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L.L.H: Chapter 75: Konoha Police Force

The Nine tail sealing incident came to an end, and the election of the Second Hokage was scheduled near. Yes, it was an election. Hashirama didn’t agree to hand the position of the Hokage directly to Tobirama. Instead, he wanted to hold another general election.

Uchiha Izumi got pleasantly surprised with the news, and he personally visited various clans. In particular, he focused on the three clans of Sarutobi, Shimura, and Akimichi, hoping to gain votes from them, based on the friendship between their clansmen.

After the Uzumaki’s issue was settled, and Hashirama decided to retire from being a Hokage, he went to visit Masahiko for three days, or two, not to discuss business matters, but to learn how to play dice. He still couldn’t believe how Masahiko could beat him every time.

“Hashirama, I heard that Izumi also wants to become the Hokage, what is your thought about this matter?” Masahiko said while smiling.

Hashirama, thought for a while then frowned, “Second Grandpa, how could you be so sure that you’re gonna get 11?”

Masahiko narrowed his eyes, “Are you okay with the Uchiha becoming the next Hokage?”

Hashirama picked up the cup, shook it, then threw the dice, “Why can’t I get 18?”


Masahiko hit the table, startling Hashirama. Then he took the cup and shook it hard. “Guess what I’m gonna get next?”

“Eleven! No, eighteen!” Hashirama hesitated.

Masahiko opened the cup, and the dice were stacked on top of each other’s, with one on the top showing the number 1.

Hashirama’s eyes got widened, “Second Grandpa! What kind of magic is this?”

Masahiko smiled, “Wanna learn this trick? I’ll teach you! But answer my question first…”

Masahiko was about to repeat his question, he didn’t expect Hashirama to answer so quickly and directly, “Second Grandpa, rest assured. The Izumi can’t compete with Tobirama, especially to gain the favor of the Sarutobi, Shimura, and Akimichi. Tobirama is even the teacher of Izumi’s son…”

Masahiko froze. He didn’t reply to what Hashirama has said. After uttering those answers, Hashirama looked eager to learn the new dice trick. Masahiko faintly said, “You are not afraid that Izumi would have another plan, a counter-attack?!”

“Teach me now, Grandpa,” Hashirama shook his head, “How can you do this trick?”

While they were talking, one of the Uzumaki’s Clansmen knocked on the door, “Great elders Uchiha Izumi has come to visit.”

Masahiko nodded, and signed the guard to let him in, then turned to Hashirama, with tears of laughter, “See? It seems I’m the counter-attack! You go hide behind, and let’s see how he is planning to win this Grandpa’s vote…”

Hashirama nodded with a strange expression, then he hid in the back room with his dice cup.

Izumi then entered the room; when he saw Masahiko, he smiled and said, “Uncle Masahiko…”

Masahiko waved his hand and interrupted his words, “You dare call me uncle? At least call me Elder or Grandpa like everyone. You wouldn’t dare to call me that if Uchiha Madara was still around us!”

Izumi’s face got darkened, then cursed secretly, “If the Patriarch was still he, I would have dared to call you an old man…” But he couldn’t help but say, “Masahiko… Grandpa.”

“Ah, obedient, now sit down.” Masahiko laughed inside.

The corner of Izumi’s mouth twitched, then he sat down. The chair he sat on was still warm; he frowned, then asked, “Grandpa, was someone here before me?”

“Ah, no, I was just using that chair to rest my foot on it…”

Izumi: “…”

Izumi finally managed to calm down, then he said, “I came here to hear out your opinion. I hope that the Uzumaki clan will support me in the upcoming election.”

Masahiko sighed and scratched his head, “We have a strong relationship with the Senju, how can we support you?”

Izumi then sighed, and shook his head, “The Uzumaki Clan is now the third-largest Clan after the Senju and Uchiha. The position of the Hokage takes turns. If you support me now, then next time…”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “It will be impossible even if we support you.”

Izumi then replied with a smug grin, “There are already many families who are willing to support me. With your help, I will win this election.”

Masahiko froze for a moment, then replied, “Then I will think about it…”

Izumi smiled proudly, he then bid farewell to Masahiko and left the room.

“Oh… Hahaha…” He waited until Izumi left, then Hashirama came out of the backroom. Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hashirama, look at him… Hahaha!”

Hashirama looked confused, “Granpa, don’t tell me, you’re actually considering his offer?

Masahiko then smirked and fell on the chair behind from laughter.

Hashirama stressfully smiled…


In the blink of an eye, half a month already passed, and the Election Day began.

Izumi lost the election, with 59 votes less to Tobirama.

If there were only 100 voters, then Izumi would have certainly won… But there were 1000 people qualified to vote. And exactly 60 Uchiha Clansmen didn’t vote for Izumi…

Looking at Izumi’s angry face, Masahiko smiled happily.

Izumi then walked to Masahiko angrily, “Masahiko… Grandpa, I thought we had an agreement, yes?”

Masahiko then said, “Didn’t you say that other clans support you… You see, it seems that your own Clan didn’t vote for you.”

“Kagami…” Izumi then murmured, the expression on his face changed slightly, then he turned away.

The Election Day came to an end, and Tobirama got successfully elected as the Second Hokage. Masahiko gained 20 witness points from this event. He was more responsible than Hashirama, he followed the event from the beginning until the end and stayed at the Hokage building.

Masahiko couldn’t help himself; he was so entangled with this matter because he needed to escape from Hashirama, who annoying him everywhere, with gambling stuff. Masahiko finally found a way to turn him away, saying that he needed to practice on his sculpturing skills.

This wasn’t just an excuse; Masahiko took this sculpting matter really seriously. He even used 9 witness points to raise it to Max Level. Since then, he has become a Legendary Sculptor.

Of course, he didn’t want to sculpt Tobirama’s face, but he remembered that the Valley of the End now needs two huge statues as a memorial. Great shinobi like Madara and Hashirama needed to be remembered by the future generations.

While he was working on sharpening his Sculptor skills, Konoha fell into a lot of troubles.

Tobirama failed to fill his brother’s position. The displeased Uchiha Clansmen stopped working, whether it was the hospital, restaurant, school ninja, almost every place inside the Village was having problems.

Thus after a lot of consideration from the new Hokage and his council, they decided to form the first Konoha Police Force, with the Uchiha Clan as the backbone of this organization.

The duty of the police force is to keep the order inside Konoha, protect the villagers, and of course, arrest the criminals, whether it’s civilian or shinobi alike.

With such power, the Uchiha’s mood started to cool down. And once again, Konoha became peaceful.

But this was just the wind before storm…

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