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L.L.H: Chapter 356: Offended the Goddess

“This is scene is from legends. So the weather is different from one mountain to another?”

Masahiko was floating in the air emotionally.

After lunch, he set off from the Land of Iron and head southeast under the wind and snow. But when he left the mountains, the severe cold and blizzard disappeared instantly.

Not to mention the pleasant climate here, it can be regarded as a springy one. The west side of the mountain is covered with thick snow, but the east side is full of greenery. It’s a wonder of nature. Masahiko regretted not bringing the three kids to see this scenery.

Of course, he didn’t come alone. The young master, who is afraid of heights beside him, and below were two samurai who refused to fly.

“Where to go next?” Masahiko turned his head and asked, “Your name is Handsome, right?”

Handsome’s face was tense, and he shook his head blankly.

“Oh, this is the end. This kid is afraid of everything. He doesn’t even know where his home is and what his name.” Masahiko had no choice but to slowly take him to the ground, waiting there for Mifune and Okisuke.

Fortunately, those two were the top powerhouses among the samurai, and soon they caught up to Masahiko.

“Elder, sorry for keeping you waiting.” Mifune bowed slightly, “Let’s go.”

Passing through the lush jungle, Masahiko took Handsome and floated for several kilometers, then the ruins appeared in front of them. There were many tents around the ruins. And people were here and there, carefully looking for any survivors.

“They’re… the disaster action team?” Masahiko was a little surprised.

Okisuke explained by the side, “These are rescue teams personally send by the neighboring country. But a whole day has passed, and they couldn’t find any survivors.”

Handsome covered his eyes and started crying again. Masahiko looked helpless, shaking her head, not knowing what to do to stop it. Now how come little boy these days are like this…

“I’ll go over there and take a look first,” Masahiko said, then rose to the sky and flew to the center of the ruins.

“Sure enough, it’s him!”

What appeared in front of Masahiko is an empty circled space with all the buildings pushed to its radius. A sight that was familiar to what Konoha looked like after being attacked by Pain in the Original.

Masahiko could imagine what happened here. That bastard was standing there in his exact position, floating in the air with his Rinnegan eyes, then he used the Shinra Tensei to erase this country from the map.

“How could such a small country offend him? I better not see you near the Land of Whirlpool.” Masahiko sighed and shook his head, “Tsunade and her slugs aren’t here to protect the civilians, so the hope of their survival is really slim.”

Masahiko looked around attentively, but he couldn’t perceive the existence of that guy, nor could he perceive anything abnormal. In desperation, he could only turn and fly back. From a distance, he saw Mifune talking with a fat man in luxurious clothes; he was wearing one of those hats the Daimyo wears.

“One of the Daimyo personally led a team to the rescue. He looks like a good guy.”

“Elder.” Seeing Masahiko flying back, Mifune immediately asked, “Did you figure out the identity of the murderer?”

“Yeah.” Masahiko nodded, “I will tell you later. But I need to check out if anyone else has survived.” Masahiko turned to the Daimyo, “Ask your people to step back.”

Hearing this, Mifune turned to the Daimyo, and the fat man immediately stepped forward and ordered his team to step back. He had already heard of Masahiko‘s identity from Mifune, and his posture is, of course, incomparable to Masahiko as a Daimyo of a small country.

After everyone evacuated, Masahiko immediately used a hand sign with both hands, “Wood Release: Tree World!”

Hundreds of towering trees rose from the ground, covering the entire ruins.

Masahiko ignored the admiration and horrified gazes of everyone around him, closed his eyes, and perceived the vitality through the trees.

“This one is cold, this one is also cold, this one… huh? This one seems to be… angry?”

Five minutes later, Masahiko sighed and shook his head, looking at the only living person who survived the attack. Masahiko could tell that he only survived because of his strong Chakra.

Stepping forward quickly, used gravity to pick off the middle-aged man handing on the tree and immediately used medical Ninjutsu on him.

The giant tree slowly stopped growing, and Mifune walked forward in shock, “Is this the legendary Wood Release of the First Hokage? I didn’t expect you to… huh? This is Ken!!”

Masahiko was taken aback, “Do you know him? His Chakra is strong. He shouldn’t be one of the samurai, right?”

Mifune nodded, “He left the Land of Iron a long time ago. I didn’t expect him to be here.”

“Even Ken was hurt like this….” Okisuke led Handsome over, and he seemed to also know the guy.

Ken wasn’t weak, and he could be compared to one of the so-called elite ninjas. He was only wounded like this because samurais don’t have the means to defend against such an attack.

Masahiko treated Ken while explaining, “This is the do of an organization named the Akatsuki. They have been fighting against this ancestor for a while now, but they’re always hiding!”

Mifune twisted his eyebrows and said, “So it’s because of you….”

“No, no, no.” Masahiko waved his hand quickly, “It’s just a coincidence. The reason why they destroyed this country is still unclear.”

After a moment of pondering, Masahiko turned his head and said, “Handsome, do you have any legendary treasures in your country, such as… the One Piece?”

Handsome shook his head innocently.

At this time, the chubby Daimyo also came and brought some people over, “Senior Ancestor of the Uzumaki, is there any more survivors?”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched slightly; Senior ancestor of the Uzumaki, he liked this name.”

“Just this one.”

The fat man sighed. He looked a little bit sad and turned his head to look at Handsome, “So, there are only this kid and the samurai left in the country? It seems that there is no hope for reconstruction.”

Masahiko smiled, “Were you thinking about helping them rebuild?”

The fat man smiled awkwardly, “I just remembered that when his father was chatting with me before his death, he boasted about how their country has a long history, and even though it was destroyed several times, they rebuilt it every time. It seems that this one is the last one.”

“Oh? Long history? Are there any treasures here handed down from the ancestors?” Masahiko raised a little interest, and Mifune looked over attentively. This might have something to do with the destruction of the country.

The fat man shook his head, “With all respect, this is all nonsense Ancestor, he was just bragging. He kept talking about how their country’s history can be traced back to thousands of years ago when there were no Ninshu. He also said that they were one of the most powerful countries at the time.”

“Hehe.” Masahiko chuckled and shook his head.

“Senior Ancestor, do you believe it? The most ridiculous thing is that when I asked him how such a powerful kingdom was destroyed. He explained it vaguely and said that the records said that they offended the goddess, haha, do you believe that? He said the goddess destroyed their country!” The fat man laughed.

The smile on Masahiko’s face stiffened, “Thousands of years ago, they offended the goddess? Oh, no…”