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L.L.H: Chapter 300: News

Masahiko’s room.

Kimimaro was naked, lying prone on Masahiko’s bed.

Masahiko’s right hand was enveloped by soft transparent energy and pressed against Kimimaro’s back.

“Whew.” Masahiko smiled helplessly. He was right to worry about the kind of relationship Kimimaro and Haku would have if they stayed together. The kid is blushing just because he was naked in front of Masahiko.

However, Haku looked okay. Standing by and watching quietly, he didn’t seem moved.

“Huh…” Masahiko murmured.

After a long time, Masahiko frowned and said, “No problem.”

“Kimimaro, let me take a look at your bones now.”


A bone protruded from his back, then Masahiko started examining it.

First, he put his hand on it and gradually increased his grip strength; when he hit 80% of his strength, the bone made a crisp sound, and a crack appeared.

“Does it hurt?”

Kimimaro shook his head.

“The hardness is remarkable. No one except me would be able to break it using physical strength. After protruding out of the body, it’s no longer connected to the nerves. Thus, he can’t feel any pain.”

Although Masahiko has the All-Killing Ashes Bones, the two techniques are different.

After applying his force again, Masahiko bone this bone and put it into a sealing scroll, he didn’t find anything in Kimimaro’s body and wanted to use this bone to study this disease more.

“Before this… lift the curse!” Masahiko pressed his right hand, and the black lines spurted, spreading on Kimimaro’s body.

“It’s not a curse?” Masahiko shook his head. It seems that it’s a disease after all…

“It’s okay, get up.”


Kimimaro stood up, then suddenly flushed and screamed like a little girl, “Aaaaah!!!”

At the entrance of Masahiko’s room, Karin covering her eyes with both hands, while the gap between her fingers was as big as Sakura’s forehead, which allowed her to keep peeping at Kimimaro.

Kimimaro’s red face gradually restored its original color and put on his clothes blankly.

Masahiko smiled bitterly, the kid could blush in front of him, but there was no response when a little girl looked at him like this… this is really worrying.

Of course, he knew about Kushina and Karin’s arrival but evilly decided not to say anything.

“Grandpa, what are you doing?”

“It’s okay, this child is one of the Kaguya Clan. I was checking his disease… However, I didn’t notice anything unusual. I have to study it more.”

Kushina nodded, “I took care of Ninja Academy and spoke to her family, then I brought her to you just like you’ve asked. Karin, come here.”

“Great Elder.” The strange expression on Karin’s face when she saw Kimimaro naked got wiped out the moment she turned to Masahiko, then she greeted him formally.

Masahiko shook his head. This child seems to always be nervous when facing him.

Masahiko smiled and said, “The time has come. Kimimaro and Haku’s bodies have been checked. It’s your turn now. Take your clothes off!”

“Take off, take off, take off my clothes?!!”
Karin’s face turned red in a flash, and she glanced at Kimimaro and Haku, gritted her teeth, and… But Kushina quickly stopped her.

Masahiko rolled his eyes, this kid…

“You don’t need to take all off. Just roll up your sleeves.”

“Oh…” Karin was a little disappointed.

Masahiko glanced around, “There are no traces of tooth marks. Didn’t you find out about your own ability?”

“Wha, what ability…” Karin became slightly nervous.

Masahiko nodded, “It seems to me that one of your parents has this ability and decided not to expose it…”

Kushina reacted, “Grandpa, do you mean…”

“Yes, it’s the same ability I’ve used to treat Minato,” Masahiko responded.

Looking at the still nervous Karin, Masahiko shook his head helplessly.

“The Land of Whirlpools is under the correct leadership of Uzumaki Masahiko, wealthy businessmen, democracy, and harmonious life… It doesn’t matter if your ability is exposed here. Your parents think too much.”

Karin tentatively looked at Masahiko, “Elder, do you have this ability too? Does it hurt to be bitten?”

Masahiko shook his head and laughed, “No one will dare to force you to be bitten. And whether it hurts or not doesn’t matter, think about it, if Kimimaro is injured…”

Karin was startled, he didn’t know what scene she pictured in her mind, but two red hearts suddenly jumped out of her eyes.

Masahiko smiled, then glanced at Ksuhina, indicating, “You still want her to be Naruto’s wife?”

Kushina looked back at him, raised her fist up, and put her hand on her arm, indicating, “My boy is handsome too!”

Masahiko had nothing to say after this.

The chatting time was over, and Masahiko had to become serious…

“Karin, starting from today, you will join the two of them, and the three of you will form a special team and receive my special training for about a month and a half. You have to practice hard and strive to become Shinobi within this period. Next year, Kushina will become your leader and carry on with the tasks and in-depth training.”

Karin had already prepared and happily came between Kimimaro and Haku, separated them, give Haku a slight glance, but Haku acted innocent.

“Ah, you have to get along well.”

Upon seeing this, Masahiko added.

“Got it!” Karin glanced at Kimimaro and responded loudly.

“Yes.” The other two responded in a low voice.

Masahiko looked at the sky, and it was noon, “Let’s go, the first day of the squad assembly, I would like to invite you to launch first and officially start practicing in the afternoon!”



Three days later.

Masahiko had just finished teaching the basics to the three kids and was going to guide them separately according to the three specialties, but he had to temporarily delay it.

Uzumaki Hospital.

Haku watched the severely injured Zabuza lying on the bed with Kubikiribocho by his side with a sorrowful expression.

“Come on, don’t be so sad. You’ve failed this time, but you can get it back after practicing harder. You’ve almost lost your life, dude.”

“I didn’t!” Zabuza said arrogantly

Masahiko was helpless. Watching Haku reluctant to leave his side, Masahiko decided to treat him personally.

Looking at Karin and Kimimaro at the back, “Today’s practice is canceled, go back and practice the basics. We will continue tomorrow.

Karin’s small eyes flickered. She leaned close to Kimimaro and whispered softly, “K-i-m-i-m-a-r-o, a new meatball shop opened on the west side of the village…”

“Not interested.”

Masahiko shook his head and sighed, “Karin, practice!”


After careful treatment of Zabuza treatment, before Masahiko walk out of the hospital, an Uzumaki patrol force member suddenly came to his side.

“Great Elder, news from the Land of Rain.”

“Amegakure?” Masahiko frowned, “Speak!”

“Three days ago, there was a fierce battle in the central area of Amegakure. It was between Hanzo the Salamander and an unknown force. After this battle, Hanzo’s summoning beast, Ibuse, was found dead, and Hanzo disappeared. He didn’t show up for three days.”

“Hanzo is missing.” Masahiko paused, “The one who fought with him is unknown, so it can only be the Akatsuki.”

This wasn’t good news…

“I see. It seems that I have to go there personally!”