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L.L.H: Chapter 74: The First Nine-Tails’ Jinchuriki

“Witness and participate… Huh…” Masahiko sighed, then shook his head, “In the end, I couldn’t change anything at all.”

Although he got 50 witness points, Masahiko was not happy at all.

He looked at Hashirama, who was adjusting his breath, then he gazed around the battlefield. But he couldn’t find Madara’s body anywhere.

“So everything is exactly the same as the original, Madara didn’t change his mind on the Eye of the Moon plan.”
(T/N: Eye of the Moon Plan: Tsuki no Me: Created by Uchiha Madara as a way to bring peace to the world.)

Masahiko took a long breath then sat on the ground. At that moment, he also began to feel tired.

Initially, he only had 20% of his chakra, but after using it to fly here as fast as possible, now it got almost bottomed out. And the symptoms of chakra exhaustion began to appear on his face.

“Well, let’s restore chakra first…”

After more than an hour, Masahiko restored almost half of his chakra and opened his eyes to found Hashirama still adjusting his breaths, but his face looks better than before.

“It’s my first time I’ve seen Hashirama this week. He has lost a lot of vitality… Unfortunately, Chiyo is still a little girl. Otherwise, she could give him some vitality using her One’s Own Life Reincarnation… Well, I’m not sure if she would be willing to give up on her life.” Masahiko muttered to himself.

After a while, Hashirama opened his eyes and looked at Masahiko, “Second Grandpa, let’s go back to the village!”

Masahiko nodded then he turned around and said, “But what about the Kyuubi?”

“We take it back first, then later, I will look for a way to seal it,” Hashirama replied.

“Seal? Jinchuriki?” Masahiko murmured, “When you think about it, I go that thing from the monk…”

The two returned to Konoha, and the villagers were already gathering to welcome them at the gate. It seemed that everyone has noticed the big battle that has occurred. And when they saw that Hashirama has returned, they cheered up!

“Don’t worry, Hokage-Sama is fine…”
The people begin to chatter, “I knew the Hokage will be fine. He’s our village pride!”

“Yes, he’s the strongest Kage!”

The noises of the chattering raised more, which made Hashirama smile, “I’m fine, everyone, go back to your work!”

Masahiko then dispersed the crowd, and the patriarchs of the other clans finally reached the two of them.

“Brother!” Tobirama came in a hurry and looked at Hashirama, then he looked at Masahiko, and stopped talking.

“Madara is dead.” Masahiko explained instead of Hashirama, “Tell the other we will discuss it later.”

Tobirama showed a happy face, but Uchiha Izumi’s expression was the one that looked complicated, he hesitated first, then he turned back and head toward the Uchiha’s Residence.

The Kyubi shackled by using the wooden-release Jutsu and then kept tied near the Village’s main gate so that he could enjoy the same treatment as the other 8 Bijuu before him.

The other followed Hashirama to the meeting room. His face was stiff and severe. The first sentence he utters surprised everyone.

“I’m gonna step down from my position as the Hokage. The Second Hokage of Konoha will be selected again by your votes.”

“Big brother!” Tobirama suddenly stood up, “You…”

“Ah, hahaha…” Hashirama scratched his head, smiling cheerfully, then said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I can still live for three or five more years… Don’t look so serious.”

Masahiko sighed, “So, this is how he…”

Everyone in the room looked shocked for a moment, then they became noisy, after a while, Nara Patriarch said, “Hokage-Sama, if you retire, then the most prominent candidate to success you, is none other than your brother, Tobirama.”



Everyone there agreed, because now in Konoha. In addition to Tobirama, there are only oldsters like Masahiko, who has already abdicated.

Faced with this situation, they will naturally choose Tobirama.

Hashirama nodded, “This is settled then, to the next thing, the Kyuubi.”

