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L.L.H: Chapter 56: The first Meeting of the Elder

The following day.

Inside the Hokage Building meeting room.

“No!” Madara shouted.




Masahiko, Tenjin, and Shikaryu agreed in unison.

Hashirama laughed, then said, “Three to two, Madara, you lost again.”

“So I said, it’s useless to give Madara voice double value…” Masahiko thought.

After sending the Daimyo home in the morning, the first elder meeting was held by Hashirama, to decide some policies. The scene just now is repeatedly happening…

However, Madara is obviously angry and turned to Masahiko, “Old man! You’re taking sides… Are you willing to accept this proposal too?”

Masahiko was innocent. It didn’t matter who proposed that idea, he supported it based on the situation. At that time, he could only say, “Eeeh? Both of them have agreed too, why only questioning me…?” Speaking of that, Masahiko couldn’t hold it anymore, “Madara, why are you always picking on me?”

“Old man…” Madara clenched his teeth.
“Second Grandpa…” Hashirama quickly intervened, then said, “My proposal has nothing to do with any individuals, I’m asking for our clans to reveal all of the secrets related to their Ninjutsu.”

Nara and Hyuga Patriarchs were nodding, Masahiko looked at them, then felt bad for Madara, no wonder he was so angry, it seemed like all of them were taking Hashirama’s side… But even after he thought of it again, he couldn’t help but say, “That I agree! What can I say? I’m such a selfless man!”

Madara was still angry, Hashirama tried to calm him. “Well, these are all of my proposals. Does any of you have any additional ideas?”

When he saw that everyone was too silent, Masahiko took the initiative and said, “Hashirama, since now Ninjutsu regulation has been dealt with, how about an education system?”

“Second Grandpa, you mean…”

“Yes, let’s build a Ninja Academy! We will let every clan choose a teacher from their clansmen and recruit students from the entire Village.” Masahiko said.

“That won’t work …” Shikaryu responded. “Many families have their own method of teaching Ninjutsu to the younger generation.”

Masahiko glanced at him, “It’s not like that, this is just for starter. The student will enter the school at the age of six. We will only teach them the basics, theories, history, and stuff like that until they become Genin.”

“Well, that’s fine, I guess.” Shikaryu nodded.

“And…” Masahiko went on to add. “We can recruit civilian students and charge them, which will attract more civilians to live in and also solves some financial problems.”

“Civilian?” Madara and Tenjin looked at each other, then they looked away and snorted.

Masahiko smiled, “What? Madara, Tenjin… Civilians children won’t be as good as the kids from your clans…” Masahiko tried to taunt them, and it worked fine.

“Well, since there are no objections.” Hashirama said, “We will build the Shinobi Academy, and I will ask Tobirama to take care of it.”

“I will take care of it!” Masahiko interrupted.

Masahiko thought to himself, “I spent so much effort to change the plot and gain witness points. I won’t let anyone stand in my way!”

“Uh, okay, Grandpa, Erm, you take care of it,” Hashirama replied.

“Speaking of which,” Hashirama said, “I remembered an important thing.”

“The Hyuga’s patriarch has proposed to arrange a patrol group to watch the premise of our village.”

“Do we have any enemies?” Masahiko scratched his head. He feared that Four Major Village has taken a move and established their villages earlier.

“Hey, old man!” Madara started again.

“What?” Masahiko stared at him, “Madara, you really don’t like me, don’t you?”

Hashirama laughed, “Stop it, you two…”

“I have a suggestion.” Shikaryu opened his mouth, “The safety outside of the village is handled by the Hyuga, but I think the safety inside the village must be considered too.”

“Although the clans have agreed to let go of their hatred, it’s still difficult for shinobi who lost their loved ones to let go of the past. Some people must be watched, and when they prove to be dangerous, they must be arrested. And I think the Uchiha is the most suitable for this role.”

Madara stunned for a moment, he wanted to speak but remained silent.

Masahiko know that Madara got offended, he wanted to object, but he knows that this will offend the other patriarchs. But he couldn’t take it anymore.

“What the hell is this?” Masahiko said in his heart, “How could he said that! We got rid of Tobirama for that reason, now we have the Nara Patriarch. Man, the Uchiha is really unpopular!”

Although Masahiko has some feud with Madara, he didn’t really hate the Uchiha. He even feels sad knowing that the Uchiha will rebel in the future.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate…” Masahiko said, “It’s not fair to rely only on the Uchiha, I suggest the cooperation of all clans.”

Shikaryu raised his brow, it was unexpected to see Masahiko helping Madara, he couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

“Hey! Old man! Do you think that the Uchiha is not up for the task? We will take care of it!” Unexpectedly, Madara disagreed.

Masahiko instantly closed his eyes, “One shouldn’t fear a smart opponent, but an idiot teammate.”

“Well, Madara, my dear colleague, if that makes you happy,” Masahiko said, while Madara looked confused.

“Okay, that’s it!” Hashirama said, innocently, he felt like he has given Madara a great responsibility for the Uchiha as a form of compensation. He didn’t think that it will cause a problem for them later.

“Anything else? Everyone? Madara?” Hashirama asked again.

Madara remained silent; he didn’t believe that Masahiko is trying to help him. But the realization came too late. In the face of such a conclusion, he could only shake his head to indicate that there was nothing else.

“So today elders’ meeting is over… Please inform everyone to deliver their information here, I will classify the tasks received, then hand them to the suitable people.”

Masahiko, who was already standing up, sat down again. There was really no accurate assessment in Naruto world. Thus hearing what Hashirama said gave him an idea.

“I think it’s better to hold a general assessment for everyone because the classification of the middle and the higher ninjas of each clan are somewhat different. It’s better to test and classify them one by one according to the task level. Then we can assign the tasks based on the result of the assessment.”

“That’s a good idea!” Shikaryu nodded, “This will definitely reduce unnecessary risk during the missions.”

“I have no objection.”

“Hmm…” Madara stood up, then walked out. He felt like his two votes were useless…

“Okay, that’s it…” Hashirama said, and then he rushed out of the room.

The three elders in the room looked at each other, then nodded, indicating how thrilled they were by this good cooperation…

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