one paid much attention to the “cause” of this disaster in the chaos, let alone how the water didn’t reach the place where he was standing. Still, there were a few exceptions, such as Ao, who caught Masahiko in his perception.

“Who are you?!” Ao shouted, feeling puzzled. Even at that moment, he couldn’t even see any trace of Chakra from Masahiko.

Masahiko sighed; why people always ask this question under such circumstances. He’s clearly hiding his identity. Does he expect him to reply, “I’m your father, Uzumaki Masahiko?”

Looking at the opponent’s white eyes, Masahiko smiled and released the seal on his body, so Ao could see his Chakra and maybe scare him off by the oppression of its amount.

However, the experienced youth’s reaction was very different, “Which Jinchuriki’s has this kind of Chakra?”

Masahiko didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. The Sanbi was at a rampage, and it’s estimated that Masahiko’s Chakra reserve is about the same size. No wonder Ao had this kind of reaction.

“It’s painful to pretend to be a failure…”

On the opposite side, Ao suddenly looked like he realized something as he said, “You’re the Yonbi’s Jinchuriki from Iwagakure. I just heard that you’re at odds with the Third Tsuchikage and ran out. I didn’t expect you to come after us!”

Masahiko: “…”

What can he say? He was so shocked.

“Ao-Dono, it doesn’t matter if he’s the Yonbi’s Jinchuriki or not, we should stop the elders, so they can deal with him!” Kisame seemed serious.

Ao was startled, and Masahiko got anxious, “Don’t do what he said?”

Before Ao could react, the water was gradually reduced, and the battle between the two in the field was over after Fuguki finally admitted defeat.

“The guy with the cat, you’re not dead yet?!” Fuguki finally noticed Masahiko.

Masahiko lifted the gravity force on Kisame and let him go to Fuguki’s side and explain the situation.

As the water in the venue kept reducing, more ninjas went back in. With such a big movement, most of the ninjas in Kirigakure rushed over. The two ninjas from yesterday also arrived, and everyone locked their eyes on Masahiko was confronted Ao.

“As I expected, with such a big move, it’s really difficult to keep a low profile.” Masahiko put the blame on him…

Facing Masahiko, who was obviously a spy, the ninjas of Kirigakure were ready to join their forces to capture him. Together with Ao and the three Legendary Swordsmen, they surrounded Masahiko.

“Elders, please be careful. His Chakra is extremely large. He should be Iwagakure’s Yonbi’s Jinchurik!” Ao emphasized.

“The others step back to prevent him from causing huge damage to the place!”

Masahiko rolled his eyes, “Since you’re so sure…” Masahiko condensed a Bijuudama in his mouth and fired it directly at Ao.

“Sure enough, he’s a Jinchuriki!”

The mushroom cloud rose, the venue collapsed, yet he could hear Ao’s cries.

The ground collapsed, and the ninjas who surrounded Masahiko didn’t care about anything and used every means to intercept their falling.

As they were focused on that, Masahiko squinted his eyes, opened his perception fully, and caught several Chakras in the crowd.

“The first on my little list.”

He suddenly flashed next to a young ninja with a cold face, and he got immediately sucked into Masahiko’s space without any resistance. This was the ninja who guarded the village’s gate when Masahiko first came to Kirigakure.

“The second on my little list.”

Instantly, Masahiko flashed behind Ringo, but this time the opponent could react as she quickly tried to slash him with her thunder-sword after a fast turn.

With a Chidori in his right hand, Masahiko reached out and stopped Ringo’s sword, threw it into his space. Taking advantage of this situation, Ringo was also thrown in.

“Dude, I’m invincible with my Space Jutsu.”

This is the first time Masahiko tries his Space Jutsu in actual combat. He usually wants to solve the S-Rank ninja on the opposite side.

“Then, the third on my… No, this is a real business.” Masahiko sensed Ao’s Chakra.

“Water Release: Dragon Bullet!”

“Water Release: Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field!”

“Water Release: Water Cannonball!”

The moment the other ninja finally recovered from the chaos, they got hit by the overwhelming amount of Water Releases Masahiko threw at them, then he flashed twice and came to Ao’s side…

Ten minutes later.

On a high mountain near Kirigakure, Masahiko weighed a small box with the Byakugan eye in it.
Recalling when he flashed behind Ao, he seemed to have easily let go of his eye and didn’t defend it. It looked as if he took the initiative to give him the Byakugan eye. Maybe he really feared that he was the Yonbi’s Jinchruiki…
“Or maybe he has guessed that it was me. He was really calm and didn’t try to resist. He even took the initiative to return the eye. It made me feel embarrassed to continue destroying the place.” Masahiko’s original plan this time was to take the Legendary Swordsmen’s remaining swords, so they can finally have the entire collection. But he ended up only taking Kiba.

“By the way, I have two men and one woman in my space right now, and it’s kind of dark there…” Masahiko scratched his head, then shook it, “That woman will beat the hell out of them if they even thought of it.”

Masahiko didn’t overthink, and pat the cat’s head that got a bit terrified by the battle scene just now, and muttered, “This time the fourth Mizukage will definitely be Mangetsu. I won’t accept anything less than witness and completely change…”

Thinking of this, he suddenly sensed something wrong from the slug’s side.

“What happened to Tsunade…” His heart sank, and he hurriedly bit his finger, “Summoning Technique!”

Two seconds later.

“Who did you say died? How could it be possible?”

Masahiko’s shout spread throughout the mountain.