“It was controlled by Madara before. Now it’s suppressed by my wood technique. But I might not be able to hold it for long. We need to find a way to seal it, Grandpa…”

Hashirama was trying to ask Masahiko if there’s a way to seal him, but the door of the meeting room suddenly got pushed open.

“Hashirama, I can seal the Nine-tails in my body…” It was Mito, who has walked in,
She still looked like a little girl, but Masahiko couldn’t find that gentle smile from before…

“Mito, You…” The look on Hashirama’s face changed slightly, but he still shook his head “This is too dangerous!”

“No need,” Masahiko shook his head and smiled, “Hashirama, don’t you remember that I’ve stolen something from the old monk… I mean borrowed…”

Hashirama first looked confused, then he got overjoyed. “Do you mean the one that used to seal Shukaku?”

Masahiko nodded, “I will go back to take it.”

Masahiko rushed back to search for that Jar, and soon a group of people came with him outside of the Village.

The Kyubi was still firmly bounded by Hashirama’s technique, and there was no sign of it waking up soon.

“This should be easy…” Masahiko muttered to himself. His hand performed a hand sign, “Fuinjutsu-Adamantine Sealing Chains!”

On more, “Fuinjutsu-Beast: Sealing Technique!”

The chains from the two seals tied the Nine-tails firmly. Masahiko nodded, “Hashirama undo your technique so I can seal Kyuubi!”

Hashirama nodded, he lifted his wood technique, and the Kyuubi slowly woke up.

Roar First he roared, then when he noticed the situation, he shouted, “Damn you, Uchiha Madara!”

Finally, regaining its sanity, he turned his eyes and saw Masahiko; now, its eyes are locked on him, “You, that old man again!”

Masahiko’s face turned pale; it seems the Kyuubi still remembers him from the time when he killed him a few years ago, but…

“I don’t mind anybody calling me old man or such, but I don’t wanna hear this from an Old Fox like you, who lived for thousands of years! Just enter the freaking Jar…” Masahiko pointed the Jar toward the Nine-tails, “Fuinjutsu-Eight Signs Seal!”

The Nine-tails struggled to break free, but facing Masahiko’s sealing technique, it was useless to fight back, and eventually, he got slowly sucked into the Jar.

However, just halfway through, Masahiko’s face suddenly changed. Half of the Kyuubi was still out, but the Jar was already full!

“What the hell is this even qualified to be called a sealing artifact? You can only seal the Ichibi, but you could only seal half of the Kyuubi?”

“Do I even want to be the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki?”

Masahiko murmured.

“Fuinjutsu – Four Symbols Seal!” Suddenly a female voice came from behind. It was Mito, who has saved Masahiko and sealed the remaining half of the Kyuubi inside her.

Masahiko’s eyes widened, “So you’ve ended being the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki anyway…”

Masahiko looked to the Jar, then at Mito. The Jar contained the Yang part, and Mito had the Yin sealed inside her.

Masahiko shook his head, and then he walked while holding the Jar toward Mito, who’s now surrounded by the crowds.

Mito closed her eyes tightly, then after five minutes, she opened her them again, while smiling, “Don’t worry, I can easily suppress the half-part of the Nine-tails.”

Hashirama sighed with relief, then turned to Masahiko, “Second Grandpa! You… Sigh…”

Masahiko’s face turned red, and said, “It’s because of this old monk’s cheap jar…”

Hashirama shook his head helplessly. After so many years, he was already familiar with Masahiko’s unreliability.

“Forget it, there shouldn’t be any problems with half of the Kyuubi sealed in Mito’s body. Keep this Jar secured temporarily…”

Masahiko laughed, “No problem! I will reinforce the seal on Mito’s body! Easy-peasy, just watch!”

Masahiko reinforced the Four Symbol Seal in Mito’s body and combined it with Eight Signs Seal.

At the same time, a sentence flashed in front of Masahiko’s eyes, “Witness and Change the Main Story of Naruto World: The First Nine-Tail Jinchuriki. Obtained 5(*8) Witness Points.”

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