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L.L.H: Chapter 284: Masahiko Of The Sharingan

Five Kilometers north of the Land of Fire, in the Land of the River, late at night.

The battle between Masahiko and Madara lasted for several hours.

At this time, on the battlefield, in addition to the enormous trees that obscured the sky, there are also icebergs and flowing lava that was slowly melting the ground…

Masahiko has used all the Kekkei Genkai he learned recently; no one is better or more suitable for trial move than Madara, close to his power in his heydays.

“It’s faster to be masteries a technique in battle than to practice it alone…” Masahiko murmured, then frowned, “I used half of my Chakra, it’s time to end the battle, and I’ve almost mastered all of my Kekkei Genkai.”

In midair, two wooden dragons were picking at each other, then Masahiko’s dragon suddenly collapsed.

“Old guy! Are you finally dead?” Madara sneered with a loud voice.

Facing the wooden dragon that was rushing at him extremely fast, Masahiko clenched his fist, condensed the Chakra in his palm, and shouted, “Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack!”

Countless shadow fists burst out, not only shattering the wooden dragon but all the trees too.

“Say hello to the daytime… what, has it been this long?”

Masahiko kept playing and didn’t pay attention to the time, and when he shattered all the trees covering the sky, he noticed that it was already night.

After retracting his arm, Masahiko looked at Madara, “It’s dark, and I feel a little hungry. If you stop, I won’t fight back. Just let me send you back, you should be hungry too.

“Oh, wait, you’re dead, you can’t be hungry, or is it?” Masahiko pondered.

“Old Man! You won’t get the chance to eat another meal! You have run out of Chakra after playing for so long!”

“Fire Release: Fire Ball!”

Masahiko raised his hand, twitching his mouth, then shouted, “Fire Release: Fire Ball!”

The two fireballs collided in the forest, and the scattered flames instantly ignited a raging fire.

When Madara released his fireball, he thought, “I can’t die anyway since I’m being summoned by the Edo Tensei, but such great fire will surely trouble the old man.”

While Masahiko thought when he released the fireball, “This battle between Madara and me shouldn’t be turned into greenery for the Land of River, so I should burn it…”

As a result, Madara looked at the raging flames, puzzled.

However, this was exactly what he wanted, so he used another hand sign, “Fire Release: Fire Dragon!”

But this was also what Masahiko wanted, so he also used a hand sign, “Fire Release: Fire Dragon!”

Watching the two fire dragons fighting each other, Masahiko suddenly looked confused, “I can now use most of Ninjutsu and Kekkei Genkai in the Shinobi World, and I know every technique that will be developed in the future. So perhaps when people see me in the future, they will call me the copy ninja… Masahiko of the Sharingan.”

The heat of the flames interrupted Masahiko’s daydreaming. And when he saw the fire spreading around, he nodded in satisfaction.

“Madara, it’s almost time to end this battle!”

“Old man, you better stop talking! You should be thinking of a way to escape now! There’s only one advantage to being an Edo Tensei summoned, that is, my body is immortal, and my Chakra is infinite! Although you’ve many messy techniques, as long as I don’t let that bone touch me, you will be finished sooner or later!”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head after he listened to Madara’s victory declaration.

“Madara, you forgot one thing. It seems that after dying for so long, you start losing memory…”

Madara frowned, Masahiko smiled and said, “Sage Mode, Kai! Star Gazing!”

“Damn you!”

Ten minutes later, Masahiko looked at Madara’s body slowly turning into ashes and sighed.

“Not enough, not enough! You can’t beat me like this. I hope that you will be stronger when we meet again.”

Same result, and almost the same words, but Madara didn’t speak anymore.

He felt very depressed and started doubting his plans…

“The Juubi, damn old man, if I have the chance to become its Jinchuriki, I would…” Thinking of this, Madara disappeared and went back to the underworld.

“Oh man, the happy times are over again. I don’t know when I will have another opportunity to beat the crap out of him. Sure enough, I must go find Orochimaru?”

Masahiko’s repulsive force has been on because the surroundings have turned into a sea of flames.

Looking at the sky, it has become bleu again.

“This fight lasted for hours… it has been so long since I had such a good time.”

Several Shadow Clones suddenly spread out with a hand sign, and a formation seal was set up to prevent the fire from spreading indefinitely. After he finished it, Masahiko turned and flashed away.

In an hour, this battlefield will become a piece of scorched land, and all the traces will be cleared… he mastered countless Kekkei Genkai and doesn’t want anyone to know about it for the time being.

“By the way, where did Danzo go?” Masahiko frowned. He really forgot about him while he was acting cool around Madara.

Looking at the space, Danzo’s coat was still there. As long as he has that, he can find Danzo using the fat cat’s strong nose.

“Let’s go back to Konoha first!”

Masahiko disappeared.


Inside Konoha, on the streets.

Masahiko walked slowly.

It was still early, there were few pedestrians on the street, and Hiruzen shouldn’t be in his office either.

Masahiko wandered towards the Senju Station.

He wanted to see what the child with the same name as him looked like and whether he was as half handsome as his ancestor.

If not, change your name!

Masahiko noticed the Chakra fluctuation of the fat cat on the way.

Looking to the side, it was a two-story residential building. In addition to the fat cat, Masahiko could also feel Tenten’s Chakra there.

Masahiko flashed and appeared in Tenten’s room. She was still six-year-old, so he didn’t need to worry about any taboo situations…

Tenten was asleep at this time, and the fat cat was snoring beside her on the pillow.

“They get along well.”

As if she smelled Masahiko, the fat cat opened its eyes lazily, then went back to sleep.

The expression on its face said it all, “You left me without food. This cat will not follow you no more!”

Masahiko smiled, and shook his head, then using wind release, he gently cut the cat’s paw, took a drop of blood, and disappeared.


“Huh? Fat cat, what’s wrong?” Tenten opened her eyes and tilted her head to look, “Ah! You’re bleeding!”

The fat cat watched with a dumbfounded look on its face, Tenten putting its paw in her mouth and letting go after the bleeding was stopped.

“It’s okay. It won’t hurt anymore. Fat cat, rest for a while.”

“Meow~ You can’t drink this cat’s blood!”

Masahiko has fed her various tonics for five years.

Her blood…is especially nourished.

On the street, Masahiko cut his finger, took his blood, and fused it with the cat’s blood.

“Summoning Contract!”

After he finished it, Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief.

“When it’s useful, I can summon it, and when it’s not, Tenten can take care of her!”

“I’m such a genius!”