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L.L.H: Chapter 286: Obito and Rin

After Danzo’s “defection,” Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief.

Since he’s so willing to protect Konoha, he can work in the dark from the outside and help solve troubles.

Hiruzen also accepted this result. At least Danzo didn’t die and felt since Elder Masahiko… has a really bad memory. Maybe Danzo would be able to come back later.

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko asked what he was so eager to know all of this time, “The war… Nawaki and my two apprentices are all right?”

Hiruzen nodded, “Don’t worry, Elder Masahiko, they’re all okay. You’re two apprentices, and Hatake Kakashi, the ninja squad, formed by you, have caused a lot of trouble to Iwagakure.”

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief, and with a smile on his face, he said, “They’re all Shinobi now… that’s right, Obito and Rin are nearly 20 years old too, perhaps he already managed to confess to her.”

They seem to have Masahiko’s blessing.

On the battlefield of Amegakure, Obito and Rin were in crisis.

Back to back, the two of them fought with three tomoe Sharingan open in Obito’s eyes, observing the dozens of Iwagakure Shinobi surrounding them, looking for a way to breakthrough.

“Rin, this way…” With Obito guiding the team, he signaled to break through from a certain direction.

Rin hadn’t acted yet, the several Iwagakure Shinobi in the south suddenly moved away, and a fat man walked in.

“Have you only caught these two?”

“The other one didn’t act with them today, Master Kitsuchi.”

Although the three of them formed the ninth team, Rin and Obito occasionally took up the task alone. Today… Kakashi wasn’t here.

“This guy is Kitsuchi from Iwagakure.” With a hideous look on his face, Obito looked at Rin, gritted his teeth, and prepared to do all he can to let her escape.

But before he could speak, Rin turned and smiled at Obito.

He blushed, and then his heart sank, then looked at the Iwagakure ninjas around, and shouted, “Rin, we can win!”



In the Hokage Office, Masahiko asked about every name he could remember.

Even Hiruzen was amazed at how many people from Konoha Masahiko knew.

Even he, the Hokage, doesn’t know some of these people…

“Who is Mizuki?”

“Mizuki is… well, it doesn’t matter if Mizuki dead or not.”

Hiruzen: “…”

“How about…”

Masahiko pondered for a long time, but he still couldn’t remember some of the “little supporting characters” from the show.

“Forget, I can’t control death anyway.”

As soon as Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief, he heard Masahiko ask again, “Is there any little girl, about five years, big forehead named Sakura?”

Hiruzen: “???”

How would I know?

Fortunately, Sakumo, who knocked on the door and entered, save Hiruzen.

“Elder Masahiko, Hokage-Sama.”

“I just received information. Kumogakure’s forces have retreated from the battlefield.”

Hiruzen rejoiced. This was the best news he has heard for a long time.

“Let the ninja troop rest on the spot for five days, then I will send Jiraiya to lead them and go to the Land of Rain to support!”

Sakumo paused and tentatively said, “And Elder Danzo?”

“Danzo was exposed by Elder Masahiko for destroying Konoha and the Uzumaki relationship, and he has defected.

On the side, Masahiko gestured with a V sign.

Sakumo digested the news, then turned to Masahiko, “Elder Masahiko, there’s another piece of information about the Land of Whirlpools. Kirigakure surrendered last evening…”

“They surrendered?” Masahiko smiled. The “MinaKushi” combination is quite capable.

In general, during wars, countries at a disadvantage will chose to “form an alliance” and surrender, which only means that Kirigakure has no chance to preserve its face.


Masahiko groaned, “Then I’ll go back first. You can take care of the rest, Hiruzen.”

Hiruzen repeatedly nodded, “Yes, Elder Masahiko. There’s also Minato’s issue…”

“He will be the one to decide.”

Saying this sentence, Masahiko disappeared.


The battlefield of the Land of the Rain.

Obito was covered in cuts and bruises. Although Rin had no wounds, it was only because she learned the Yin Seal from Tsunade.

She almost exhausted all of her Chakra.

The two leaned on each other to take a breath, then looked at the opponents, and there were only three people remained.

However, among these three, in addition, to the lightly injured Chunin, there was also the unscathed Kitsuchi.

The simple and honest expression on Kitsuchi’s face wasn’t happy at the time. The deaths and injuries of his companions were much more than he expected.

Due to the excessive blood loss, Soil’s consciousness has gradually blurred.

“Rin, I’m afraid that today… we won’t go back.”

Rin hurriedly tried to use medical Ninjutsu to stop the bleeding.

“Rin, don’t waste your Chakra on me. I’ll buy you some time, you go…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Rin held his hand tightly.

At that moment, what was left of blood in his body rushed to his brain and… other places, and he didn’t feel dead anymore.

“Rin… Actually, I…”

Rin looked at him, smiled gently like she always did, then her grip gradually strengthened.



Rin poured her entire body’s strength, a technique she learned from Tsunade, and threw Obito in the distance.

The three people from Iwagakure watched this scene with dumbfounded expressions. Unexpectedly, she pulled out such a move, and Kitsuchi shouted, “Got after the boy now.”


Before they could move, Rin jumped up and slammed the ground with her fist.

“Your opponent is me!”

Kitsuchi’s face changed color slightly, “This is amazing, little girl…”

“Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm!”


Rin used the amount of Chakra she recovered to throw Obito far away, and he used what was left of his Chakra to protect his body from the fall. And even though he wanted to go back, he was severely injured and couldn’t even stand up.

After a long while, Obito struggled to get up, then rushed back, trembling.

When he returned, he could only see the cracked ground and raised rock and a familiar piece of Rin’s clothes.

Not only Rin, but even the three ninjas from Iwagakure disappeared.


Obito yelled in pain and agony, and the Sharingan in his eyes suddenly turned into a Mongekyou…

However, his stamina could no longer support him, and he fainted out.

This small battlefield calmed down, but not far away, a man and a woman watched the unconscious Obito.

The female ninja was also carrying the unconscious Rin.

“Yahiko, why did you attack Iwagakure ninjas to save her?”

“To end the war in the Land of Rain, we will need new partners.”

“What about that boy?”

Yahiko groaned slightly, and came to Obito’s side, then carried him up.

“Take him. With the two of them, we will be more confident against Hanzo! Ringo.”

Ringo looked puzzled. After the original Akatsuki got attacked by Hanzo, only the two of them were left. Since then, Yahiko’s personality had changed a lot.

“That old man, Hanzo, I will never forget what he did to me, damn it!”

Ringo licked the corner of her mouth, where there were a three centimeters long old scar.

Yahiko glanced at her, “Their injuries are very serious. We must first find a place to treat them both…”