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L.L.H: Chapter 79: Zero Skills Tsunade

Inside the Hokage Building.

Masahiko listened with interest to the First Hokage’s moral lecturing the Second Hokage Tobirama, while secretly laughing at how Tobirama looked helpless and afraid to talk back.

This ideological, moral lecture lasted for half an hour before finally stopping.

At first, Tobirama showed an “I don’t care” expression, then a “submissive” expression, later an “I regret it, brother,” and from “I’m sorry brother,” he ended up looking so cute and innocent. Masahiko has almost laughed out loud at that point. The only time where you can see the ever serious second Hokage act like a puppy is when he’s around Hashirama.

When Hashirama saw how Masahiko was acting so carefree, he was ready to open a moral class to Masahiko. But at the latter interrupted before he could say anything, “Tobirama, why don’t you tell him that you have started developing this technique, so you could manage to resurrect your brother after he dies?!”

Tobirama’s face got stiff, but he didn’t refute nor affirm this claiming.

Masahiko’s mouth twitched slightly, then he muttered, “So this was really the case…”

Hashirama then looked around and sighed, “Tobirama, just forget about this… This Ninjutsu will temporarily be classified as forbidden technique.”

The development of the Edo Tensei technique got temporarily suspended. Masahiko knew how significant the effect of this Jutsu will be in the future. He could have just destroyed it like the Shiki Fujin, but Masahiko failed to be there from the start.

“A few decades later, I might end up using this technique… As for the price, well, I’ll think about it at the time!” Masahiko thought of a lot of things, but as he wasn’t willing to change the course of the First Shinobi World War… Masahiko didn’t want to do anything with the Edo Tensei, as long as it’s classified as a forbidden technique and well preserved.
After this incident, Masahiko had a new mission; he got appointed by Hashirama to supervise Tobirama…

Of course, it’s not face-to-face surveillance, and Masahiko didn’t have the mood to stay in the Hokage Office all day. He just needed to stay in a nearby location to Tobirama, and occasionally use his Mind’s Eye of the Kagura to check on him.

As for where is Masahiko…

“Second Grandpa, did you come again to my house for a cup of tea?” Kenji sighed and sat down opposite to Masahiko.

Masahiko smiled, watching Aika coming over with two cups of tea, then joked, “Most people wouldn’t dream of the chance to drink tea that was made by the Princess of the Land of Fire.”

After a slight pause, Masahiko said, “However, Kenji, Aika is pregnant after all, I won’t bother her next time…”

Kenji let out a sigh of relief…

“Next time, you will make the tea.”

“Grandpa, it’s okay, really…” Aika approached, the Princess of the Land of Fire looked and acted indeed like a noble. Among the girls that Masahiko has seen, only Mito had the same manners.

“I’m only three months pregnant,” Aika said.

Masahiko nodded, and sighed again, muttering to himself, “It’s been only three months? It seems that I have to stay here for more than six months…”

Sitting next to him, Kenji looked at Masahiko with widened eyes, “Grandpa, you…”

Masahiko didn’t bother. He made up his mind to stay at Kenji’s house for another six months. One was to avoid the Hashirama’s gambling, and the other is to monitor and witness the birth of Tsunade. As for keeping an eye on Tobirama, it’s only a side job.

Masahiko looked out the window, and sure enough, the sky was dark, “Grandpa!” Kenji shouted, waking up Masahiko, and before he could say anything, Kenji went on to say, “It’s getting late, wouldn’t be better if you go now?”
Masahiko nodded, “Yes, indeed… Then I’ll come back tomorrow!”

Kenji then quickly added, “Grandpa, I will be at the Academy tomorrow, so you don’t…”

Masahiko waved his hand, interrupting, “It’s alright, Aika will be at home!”

As Masahiko walked away, Kenji reluctantly looked at his sad wife, then smiled and shook his head. There’s really nothing he could do about this Grandpa.

While Masahiko walked to his house, he muttered along the way, “Tobirama hasn’t done anything for half a month… Did he found out that he’s being watched, or did he simply give up?” After thinking about it Masahiko laughed again. “Kenji… Boi… you used to nag and pester me a lot when you were a child. But now that you’ve grown up, it’s time for my revenge… When I think about it, when Mito was pregnant with him, I used to have such a routine to bully Hashirama.
What an Inexplicable nostalgia…”

In the next five months, Masahiko has become an office worker with a repetitive routine. He will go to Aika from 9 to 6 every day
However, in September, Mito moved Kenji’s house. Masahiko somewhat felt embarrassed to go. Faced with Mito, who seemed like she always has some doubts about his age, he still felt guilty around her.

As for the reason why Mito moved in, it was because Mito expects Aika to deliver soon, and when that happens, she wants to be there so she could take Aika to the hospital herself.

“I remember that in the original book, Kushina delivered the baby on her own… Are the midwives in Konoha is so unprofessional?” Masahiko smiled and shook his head. “Well Kushina has a good physique, but Aika is not a ninja, is this really okay?”

He also couldn’t recall any tragic things being said about Tsunade’s birth, but he couldn’t help but be even more worried than Kenji himself.

This tense and anticipation mood took Masahiko to the noon of the second of August of the 10th year of Konoha.

In the corridor of the Konoha hospital, three people were waiting anxiously, Masahiko, Hashirama, and Kenji.

Listening to Akai’s cries, and Mito’s commands, while sensing the disturbance in the delivery room from time to time made Masahiko feel nervous.

“Did Mito actually learned some delivery techniques for this day? Even the medical ninja inside surrendered to her commands. Old Mito is really… Awesome!!”

Masahiko looked at Kenji and asked, “Did you already thought of a good name for the child?” Masahiko intent to gain the naming right for the baby. But when heard Kenji’s answer his face turned black.

Yes, we did. If it’s a girl, she will be called Tsunade, and if it’s a boy then, we will call him Nawaki.”

Unfortunately, he won’t even gain the right to name the next one.

At that moment, Masahiko regretted that he didn’t give Tsunade her name earlier, suddenly, the cries that were coming from the delivery room stopped.

Then after a few seconds, they heard a baby crying.

“Just now… This is baby Tsunade’s voice…”

After a while, Mito came out with the baby wrapped tightly in a blanket, then looked at the people there, saying, “It’s a girl,” and opened the sheet a little to give them a glance.

Kenji looked at the baby for a while, then quickly went into the room to check on Aika’s condition.

Hashirama got filled with joy and happiness; the baby slept calmly in Mito’s arms.

Masahiko glanced a few times, then sighed slightly, shaking his head, and went out, leaving the two with blank faces.

Wandering on the street of Konoha, Masahiko’s heart sank deep into inexplicable emotions.

“What’s that feeling I had in my heart when I saw baby Tsunade..”

“I’ve waited for so long, just to see a baby, how long it will take to see Kakashi and the other plot characters…” Masahiko felt tired of waiting.

“It’s so unpleasant to wait all the time, should I find something else to do.” Masahiko sighed and felt slightly sad, “What will I do… When Hashirama leaves too?”

(T/N: Explaining the Title: Zero Skills Tsunade: Senju: (千手一族, Senju Ichizoku) means “The clan with a thousand skills,” and since Tsunade got just born in this chapter and she clearly doesn’t have any skill, the author made a pun about it and titled this chapter, Zero Skills Tsunade.)

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