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L.L.H: Chapter 58: The Ninja Academy

Ninja Academy.

In this ninja world, where building can be built using Ninjutsu, the construction for the ninja academy took merely six months, and it wasn’t completed, not until the end of July.

The main reason is that Masahiko had a lot of requirements. At some point, there wasn’t enough equipment to carry on his endless tasks. He even asked for music rooms, decorations, and such. At the same time, he was mumbling all the time about the building’s resistance to earthquakes, saying that the seismic level is not high enough. It should be at least on level 8 seismic rating.

At that moment, the Earth Release users in charge of building the academy wanted to hit Masahiko’s face with a Ninjutsu, to teach him what really an 8 seismic rating is.

People didn’t understand why Masahiko was really circumspect about this, but later when Pain attacks Konoha, they’ll see…

“Later on, they will understand my greatness…”

In short, the ninja academy was finally built,
“Witness and Change the Main Story of the Naruto World: Konoha Ninja Academy. Obtained 10 (*5) Witness Points.”

Finally, this sentence popped in Masahiko’s mind, his sixth-month work has finally paid off.

After that, Masahiko went straight to Hashirama.

“Hashirama, the ninja academy has been finally built.”

“Yes, grandpa, then the next thing to do is the enrollment. I will pass by when school starts.” Hashirama replied.

“Well, I feel like the rest should be handled by Tobirama…” Masahiko felt a little embarrassed, but also thought that it was the right thing to do, “Your Grandpa is old, and I feel very after being busy for a half year now.”

Hashirama has a surprised expression hearing this, “You… Just wanted to build the school?” In these past six months, many people came to him to complain that Masahiko’s demands for the school are quite troublesome. Although Hashirama has stood up on Masahiko’s side, he didn’t expect him to finish the work.

“Ah…” Masahiko nodded. “I think that Tobirama is more suitable for managing the school. You also know my character, you don’t want me to teach the next generation.”

Hashirama then said, “Don’t worry, Grandpa, you’ll do just fine, just look at your three apprentices…”

Masahiko got a heavy feeling, “Will it be appropriate if I say I don’t wanna do it?”

Tobirama, who none of them knew from where he came out, said, “Big brother, let me take care of the school…”

Masahiko almost shed a tear at that moment.

“Well, since Tobirama himself is willing to take care of this task, I will take my leave,” Masahiko said, then he quickly left the Hokage office.

Hashirama glanced helplessly at the innocent Tobirama.

On the way home, Masahiko clenched his fist and threw it up to the air while hopping on one foot. He felt so happy, now that he finally managed to shift the burden off his shoulders.

“However, I will still have to keep an eye to the ninja school.” Masahiko thought, “Hmm, should I let Kenichiro and Yuriko…?”

“No, I cannot let that happen.” Masahiko thought about it, and he got a flash of peoples with bowl head and thick eyebrows as Kenichiro disciples.

After half a month…

“Sensei! I don’t want to stay here anymore!” Kenichiro looked sad.

“What’s wrong?” Masahiko looks confused at Kenichiro’s unusual expression.

“The patriarch went crazy, he wants to personally train me or something…” Kenichiro said.

Masahiko looked surprised, what is my big nephew doing, he wouldn’t be thinking of training Kenichiro to become the next Patriarch…

“You can stay…” Masahiko said, if Kenichiro becomes the Patriarch, he was afraid that the Uzumaki Clan was gonna self-destruct itself before it is even attacked.

“But!” Masahiko shouted again, “Why didn’t Yuriko come?”

“Yuriko is very popular among the children in the clan, and recently she has been very busy teaching them Ninjutsu,” Kenichiro said.

Masahiko scratched his head and couldn’t believe what he has just heard. Yuriko is already 16 years old and she already troubled by the boys who just want to get close to her, she wouldn’t be teaching them Ninjutsu, maybe she’s having some girls’ troubles…

Thinking of it, Masahiko glanced at Kenichiro again.

“Okay, I’ll take you tomorrow to see Tobirama, you will make a great teacher, just be careful if you want to teach others the Hachimon technique…”

“Oh! Sensei!” Kenichiro shouted, and everyone around suddenly looked at them.

Masahiko felt embarrassed; he forgets that they were still at the entrance of the village where there are a lot of people commune here.

“Let’s go, we will visit the school that I personally supervise…”

First of September.
The Ninja School’s Official Opening.

On the registration day, Masahiko saw a lot of Shinobi who is familiar with taking their kids to the school.

“SASUKEEE (It always feels embarrassing to call his name), so you’re taking your son to school too? Isn’t he already at the Chunin level?” Masahiko asked with a smile.
(T/N: If you don’t get this joke, then… I don’t know what I should call you :3)

Sasuke smiled proudly, “Actually, he’s almost at the Jonin level. But he’s only nine-year-old this year. He couldn’t participate in the previous evaluation because of that, I don’t know who made that minimum age rules.”

“Yes, that rule is stupid…” Masahiko said while covering, it was his idea after all.

Sasuke looked at Masahiko’s expression, then wisely changed the topic, “Hiruzen, you go ahead and play. I will talk with the master for a while.”

“Okay, father.” The third Hokage is surprisingly a little bit naughty.

The two chatted for a while watching more children entering the school, while they waited outside for the opening ceremony.

These children got already divided into classes that will be handled by different teachers. Some teacher looked at Masahiko, “It seems elder Masahiko really care about these children to personally come and supervise us.”

Finally, the simple opening ceremony was over, and Masahiko couldn’t be seen anywhere. This time, the academy matter was officially passed to Tobirama.
“Another thing is done, should I distribute some the witness points now?” Masahiko murmured while looking at his status bar, “What? It’s already 180 points?”

“It’s completely unwise to use all of it now, and I would need to train for a while to get used to my new power after distributing all of these points, but man, I really want to be lazy for a few years…”

“Forget it, let’s go and make fun of Hashirama and Madara…”

Masahiko then went to the Hokage office.

“Oh, Hashirama, are you still busy? How about Madara?”

“Oh, Grandpa! There’s a sign of Bijuu’s activities somewhere, and Madara went to subdue it.”

“And we’re also looking for the other Tailed-Beasts to prevent them do unexpected damage to our village.”

Masahiko got excited, “Tailed-Beasts? Looks fun…”

“Is there any nearby Bijuu? I can help catch one.”

“Yes, there is.” Hashirama nodded. “At the border of the fire and wind country there are one, one-tailed beast, Shukaku, the Shinobi from the Land of Wind are having a tough time trying to subdue it.

“The country of wind, huh?” During his 68 years living in this world, Masahiko has never gone to a different country. Thus he was very excited to embark on a new adventure.

“Hokage-Sama! I apply for a government-funded overseas trip to eliminate the imminent danger!”

Hashirama, “…”

What the hell?!

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