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L.L.H: Chapter 57: Classifying

Konoha Stadium.

Yes, that’s right, it was Masahiko who gave it that name.

This building is similar to the physical examination buildings that are used in modern times, but it’s many times larger than the usual. Masahiko was the one who proposed the construction of this stadium, this place is used to grade the skill of 10-year-old or older Shinobi while the Shinobi below ten will have to attend the academy, which will be built soon.

After several discussions, it was decided that the ranking system will be divided into 9 ranks.

From the bottom to top, the ranking system is: Genin, Chunnin, Adept Chunnin, Elite Chunnin, Special Jonin, Jonin, Elite Jonin, S- Ranked Shinobi, S Ranked Shinobi, and S+ Ranked Shinobi.

The three lowest ranks can form a small team under the guidance of an Elite Chunin to undergo a specific mission with c-level or below; a Chunin is a level where a shinobi become more versatile, they can take a B-level mission if they form a team of three or lead the lower-ranked Shinobi to take a C-level mission or below.

In particular, a Shinobi who has become a Jonin will gain respect between his peers. Special Jonin can for a team and take an A-Level task under the leadership of an Elite Jonin, while a group of ordinary Jonin can independently complete an A-Level task; The elite Jonin ninjas and S- Ranked ninja are the absolute main force of the Village. And the majority of the highest level Shinobis in the warring states period will be divided between these two ranks, and they will be allowed to take the S-Level task provided by the Village.

And if you’re wondering why there aren’t any D-Level tasks, well in this period, no civilian will dare to ask and an adult to fetch for a cat that stuck on a tree.

The last two ranks are rare, even in Konoha. The S-Ranked is represented only by the patriarchal level powerhouse from the warring states, such as the Nara Shikaryu. And for the S+ Ranked, there’s only a handful of people; Tobirama, Hatake clan patriarch, and Hyuga Tenjin, and Masahiko.

At the time of the evaluation, no one dared to suggest adding a tenth or an eleventh Rank. Because of Hashirama and Madara’s immeasurable power, no one dared to classify them.

Standing in the center of the newly built Konoha stadium, Masahiko looked around him and saw the Shinobi waiting on the side of the stadium; it looked like if they were in a graduation ceremony.

Several elders from various clans took the test, and they were evaluated by Hyuga Tenjin using his Byakugan, which was very convenient. The Chunnin were evaluated by Shikaryu, and he could determine with a glance if they had the standards. And the Jonin were evaluated by Masahiko because Masahiko didn’t really have any shortcomings, and his wit can’t be easily fooled.

As for the S-Ranked, it was initially goona be taken by Hashirama, who wanted to come in person to evaluate them. But Masahiko had another idea, “I think Madara is more suitable. He will just stand there, and everyone unconsciously will attack him with all of their strength.”

As for Madara’s reaction, that it is another long story, mixed with cold stares and shouting…

A figure suddenly appeared in front of Masahi, interrupting his thought. He glanced up, “White hair… You’re from the Hatake clan? Only about twelve or thirteen years old, you wanna be evaluated by me?”

The boy smiled, then replies, “Elder, my hair is blue…”

Masahiko got embarrassed and tried to explain, “Owh… Today’s sunshine is really dazzling. So blue long-haired boy, are you from the Hatake family?”

The boy, on the opposite side, was still gentle, “Elder, I’m not a member of the Hatake family, my name is Kato Jin…”

“Ooooh… coughcough.” Masahiko choked by his own spit upon hearing his name

The teenager couldn’t hold it anymore, and the smile got wiped off his face, “Elder, is something wrong with my name?”

“I didn’t expect him to be from the Kato family…” Masahiko thought, then said out loud. “Nope, you’re okay. There are three tests in total, and you have cleared the first two…”

Kato then handed a letter to Masahiko, “Oh, that’s a great evaluation, and you’ve mastered a lot of Ninjutsu. Considering your age, you’re pretty good. So you wanna be a Special Jonin?”

Kato nodded, “I practiced the secret technique of my clan, and I want to be tested by the elder.”

Masahiko nodded, “Use it once on me.”

Kato looked worried for a moment, “Elder… My technique is kinda special…”

“It’s okay, your special technique is the Spiritual Transformation Technique, isn’t it? Don’t worry, my Yin attribute is level 6.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s okay, you can attack at will, it’s not like I’m gonna lose to you boy.” Masahiko looked impatient.

Kato stopped talking, and with an angry-looking face, he cast his Jutsu, “Spirit Transformation Technique!”

After a short while, his face completely turned pale.

His soul took an ethereal form and entered Masahiko’s Spiritual world, as soon as he did, Kato’s spirit got kicked in the ass by Masahiko’s, and flew back to his own body.

“Hahaha, the strength of your spirit is okay, but still, you got kicked by mine.” Masahiko laughed, “Forget it, you passed, next one!”

Kato’s face changed a little, he frowned and looked sad, then left silently. Masahiko laughed secretly, “Dan Kato, is supposed to be his son. Dan Kato is the man that will have a romantic relationship with the goddess Tsunade, he made a lot of people jealous, how can I not bully him…?”

While Masahiko was thinking about this, suddenly a big shadow appeared; Masahiko looked up and saw a huge fat man standing before him.

“Ah, isn’t it the Akimichi family? If you tell me the secret recipe of your Clan’s barbeque, I will promote you to an Elite Jonin, how about that?”

The fat man scratched his head in confusion and said with a loud voice that scared Masahiko, “Really?”

When he saw how the other candidates were looking at him weirdly, the expression on Masahiko’s face changed, “Just kidding… Come here and earn it!”

The test result came out, and Masahiko’s face looked pale. This fat man was actually qualified to be an Elite Jonin. Masahiko felt as if he was being teased…


“Grandpa, it’s my turn!” A familiar figure approached Masahiko.

“Oh, Kenji, I know about your strength. You don’t have to take the test, okay?”

Kenji nodded in agreement, and then Masahiko grinned. “So did you got all lovey-dovey with the Daimyo’s daughter?”

“Dovey, what? And which girl?”

Masahiko’s face changed; it seems that Kenji doesn’t know? Could it be that Hashirama is afraid that Mito will get angry when she know that Hashirama has set their son’s marriage without her consent? Poor Hashirama…

Masahiko didn’t dare to let this conversation go any further, and he quickly changed the subject, “Oh nothing, it’s nothing… Next!”


The evaluation kept going for three full days. The number of Shinobi in Konoha is more than 100,000. And with the Uzumaki Clan as their allies, you can say that Konoha’s current forces are actually terrifying!

When Hashirama looked at this number, he seemed sullen and said to Masahiko, “We cannot provide enough missions for all of these Shinobi…”

Masahiko smiled, “Well, that’s your job, Hokage-Sama, to worry about them, as for me, I will worry about these old bones of mine…”

Hashirama got stunned, “About that second grandpa, I was curious, how old are you exactly. Since the first time I saw you, you always looked like this.”

“Me too, Grandpa, Erm… I’m also curious…” Said Tobirama, who none of them knew where he came from.

Masahiko scratched his head, “Well, I’m about 20 years old this year…”

Hashirama, “…”
Tobirama, “…”

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