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L.L.H: Chapter 282: Star Gaze

Konoha, Ninja Academy.

In one of the playground’s corners, half-squinting Tenten looked at the fat white cat in front of her.

“Fat cat, why did you eat everyone’s lunch?”

“Meow~ I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know how to steal food… hiccup…”

Looking helplessly around, Tenten saw a kid running on the track.

“Oh!! How about you do some sport, you won’t feel hungry for a while!!!”

“Fat cat, are you listening…”

Halfway through her sentence, Tenten heard the teacher shouting.

“First-grade students, you will have to eat at home today. If your parents are not at home, you can come and find me. I will give you launch!”

In a hidden corner not far away, Hiruzen and Sakumo were looking at Tenten.

“Is there anything special about that little girl? Why is Elder Masahiko’s pet is by her side?”

Sakumo hesitated, “Elder Masahiko’s Amazon Shop seems to have been bought by her family…”

Hiruzen’s mouth twitched, and then I remember that he thought Masahiko was dead and sold his shop in order to raise funds for the war. Surprisingly Masahiko didn’t mention it.

“I always feel that my days are coming to an end lately… and Danzo, I don’t know what Elder Masahiko is going to do to him.”


To the north of the Land of Fire, Masahiko was using space Ninjutsu to move around.

“The fat cat’s ability to eat is getting stronger. The entire first grades lunch was eaten by her. There must be about 30 to 40 plates. Fortunately, it’s a kid’s lunch. It shouldn’t be much. Otherwise, I can’t afford it…”

“But it really followed Tenten to the Ninja Academy. It seems that these two are getting along well, but I’m sure it’s also giving little Tenten a headache…”

Thinking of this, Masahiko remembered his shop.

“I almost forgot about my Amazon Store… Well, let’s deal with Danzo first, then we’ll talk about Hiruzen’s sin after!”

Masahiko already had an idea about how he’s gonna do with Danzo.

Danzo’s method wasn’t fierce this time, and Tobirama also wished that Masahiko will forgive him. Masahiko will always respect the wish of the dead, so he won’t touch him; he will just drag him by force to the Uzumaki and make Kushina beat him up.

But this also depends on the situation. If he dares to resist, Masahiko will make sure to disable him…

Besides, if Danzo dared to transplant some Sharingan or Hashirama’s cells in his body because Masahiko was “absent” in the past two years, then he will only have himself to blame.

At the northern border of the Land of Fire, Masahiko managed to sense the exact location of Konoha’s camp, yet Danzo’s Chakra wasn’t there, but two kilometers east of it.

“Did he got the news and tried to avoid me?”

When he got there, Masahiko found Danzo leaning on a tree, looking at the direction he came from.

Seeing Masahiko, he didn’t panic either.

“Elder Masahiko, you’re here.”

Masahiko frowned. It seems that Danzo has really got the news, which wasn’t surprising. After all, Masahiko didn’t try to conceal it.

But Danzo’s attitude…

Perceiving Danzo’s Chakra up close, Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief. There were no abnormal fluctuations coming from it, which at least proves that he didn’t transplant anything in his body.

“Are you waiting for me?”

Danzo nodded, “I know what you’re here for, and I want to talk to you.”

Masahiko paused with a dumbfounded expression, “How did you know that I was going to slap you?”

Danzo’s mouth twitched, and it took him a long time to reply, “Let’s talk first.”

Masahiko smiled, “If you have something to say, say it because I’m in a hurry. After I hit you, I will take you to Kushina to let her beat you.”

Danzo: “…”

Danzo didn’t say anything. He turned around silently, then he headed toward the Land of Rivers. He wasn’t traveling at a fast rate, and it didn’t look like he was trying to escape.

Masahiko followed, then said after a few steps, “Do you want to walk and talk?”

Danzo nodded, “Elder Masahiko, I want to know if something really happened to you this time, or was it intended?”

“The casualties that the Uzumaki have suffered weren’t small, and fortunately, Kumogakure didn’t attack them for some reason. Otherwise, the loss would have been more serious. You think I did that on purpose?”

Danzo nodded, “So do you know why Kumogakure withdrew its troops?”

Masahiko was taken aback, and Danzo continued, “This generation of Kumogakure’s B is a perfect Jinchuriki like that of Mito-Sama. He seems to have an old relationship with your disciple Nagato, and he didn’t want to face the Uzumaki. Without him, Kumogakure would lack half of its combat powers, and the fourth Raikage had no choice but turn and attack Konoha.”

Masahiko’s face twitched. It turned out to be this way.

“After all of these years, it seems that Killer Bee has found out that it was really hard to find someone who appreciates his rap and regards Nagato as his fan…”

Masahiko turned his head and glanced at Danzo, “Do you see? People in the Uzumaki have strong relationships all over the Shinobi World, and they can come in handy at critical moments. On the other side, Danzo, you always have a gloomy face. If I end up beating you, except for Hiruzen, other people will surely clap their hands and cheer me up.”

Danzo: “…”

The two went farther and farther, deeper and deeper in the Land of Rivers. The atmosphere was getting darker, while Danzo had nothing to say for a while.

“So, do you have anything to say? What about Naruto? Won’t you gonna quibble for yourself?”

Danzo shook his head, “If you’re not there, Konoha is weak. The Village needs a Jinchuriki who is completely committed to Konoha. In the beginning, we tried every means to keep Uzumaki Kushina, but in the end, she took Minato from us.”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “If I’m gone, it’s no use to have Naruto there. You haven’t checked the sealing technique on Naruto, right? I arranged it personally. Naruto’s Kyuubi’s Chakra cannot be used.”

Danzo’s face stiffened, “T-that’s… No, there is always a way.”

Masahiko smiled, “In other words, you don’t regret it?”

Danzo stood still, “I don’t regret it.”

“Then I’m going to beat you up. Do you want to fight back?” Masahiko said with a smile.

Danzo paused and suddenly took off his coat…

After that, he threw his coat at Masahiko, and the latter suddenly felt like he was at the wrong party…

“HEY!” Masahiko was full of disgust. He really didn’t like that. At will, Danzo’s coat entered his space, and Masahiko recovered his vision again.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Danzo quickly stepped back and distanced himself from Masahiko.

Masahiko frowned, a little puzzled, “You should know that distance is of no use against me.”

Danzo made a seal with both hands, “One second is enough! Edo Tensei!”

Masahiko laughed, “I should have known. Since you were Tobirama’s assistant, you managed to learn this Ninjutsu secretly.”

Obviously, there was a chance to stop it, but Masahiko didn’t act and waited for the coffin in front of him to rise.

“One? Should I act surprised…?”

The coffin opened slowly, revealing a familiar face.

The person in the coffin opened his eyes slowly and saw Masahiko on the opposite side at a glance. Then he looked at his surroundings and squeezed these words out of his mouth: “Damn you, old man!”

Masahiko laughed out loud, “Madara, we meet again, it seems that you’re becoming a sucker for… star gaze!”

Madara: “…”

This damn Ninjutsu!