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L.L.H: Chapter 73: Battle of the Valley of the End

The turmoil in Uzushiogakure has finally been averted. The villager gradually regained their calm again. However, near Konoha, the negotiations between Hashirama and Madara begin to heat up.

“Hashirama! There’s been no war for a long time! And the old man is not here to protect you! Kyuubi! Kuchiyose no Jutsu!” Madara shouted, and once again, the Kyuubi appeared in front of Hashirama.

A few miles from the soon to be a battleground, Masahiko’s remaining clone, which was hiding, heard these words, then sighed, “Madara, it won’t be the same as last time…”

Hashirama didn’t have any choice. His old friend already went to the place of no return. With evident sorrow on his face, Hashirama folded his hands together.

“Mokuton-Wood Dragon Technique!”

A wooden dragon suddenly appeared, then right away it entangled the Kyuubi, he shrieked in pain, then he created a Bijuudama launched destroying the dragon’s head.

“Mokuton-Wood Golem!”

From the body of the wood dragon, a wood golem took form. He then caught the Bijuudama with his right hand and pressed it toward the Kyuubi.

With this great explosion, Masahiko’s lost sight on the battlefield.

After everything has calmed down again, he found that Madara has entered the Majestic Attire Susanoo while Hashirama surrounded by some kind of masks.

“I don’t remember this technique…” Masahiko’s clone muttered to himself.

Alas, Madara answered Masahiko, “You’ve managed to withstand the destructive power of the Bijuudama! Is this the Hobi Technique?”

After Hashirama’s defensive technique was lifted, Madara quickly charged to Hashirama, but he got taken down by the wooden golem’s hands.

“I have seen all your through your attack, Madara!” Hashirama shouted, “Mokuton-Binding of roots!”

Wooden hands suddenly appeared from the ground around Madara and grabbed his Susanoo.

As soon as it grabbed him, Madara used the lightsaber in the Susanoo’s hand, and suddenly cut all of the wooden hands.

Hashirama then quickly jumped back and frowned, “If this goes on, then this land… No, the destruction will even reach the village… We need to move the seaside.”

“Don’t you dare to escape Hashirama!” Madara shouted, and quickly chased him.

Seeing the two of them getting further, and further, Masahiko clenched his teeth. “I don’t think that I can compete with them, what should I do…?” Masahiko thought, then quickly followed them.

Near the beach, the Kyuubi under Madara’s control once again formed a huge Bijuudama but didn’t launch it. Madara then put the Susanoo’s hand against it and added a rotation force to the Bijuudama.

“Hashirama! You can’t block it this time.”

Hashirama bit his finger and summoned the Rashomon, “Kuchiyose no Jutsu! Five Layer Rashomon!” Five Rashomon gate appear from the ground.

The spinning-Bijuudama then crashing with the Rashomon, its blade pierced through the five Rashomon like a knife to butter. Hitting the final gate, the Bijuudama bounced off the gate and changed its trajectory. The Bijuudama then flew passing Hashirama toward the sea and exploded far away.

“BOOM!” A loud explosion sound emitted.

Masahiko’s who was running toward the battlefield, froze for a moment, “The Land of Water on the other side… Too bad for them…”

“Hashirama! It’s been a while since our last fight. You should that I’m different from before!”

Hashirama crossed his hands and said, “Madara! Our efforts! Our dreams! Do you want to turn it into nothing? Our battle will achieve nothing! There’s no benefit in fighting with me! It will only hurt the village and the people! It will only ruin our friendship!”

“You… You’re lecturing me?” Madara got slightly insulted.

“I just don’t want to kill you…” Hashirama shouted.

Masahiko shook his head, helplessly, “Kishimoto, couldn’t you make him a little bit smarter…?”
(T/N: Kishimoto: The Mangaka and the author of Naruto.)

Sure enough, the moment he heard this sentence, Madara’s Chakra surged violently out of his body, “You mean, you can kill me if you want?”

