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L.L.H: Chapter 299: The Kubikiribocho Battle

Karin seemed to be very familiar with Kushina, and when she asked her about Kimimaro and Haku, she couldn’t hide the shocked expression on her face.

“A boy?!” After shouting loudly, Karin stared at Haku’s pretty face, feeling a little suspicious.

After a while, she finally came back to her senses, and her eyes sharpened with a hit of vigilance… this body might end up being an “invincible opponent.”

“Ahem!” Masahiko coughed helplessly, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Grandpa, this is the girl.”


Masahiko smiled, “You can call me Ancestor or Great Elder.”

Only then did Karin figure out Masahiko’s identity, and said nervously, “Hello, Elder, hi, I’m Karin.”

“Kimimaro a fighter type, Haku support, and Karin is a healer and can also work as a perceptual ninja, this team is excellent. No, it’s too good to be true.” Masahiko was thrilled and turned to Kushina, “You choose a great disciple, you have a great vision, and it’s just right to add Karin to this team. I will take them for two months first, and then I will hand over the entire team to you.”

Masahiko needs to deal with the Kaguya disease first, then teach Haku some Ice Release Technique, and instruct Karin on using her Mind’s Eye of the Kagura and “bite correctly…”

Kushina was a little reluctant. She originally wanted to have her as a disciple, so she can also make her a great “daughter-in-law.” But she ended up with three people… and she still has to take care of Naruto.

“Aunt Kushina.” Upon seeing this, Karin whispered for help. She seemed to be a little cautious of Masahiko.

Masahiko was very pleased. This was the right attitude that one should have facing a “legendary character,” this girl is very promising.

“Naruto will be going to school soon after this New Year’s Eve, so there is no need to take care of him every day,” Masahiko added.

After repeated persuasion, Kushina finally agreed.

“That’s right, leave Karin to me. I will take her away.”

Kushina rolled her eyes, “Grandpa, this must be approved by her parents first, right?”

“Oh… how troublesome.” Masahiko sighed, “Kushina, I’ll leave this to you!”


Pushing all the messy stuff to Kushina, he left Karin there with her and took the two kids with him.

He had to check on Kimimaro’s body…

“Kimimaro, Haku, do you know this aunty we just met right now? Her name is Kushina, and she will be taking care of you starting from next year.”

Kimimaro’s face stiffened, “God!”

Masahiko shook his head, “You can’t be with me all the time. You need a companion, Haku, and the little girl we met just now, Karin, who will also become your teammate.”

“Don’t worry, even if you’re guided by Kushina, you won’t miss me. You come to see me whenever you want.” Masahiko helplessly comforted him.

Kimimaro was a little reluctant, but seeing that Haku didn’t say a word, he was embarrassed to speak again.

“And you, Haku, practice hard. When you become a ninja, you can then follow Zabuza to every place. I won’t stop you. Following him now will just ruin your talent and slow Zabuza down. You don’t want that, right?”

Haku’s face finally had colors again, “Yes!”

Masahiko shook his head helplessly and muttered, “These two kids are really troublesome.”

Suddenly there was a sudden noise not far away, Masahiko stared in that direction, and it was a building similar to Konoha Coliseum.

After sensing for a moment, Masahiko smiled.

Looking at the two kids, Masahiko said, “Let’s go, boys. We’re going to see something interesting.”

This was a venue built for the Uzumaki Chunin exams, but Chunin weren’t there; it a bunch of Jonin.

The reason they were fighting was naturally to select the three swordsmen… No, not three, but four.

The battle just now was against a Jonin ninja from the Uzumaki and Zabuza. Masahiko didn’t need to perceive anything. Just by looking at the mist enveloping the entire place, he knew who it was.

“Zabuza-San,” Haku whispered softly. He looked really nervous.

“It’s okay. Zabuza won’t die.” Masahiko comforted helplessly.

Under this high competition level, only he or Minato can be a proper referee that can stop the fight before any kind of unnecessary casualties.

Masahiko could perceive Minato’s Chakra in the center of the field. That is to say, whether he wins or loses, he won’t die…

On the other side, Nagato noticed Masahiko’s arrival and walked over.

As he walked toward him, the venue gradually calmed down… and the audience started cheering.

“Sensei.” Nagato looked embarrassed; he didn’t even greet him with his usual “Yow.”

“What’s happening?”

“The people from the tribe had some objections about your direct assignment of the Kubikiribocho’s wielder. So I decided that they can challenge for the ownership of the sword.”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “And where’s my little shark-faced brother?”

“The Samehada originally belonged to him, so…”

“I understand.”

Masahiko sighed and looked at Haku, “The Kubikiribocho isn’t actually Zabuza’s reward for bringing this “little girl” to our country. But since the people had some objections, let them challenge him for it.”

Nagato breathed a sigh of relief, and Masahiko added, “However, the number of challenges is limited to three people, and they will be conducted in three days. There are no rematches, and people who got defeated can’t claim the other three swords.”



The crowd booed loudly along with a loud sound of weapons’ collision. The fog in the center of the venue gradually faded away. Zabuza’s long blade was stopped by Minato’s Kunai, while the Uzumaki Jonin looked depressed behind.

“Zabuza wins!” Minato announced loudly, and the audience showed disappointment.

After he backed down, Zabuza looked in a real miss, his legs were shaky, and he barely managed to stand still by leaning on his blade.

Masahiko didn’t know if it was to prevent him from underestimating Zabuza or to not show any weakness in front of Haku.

Haku’s face flushed, and he kept moving his lips without any sound. His shy character kept him from yelling or cheering Zabuza. He looked very cute… Masahiko couldn’t help but smile, watching him and pat his head.

“Zabuza without his sword is really nothing and won’t be able to protect Haku. Apart from Kisame, Minato, no one in the Uzumaki Country can defeat him when he’s wielding the Kubikiribocho…”

“If he can’t protect Haku, he will really become miserable, but knowing this world, if he loses an eye, he may become invisible and defeat us all.” Masahiko’s thoughts began to drift again…

“Sensei?” Nagato whispered.

Masahiko returned to his senses, “It’s okay, you continue to host this competition, we will leave after a while.”


Masahiko looked back at the two little kids, “These are the backbones of the Land of Whirlpool. Your first goal… is to surpass them all!”