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L.L.H: Chapter 359: The Spiritual Journey Ends

Masahiko had already noticed this.

When Yahiko saw him in Iwagakure, there seemed to be a hidden strange look in his eyes behind that enthusiastic smile. Masahiko thought it was just his imagination at the time, but Ringo now confirmed it.

“Amegakure, orphan…” Masahiko sighed. Of course, he had not forgotten the damage he caused in Amegakure when he sealed Black Zetsu. It seems that Yahiko was probably orphaned at the time.

“Old… Elder, you seem to know the reason. What do you plan to do?” Ringo hid her teeth.

Masahiko hesitated for a moment, then shook his head, “Nothing.”

Ringo was taken aback, “you don’t….”

“What do you want me to do?” Masahiko interrupted with a smile, “As long as Yahiko is looking for peace, what he thinks of me as an old man is irrelevant.”

As he said to Sasori before, “Do you know how many people want me dead?”

Sasori can be ranked about ten, but Yahiko may not even be in the top fifty. What’s more, it may not necessarily develop to the worst case. Masahiko can see that Yahiko is sincerely pursuing peace.

As if he remembered something, Masahiko turned his head and said, “You don’t need to care about what Yahiko thinks of me, but if you find strange people contacting him, remember to notify me in time.”

Ringo took a deep look at him, “I hope you don’t regret it.”

Masahiko smiled again, “This Ancestor never skipped an episode, kid.”

Ringo didn’t understand, frowned slightly, then turned to speak, “Elder, is the toilet here?”

Masahiko was taken aback, “Did you really want to go to the toilet? It’s on the other side.”

Ringo’s hands trembled to reach out her Kiba, then she gritted her teeth and turned back.

Masahiko was too lazy to send her off this time. He simply pointed the direction and returned to the main hall of the Mifune’s Mansion. Yahiko and Mifune had stopped arguing by that time.

“Elder, where’s Ringo?”

Masahiko took a closer look at Yahiko’s expression, smiled, and said, “I don’t know. She hasn’t come out of the toilet for a long time. Maybe she has… constipation?”

Yahiko was taken aback, “Did she take with her some toilet papers?”

Masahiko was also stunned, only to remember that Yahiko’s brain circuits worked the same way as Naruto, “I don’t remember her carrying some with her. It’s okay. She always wraps her Kiba with bandages.”

The topic was inexplicably disgusting…

This was a little unbearable to General Mifune, so he interrupted quickly: “Your Excellency Yahiko, I still can’t agree with what you did to Hanzo’s body, but I agree with your vision of peace. With that undercurrent on the side, the Shinobi World should unite!”

“Undercurrent?” Yahiko frowned.

The news of the demise of that country has no basically spread to every country in the world, large and small, and ninjas from many villages have rushed to it. However, Yahiko and Ringo hadn’t heard the news because they were on their way here; thus, Masahiko explained the situation to him kindly.

“An entire country was wiped out?!” Yahiko’s expression was hideous, “Someone will actually commit such a tragedy!”

Masahiko concentrated on his expression, then smiled and said, “The organization that did this is also called the Akatsuki.”

Yahiko frowned in surprise: “Also called the Akatsuki?”

Masahiko sighed secretly. The surprised expression on his face just now was real.

The expression on Yahiko’s face was uneasy, and it stayed like for a long time until Ring came and pushed the door open. After raising his head, his eyes were locked at her Kiba…

“Ahem…” Masahiko gave a dry cough and attracting Yahiko’s gaze, “Yes, that organization is also called Akatsuki. You call them Dark Akatsuki if you want. Their purpose is just the opposite of yours. They want to start a war. The fuse of the Third World War was actually their dues after they controlled the Third Kazekage to attack Konoha.”

Yahiko nodded solemnly: “It seems that our first task after we successfully establish our Akatsuki is to find these people.”

Mifune spoke from the side, “Although our country, the Land of Iron, never interfered with the Shinobi World, we will do our best to help wipe out this organization.”

Yahiko nodded, “Thank you, General Mifune!”

Masahiko smiled and said to the side, “

The atmosphere suddenly became harmonious. When Ringo walked in, she felt that she missed something really important. Yahiko and Mifune seemed to be peeking at her Kiba…

In this way, the Land of Iron and the Akatsuki temporarily reached a cooperation, but Yahiko didn’t leave in a hurry. Ninjas from various countries came to investigate the ruins of that country; thus, Yahiko took this opportunity to work more on his “Akatsuki Peace Plan.”

Masahiko wasn’t idle either. In addition to training the three kids, he went to Masahiko’s side from time to time to “check on him” and “inadvertently” revealing some information about the Akatsuki.

Yahiko’s response made him very satisfied.

Time passed quickly, two months passed, and it was mid-December Konoha’s 54th year.

Yahiko and Ringo left the Land of Iron half a month ago, and Kimimaro’s practice has come to the final stage.

On the Land of Iron swordsmanship practice field, holding a samurai sword in his hand Ken dignifiedly blocks Kimimaro’s attack.

Masahiko looked happy but still questioned Ken’s inability to counterattack.

“Elder, this kid’s Laido is already very proficient, and the rest is the practice of strength and angle.”

Masahiko smiled with satisfaction, “Kimimaro, great job!”

After being praised by Masahiko, Kimimaro looked happy but then showed hesitation.

“What’s wrong?”

“God, there is another attack method. I want to try it.” Kimimaro said.

Masahiko’s eyebrows twisted, and he seemed to have figured out what this little kid was trying to do, but he didn’t stop him and motioned to him to try.

Ken nodded, then held his sword forward.

With a solemn expression, Kimimaro stepped back twice, then rushed toward Ken holding his Bone Blade, and at the same time, he put his right hand behind his back.

In the end, it was still a slash, but this time it wasn’t the Bone Blade, but the Spine Chain. The attack wasn’t bottom-up but top-down, and the intensity cannot be the same.

Although he was familiar now with Kimimaro’s strange techniques, this was the first time Ken see him pull out his spine, and his face twitched fiercely.

However, he reacted in time and blocked it with his sword, yet he underestimated its strength, and staggered back a few steps, and almost fell to the ground.

Masahiko shook his head and used the medical Ninjutsu to suppress Kimimaro’s hemorrhagic disease.

“Kimimaro, you’re rushing things again. The improvement of your strength needs to be done step by step. Your current level is a bit below Ken. Next time you meet, you will definitely surpass him.”

“This kind of draw… Spineless Draw, don’t use it again lightly.” Masahiko gave this one a name already.

“Next time?” Kimimaro was taken aback.

Masahiko smiled and turned his head to shout to Karin and Haku, who were still playing the game, “Stop playing, go back and pack up, we’re going home!”

“The journey of spiritual practice is over!”