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L.L.H: Chapter 72: Chaos in the Uzumaki

After Kenji’s marriage, the peaceful life lasted for one more year.

There were no signs of Tsunade getting born any time soon, they wanted to take things slow, but Kenji’s Great Grandpa didn’t share with them the same idea, making Kenji feel that his Grandpa looks at him strangely lately. But Masahiko was worried more about the Valley of the End battle that was getting closer.

These days, Masahiko was vigilant all of the time, waiting for Madara to come, unexpectedly another thing came out.

“Uncle! Bad news! I just heard that Uzushiogakure got attacked by unknown and strange enemies!”

Masahiko Frowned, “Strange enemy?” Masahiko had a bad feeling about this.

“Yes! They are strange, they were inhuman, they were all white. At first, it seems some of them sneaked to our Village by using a transformation technique, then they launched an attack from inside. Now that they have managed to kill two of them, a big conflict raised inside our walls, without a single one able to trust the other…” The big nephew explained.

Masahiko fiercely stood up, then sat down again slowly.
“White Zetsu? It seems that the Valley of the End Battle is indeed near, and Black Zetsu is trying to drive me out of the picture…”

“Second, Uncle?” Masashi looked at Masahiko strangely, waiting for an answer.

“Well, it’s okay, I will go back for a while!” Masahiko said, leaving Masashi with worried eyes.

“Oh god…” Masahiko let out a long sigh. However, he felt unexpectedly so calm.

“Is this how you decided to deal with me? Let’s roll then… Kagebunshin-no-Jutsu!”

Masahiko summoned two shadow clones, with each one having 30% of his Chakra.

“Thirty percent of my chakra is enough to use the Dust Release-Detachment of the Primitive World…”

“I don’t really need to a part in Hashirama and Madara’s battle. All that I need is to step in at the right time. If one shot is not enough, two will do the work!”

Masahiko left his two clones at home and headed toward the Uzushiogakure. His body now only has 40% of his total Chakra.

Masashi, who actually watching from afar, finally felt relieved…

After flying for two hours, Masahiko finally reached Uzushiogakure’s vicinity. Then right away, he used a hand sign, “Kaguya’s Mind!”

After half a minute, Masahiko sighed. Although Kaguya’s Mind is already one of the strongest perceiving abilities, it was still powerless in the face of Blank and White Zetsu.

“Zetsu’s sensing ability… It’s called the strongest in the original. I don’t know how far is my Kaguya’s eye compared to it…” Masahiko murmured while flying toward Uzushiogakure.

At the same time, in Konoha.

The two Masahiko suddenly looked at each other at the same time, then nodded. In their perception, Madara had appeared dozens of miles away from the Village.

One of them immediately rushed to the Hokage building, while the others stayed back.

“Hashirama! Madara is here!” The clone shouted.

“Second grandpa…” Hashirama raised his head, then frowned “You are… A shadow clone?”

Masahiko’s face became pale, “It’s not important! I said Madara is here!”

Hashirama stayed quiet for a moment, then said, “Madara is back?”

Masahiko clone smack his own face, “YES, Prepare some tea for him! He’s not coming to visit, you know!”

Hashirama’s IQ finally went online, and suddenly he looked all dignified, then nodded, “Let’s go, Grandpa!”

The duo informed Tobirama, and told him to spread the word, and prepare the Village for any attacks, then quickly left the Village, and stopped Madara who was rushing toward Konoha.

Madara’s Chakra felt more vivid as they get close to each other’s. Now both party is in each other sight.

“Madara! You came back…” Hashirama shouted.

“Old man! Did you perceive me coming? Wait, you are… A shadow clone!” Madara ignored Hashirama, and instead spoke to Masahiko.

Masahiko rolled his eyes and then said, “Duh! You’ve sent your cronies to my Village! I had to go back to Uzushiogakure, leaving only this clone!”

“I sent someone to attack Uzushiogakure?” Madara froze for a while, then he realized something.

“It must be him… There’s something wrong with him…” Madara said secretly.
Deep down into the ground, Zetsu seemed anxious.

“So, old man? What your avatar can possibly do against me?” Madara sneered.

“Hmm, let’s see what a one…” As Masahiko was saying, his clone suddenly disappeared.

Hashirama and Madara looked at each other…

“That so-called incarnation of my will could cause so much trouble to the old-guy?”

At Uzushiogakure.

Masahiko didn’t encounter any danger, but his Chakra was somewhat unstable.

Half an hour ago, Masahiko returned to the Uzumaki Clan, and the villages were already in chaos.

“Sensei!” Masahiko was greeted by his two female disciples. The moment he saw them, he felt relieved.

“Great Elder!” Said Gensuke, the current patriarch.

Masahiko looked at him and nodded in response, then he said, “Show me the bodies of the two clansmen who got killed!”

Masahiko said in his heart, “I’m afraid my big nephew has made a mistake, the new patriarch is not ready for this kind of crisis.” However, because Gensuke is Nanako’s husband and Masahiko didn’t say anything.

When Masahiko arrived at the place where the bodies are stored, he sighed, “So it was white Zetsu?”

Masahiko’s luck seemed like it has already run out, “Damn! This is a trap! I thought Madara has already reached Konoha…”

Masahiko glanced around, watching the people who were still on alert even with his presence, then sighed slightly.

“Don’t be too vigilant, he can’t stay hidden in my presence…” As soon as Masahiko said that, a clansman behind Yuriko attacked her.

Masahiko’s face turned darker, but he didn’t really pay attention to it. It’s not easy to sneak on Yuriko, as expected; she quickly used a Rasengan and defeated the guy who tried to attack him. Two seconds later, he turned into a White Zetsu.

Looking at the weird eyes around him, Masahiko felt embarrassed, and in his heart, he cursed “Those damn White Zetsus! Even I can’t tell where their hiding!”

Looking at how people were more alerted, Masahiko sighed, “I can use the Yin and Yang chakra to find them all… But if I use that… I will need more Chakra.”

“If I find the perfect opportunity, during Madara and Hashirama’s battle, one shot would be enough! Kagebunshin-Return!”

Then, Masahiko’s clone in front of Madara and Hashirama disappeared…

Masahiko, who called back his clone bit his finger, mobilizing a lot of Chakra, “Kuchiyose no Jutsu!”

Poof! With his technique, he summoned the slug Katsuyu.

“Katsuyu-Sama, sorry for bothering you, my Village is under an attack by an unknown enemy. I need you to attach yourselves to every villager, and help me determine their location!”

Katsuyu then nodded in agreement and broke into thousands of little slugs and attached herself to each villager.

Masahiko gazed a little, then he transported the Yin and Yang Chakra through Katsuyu to the other villagers.

The moment White Zetsu came in contact with the Yin and Yang Release, he couldn’t sustain his transformation, exposing his true form. Then the Clansmen hunted every single one of them.

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief.

When everything was back in order again, Masahiko immediately sat down and quickly recovered his Chakra. He was still having a bad feeling; maybe it wasn’t this, perhaps it’s Hashirama…

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