“No! I mean, we are friends!”

“Prepare to die!” Madara shouted, and the Kyuubi roared loudly.

“No, don’t…” Hashirama murmured, “Sage Art-Mokuton-True Thousand Armed Buddha Kannon!”

The thousand-armed Buddha was once again summoned by Hashirama. This time, it was even bigger than the previous in the War of Mine, and the number of its arms was doubled.

“Hashirama!” Madara screamed and charge toward Hashirama.

“Top transformed Buddha!” Hashirama shouted, and the Thousand Armed Buddha attacked Madara.

The Majestic Attire Susanno condensed and released countless small Chakra spinning Shurikens, cutting nearly half of the Buddha’s hands.

The rest of the hands hit the Susanoo, while Hashirama jumped and stood on the Buddha’s right arm.

A huge explosion occurred.

When the explosion and dust disappeared, upon seeing that half of the Susanno’s armor got destroyed, the Buddha’s right hand caught the Kyuubi’s neck directly.

“Seal!” Shouted Hashirama, Suddenly Buddha put his right hand with the “Za” Kanji written on it its palm, “Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands.”

Madara stared at him coldly then jumped off the Kyuubi’s head.

The Buddha’s hand pressed hard on the Kyuubi’s head, and the former’s eyes slowly closed until he lost consciousness.

Already using most of his power, Hashirama couldn’t maintain his wooden Buddha. After lifting it, the two then faced each other for the final physical confrontation.

However, this was Masahiko’s chance… he nodded, then said, “I’m sorry, Madara…”

“Senjutsu-Dust Release-Detachment of the Primitive World!”

The massive chakra fluctuation condensed in Masahiko’s hand. Sensing this, Madara looked at the clone, with a surprise, “That damn old guy was here… Wait, this is another Shadow Clone?”

Hashirama had complexed feelings and didn’t know what to do, “Grandpa! Madara… Watch out!”

However, the Dust gathered wasn’t targeting Madara; instead, the clone was aiming at Hashirama direction. When Masahiko was about to release it, suddenly, a black shadow got attached to his body and took control of it.

“Damn! Black Zetsu! You dare to appear now!” Shouted Masahiko in his heart, noticing how the dust was about to get released toward Hashirama, Masahiko smiled helplessly, then disappeared with a bang.

“Second Grandpa!” Hashirama shouted, he looked confused, he didn’t notice the existence of Black Zetsu up until this moment. At the same time, he felt slightly relieved; he didn’t want Madara to die.

Madara was also surprised, then frowned, muttering, “That guy… He claimed to be an incarnation of my will, but he can also attach himself to that old guy and manipulate him?”

Madara felt confused and started to doubt the whole thing. He doesn’t know anymore whether he was the one who wanted to fight Hashirama, or that guy was the one who forced that idea into his mind.

However, after letting out that sigh of relief, Hashirama shouted, “Madara!”

Madara let go of all those thoughts, then continued the battle.

At the Uzumaki Clan.

Masahiko, who was concentrating on recovering his Chakra, suddenly looked anxious. He just got the information back from his clone.

He immediately got up, and regardless of the fact that he recovered only 20% of his Chakra, he flew out toward the battlefield.

After more than an hour, Masahiko reached the vicinity of the battlefield. When he reached the place, he could only see Hashirama, and Kyuubi, the battle was already over.

He rushed to the center of the battlefield and saw the Kyuubi in a deep sleep, with Hashirama leaning on him, catching his breath.

“Hashirama…” Masahiko sighed, his injury and exhaustion were serious, if he was an ordinary ninja, he would have died… Twice.

Hashirama opened his eyes, then adjusted his breath, and looked at Masahiko, “Second Grandpa… I… killed Madara…”

Masahiko sighed, “I see…”

In front of Masahiko, a sentence appeared, “Participate and Witness the Main Story of Naruto World: The Battle of Valley of the End. Obtain 50 witness points.”

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