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L.L.H: Chapter 255: A Lost Arm and Death

In the sky, Masahiko flew at top speed with his original appearance, and surprisingly the fat cat in his arm was having the best of its time.

He didn’t enter or check on his space either. He wasn’t in the mood for that. After learning the bad news from the slug, heavy-hearted, he flew immediately to the Land of Rain battlefield.

“People in their fifties shouldn’t be on the battlefield. He should have stayed at home.” Masahiko sighed.

The one who died was Senju Kenji, the eldest son of Hashirama, and Father of Tsunade and Nawaki, the former patriarch of the Senju Clan, and he’s also considered Masahiko’s great-grandson.

Because of how anxious he was, it took Masahiko less than half an hour to fly from Kirigakure to the Land of Rain.

On the way, before he reaches the location, his eyes suddenly caught up with something bizarre.

He saw Orochimaru running toward Konoha’s Camp with Sakumo on his back, and the latter’s right arm was cut off at the elbow, and he seemed to be unconscious.

“What’s the matter, Sakumo got seriously injured?” Masahiko was startled and swooped down quickly.

“Elder.” Orochimaru was alerted at first, then nodded.

Masahiko waved his hand without saying much, gesturing to him to put Sakumo down first.

He handed his the fat cat, which didn’t seem to like Orochimaru very much, then after he checked Sakumo’s injury, Masahiko frowned, “It seems that Sakumo managed to stop the bleeding using Thunder Release before he passed down, so there’s no great danger on his life. As for the coma, it should be due to Sungakure’s poison. When we return to the camp, I will make an antidote for him.”

“We will go back first!”

“Elder, the Uchiha Patriarch is still at the battlefield…”

Masahiko nodded, “He’s fine. He’s not far from the camp.”

Masahiko could sense Kagami’s Chakra not far away.

Masahiko didn’t ask about the cause of the incident, and the two carried Sakumo and returned to the camp.

A group of ninjas hurriedly greeted them, but they were all waved back and sideways by Masahiko, who hurriedly entered the medical camp with Sakumo on his back.

“Elder.” Jiraiya’s voice emitted.

Masahiko was startled. Jiraiya in front of him was also covered in bandages, and it seems that he wasn’t slightly hurt.

Looking at the other side of the camp, Tsunade was kneeling on the ground looking at a corpse covered in white cloth… she was lost to the point that she didn’t even respond to Masahiko’s arrival.

Masahiko sighed, feeling a little worried, but dealing with Sakumo’s injury was more important. As for Kenji, Masahiko couldn’t feel his Chakra anymore…

Commanding a few medical ninjas to fetch some herbs, Masahiko began to formulate the antidote. Speaking of medical Ninjutsu, he’s still slightly inferior to Tsunade, but he cannot be compared with his LV10 Pharmaceuticals when it comes to detoxification.

Ten minutes later, Masahiko commanded the medical ninja to give Sakumo the antidote, then breathed a sigh of relief.

“You guys take care of Sakumo.”

Masahiko said, got up, then walked towards Tsunade.

“Great Grandpa.”

When he walked to her side, Tsunade finally had a reaction.

Masahiko nodded, didn’t shy away, and lifted the white cloth on Kenji’s body.

It was a terrifying sunken chest wound, which looked like he was hit by something really heavy.

Seeing Kenji’s corpse with his own eyes, Masahiko couldn’t help but admit… he had to add one more person to the list of people he had to resurrect. Otherwise, he wouldn’t bear looking at Mito’s face when she learns about this. How could she have that gentle smile on her face knowing that her son died this way?

“Father!” Nawaki shouted. He returned as fast as he can from the battlefield after he learned the news.

Masahiko sighed and left Kenji, patted Nawaki on the shoulder, “Go and comfort your sister.”

He turned to Jiraiya and Orochimaru, and wanted to ask them what happened, but suddenly remembered, and asked the medical ninja next to him, “What about Nara Shikaku?”

“Shikaku-Dono is taking charge of the evacuation of our troops from the battlefield.”

Masahiko nodded, then fell into silence.

“It seems that Konoha is at a disadvantage, but why so sudden… Jiraiya was seriously injured, Sakumo too, and Kenji died in the battle.”

“Elder Masahiko, Sakumo-Sama is awake.” A medical ninja came to report.

Masahiko was startled. He didn’t expect Sakumo to wake up so quickly.

Masahiko hurriedly walked to Sakumo.

“Elder Masahiko.” Sakumo smiled bitterly, and his voice was slightly weak.

Jiraiya and Orochimaru also greeted him, but Masahiko ignored them, “Who did this to you? Your arm was neatly cut, is it Onoki?”

On the entire battlefield, only Onoki and Hanzo can outscore Sakumo, but Masahiko felt that Hanzo wouldn’t have the courage.

“Wait, I almost forgot that you were poisoned, but how?”

Sakumo smiled bitterly, “I was the one who cut it off. To my carelessness. Elder Ebizo of Sunagakure scratched my hand at the last second when I killed him with a final strike. In order to slow down the spread of the poison, I cut off my arm.”

Masahiko was startled, “Ebizo… is dead?”

“Was there any other ninja from Sunagakure with him?”

“Elder Chiyo.”

Masahiko sighed. He already guessed it. Her son, her daughter-in-law, and now her younger brother died in Sakumo’s hands. It’s estimated that Chiyo tried her best to stop Sakumo from fleeing, so he cannot take an antidote…

After that, Masahiko heard the ins and outs of the whole incident from Jiraiya, starting with how Kenji’s team was attacked by Chiyo and Ebizo to how Sakumo rushed to the battlefield so both could return to the camp. After that, Orochimaru found Jiraiya at the entrance, and before he passed out, he told him about Sakumo, so he rushed to the battlefield to support him with Uchiha Kagami.

“I failed to stop Chiyo. Sanagakure’s army is on the way.” Kagami’s voice emitted from the back, and Masahiko waved his hand, indicating that he knew.

His current focus wasn’t on Chiyo but on the described giant puppet that can transform into a human form.

“Optimus Prime?!” Masahiko looked up, but the sky was obscured by the camp, and he couldn’t see it.

“Damn it, why is it my fault again?!!!”

The number of ninjas in the camp gradually increased, and the large troops had been withdrawn from the Land of Rain’s battlefield. There were also a few more people behind Masahiko, who were some of Konoha’s elite ninjas.

Masahiko glanced back and threw the box with the Byakugan eye to Hizashi.

“Your father’s eye.”

After calming down, he looked at Sakumo again, then Masahiko rolled up his sleeves.

“Sakumo, a bite of me can heal your injury.” Masahiko wasn’t in the mood to be embarrassed.

Without hesitation, Sakumo directly bit him, after which the wound on his arm healed quickly, but unfortunately, it didn’t grow a new arm again.

Masahiko frowned, “Sakumo, where is your cut off arm?”

Sakumo smiled bitterly, “It has been ruined by Chiyo.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko sighed. Unfortunately, his ability can regenerate flesh and bones…

“It’s okay, Elder Masahiko.”

“It’s not necessarily impossible. Just wait and see.” Masahiko said, then glanced at Orochimaru, then thought about Danzo back in Konoha.

Looking around, everyone seemed amazed by his medical ability. Orochimaru had those “green eyes,” while Jiraiya looked eager to try.

“Hey! Sit, bad boy!” Masahiko said, then stood up.

On the other side of the camp, the Senju tribe was still in distress. At the forefront, there were Tsunade, Nawaki, and Mishirama.

“Kenji… another one was sent away.”