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L.L.H: Chapter 283: How Can You Use It Too

After teasing Madara, Masahiko pondered.

It’s not surprising that Danzo has secretly learned the Edo Tensei. After all, when Tobirama developed this Ninjutsu, Danzo, at the time, served as his assistant.

But the question is… why did Danzo use the Edo Tensei?

It would be hard to believe that he didn’t get the news of yesterday’s battle. After all, there were more than a dozen Anbu present, and Masahiko didn’t believe that none of them were his spies.

He should know that even if he summoned Madara with the Edo Tensei, he wouldn’t be able to stop Masahiko, but he did it… which is confusing.

As Masahiko fell into deep thought, Madara, on the other side, spoke, “It’s not the same caster this time? I remember you. You were that bastard Tobirama’s disciple. You’re Shimura Danzo.”

Danzo didn’t reply. He had no affection for the Uchiha, especially Uchiha Madara. Instead, he turned to Masahiko and spoke loudly.

“Elder Masahiko. Everything this old man does is for Konoha! You actually thought I would let a little girl humiliate me. Even if it means my death today, I shall teach you a lesson!”

Masahiko frowned, “Hey, in front of whom do you call yourself an old man!”

Madara didn’t care about Danzo’s rudeness and slowly clenched his fist. “My strength is recovering.”

Danzo didn’t suppress Madara’s power. It seemed that he didn’t intend to control him from the start and let him move freely…

Masahiko raised his head, “So you’re gonna teach me a lesson this way? What a coward…”

Instantly, Masahiko appeared in front of Danzo, “Why don’t you go sky-gazing first?!”

A huge blue arm suddenly appeared between Danzo and Masahiko, blocking the latter’s punch.

From the side, Madara laughed.

“Old man, I can’t let you kill him so quickly. I just recovered my strength, and I, Madara, shall show you… the daytime stars before leaving!”

Madara successfully learned a new quote.

Masahiko smiled, then used more strength, and back slapped Danzo’s face with Susanno’s hand.

Watching Danzo tumbling and flying away, Masahiko decided to repeat the same action… it was quite satisfying to him.

Instantly, Masahiko flashed, punched, Madara tried to block, and Danzo got slapped in the face.

It wasn’t until two minutes later that Madara stopped, “My power is finally fully recovered, old man, if you want to kill him so much, I’ll help you!”

Hearing this, Masahiko looked at Danzo, covered in blue and red, lying on the ground, then turned his head with satisfaction, but after a glance, he looked shocked!

“Hashirama, why are you here?”

Madara froze for a moment, then turned his head instantly but found nothing behind him. He immediately figured out that something was wrong and activated his Rinnegan eyes.

“Shinra Tensei!”

Behind Madara, Masahiko was suspended in the air, with his hand stretched, half a meter away from Masahiko’s head.

Looking at the transparent barrier formed by the repulsive force of the Shinra Tensei, Masahiko smiled slightly, “Is that all what you got?”

With a slight concentration, the barrier shattered, and Masahiko’s hand tightly clasped the back of Madara’s head and flew him forward at extreme speed. If he let him finish this move, Danzo would have really died…

If that guy accidentally dies, it would be really hard to explain…

“Damn you, old man!” Madara was about to explode.

Earlier, Danzo chose to move the fight away from Konoha’s camp three kilometers. It’s estimated that he was worried that the aftermath of Masahiko and Madara’s fight would reach the camp.

“But this distance is far from enough!”

Masahiko flew at top speed, and within a few seconds, he moved away from Konoha carrying Madara and got closer to Kumogakure’s camp.

“Go down!” Masahiko waved his arm, and Madara was suddenly thrown off by him, smashing the ground forming a human-shaped pothole.

This location was about one kilometer away from Kumogakure’s camp. Because of Killer Bee, Masahiko wasn’t ready to destroy them. But shaking them slightly, and saying that your Great Demon King, Uzumaki Masahiko, is back, won’t harm anyone!

Such a big movement, of course, reached the camp of Kumogakure, and at this time, many ninjas were rushing.

But suddenly, the ground cracked.

The crack spread instantly, and the ground suddenly collapsed. Centered on the crater, Madara smashed his way out, and the land about one kilometer in a radius collapsed instantly. Kumogakure’s camp was also affected by the aftermath. The tents fell down, and some people were lost; they probably fell inside the cracks…

The familiar form of Tengu Susanno slowly rose from the ground, mixed with Madara’s yelling, “Old man, you always use such filthy tricks!

Masahiko looked up, shook his head, and sighed, “You’re calling them filthy tricks…”

“But deep inside, you have a deep love for Hashirama!”

Inside the Susanno, Madara’s face flushed, and he remembered Masahiko’s two “books” from before.

Masahiko continued to add fuel to the fire, “Speaking of which, Madara, I have always wanted to ask you, who’s more important to you, Hashirama as your, you know, or Izumi, your brother?”

“Old guy, you’re dead!”

In Madara’s heart, killing Masahiko was more important than anything at that moment.

Suddenly, a brown man covered in lightning appeared before Madara’s eyes, “You bastard! How dare you attack our camp… Lariat!”

“Fuck off!” Madara shouted, and the giant hand of the Susanno moved, smacking the Fourth Raikage directly.

Nothing can stop Madara’s wrath. Ai flew back to the dilapidated Kumogakure’s camps faster than when he first came.

“Big Bro!” Killer Bee’s shout came from the side.

Masahiko stared at him firmly, and then remembered Nagato’s “Yoyoyo.” Speaking of it, this world must really know pain…

“Bee, run away! These two guys are Uzumaki Masahiko and Uchiha Madara!” The Hachibi warned him inside.

“I’ll send you to reunite with your Big Bro!”

Masahiko appeared behind the Killer Bee instantly, ignoring the Hachibi’s tails’ sudden extension, and kicked his full of tentacles ass with his foot.

“Masahiko’s wrath can’t lose to Madara’s. Say hi to the Fourth Raikage for me, Killer Bee!”

Watching the Killer Bee flying away, Masahiko shouted loudly. In the next second, he stretched out a bone from his right hand and pointed it over his head. The fist of the Susanno that was about to hit him from the back suddenly touched the bone and started disintegrating.

Madara suddenly looked solemn, “Is it completely impossible to touch that bone?”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “Madara, didn’t I tell you yesterday? There’s a big qualitative gap between us now!”

“Yesterday?” Madara’s face darkened. He thought it had been months.

“Yes, it was yesterday. Recently, I’ve been dealing with a lot of troubles, and my mood hasn’t been so great. But speaking of it, it’s been much better now that I’m kicking your ass everyday…”

“Since it can’t be touched…” Madara didn’t reply and slowly relieved the Susanoo, “Then using melee combat isn’t the answer! I will use Hashirama’s powers.

“Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees!”

Masahiko smiled, retracted the bone back into his arm, and used a hand sign, “Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees!”

Madara was stunned, “Old man…”

How can you use the Wood Release too!