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L.L.H: Chapter 80: First Birthday Party

Since the birth of Tsunade, Masahiko has been wandering around Konoha, mingled with shopping aunts in groceries, asking for any newborn babies.

As far as he remembers, Orochimaru and Jiraiya seemed to be younger than Tsunade, but they were born in the same year.

Orochimaru’s parents got found easily by Masahiko. Unexpectedly, Orochimaru’s parents were both civilian ninjas that have joined the academy in its first year. Masahiko saw them once when they were younger, but he didn’t expect them to be his parents.

“The academy that I helped establishing in advance… gave Orochimaru’s parents the chance to be classmates, and meet every day, I didn’t expect that it will have such an impact on their lives.” Masahiko muttered, feeling that he might have pushed the establishment of the Ninja Academy too earlier.

Masahiko didn’t warn them about their baby snake, that his mother was holding in her arms. Then he continues his journey to find Jiraiya.

In fact, there’s nothing he could say to Orochimaru’s parents; he can’t just waltz in and say, “I just came to take a better look at your baby boy who will grow up to be the evilest scientist in the history and kill the Third Hokage!”

He will be treated as a mentally ill person…

By that time he didn’t know that these two were one of his students that he has tortured by his jazz music lessons for an entire year, and has already regarded him as a mentally ill person…

The journey to find the Legendary Sanin baby was tough. Until the mid of the 11th year of Konoha, Masahiko didn’t hear of any baby named Jiraiya.

“My toad Sannin, don’ you dare disappear!” Masahiko sighed.

“I remember that Jiraiya was an orphan… Maybe he’s an orphan from another village… Hmmm…” In the end, Masahiko couldn’t find a better explanation.

“Should I push the idea of building an orphanage in Konoha?”

However, a few days later, Masahiko abandoned this idea behind. He got the news that the Senju will hold Tsunade’s first birthday party.

“There’s such a thing in the ninja world?” Masahiko couldn’t recall that such an event has ever happened before.

Later, he got informed that the first birthday banquet is usually held in the mansion of a Land of Fire’s aristocrat. As for the intention… It’s, of course, to collect funds.

“Well, when you think about it, isn’t Aika, the biggest aristocrat in this nation? Then it should be something ordinary for her, right?”

“However, why would Tobirama and Hashirama agree on holding such an event? It’s not like them to ask people for funds… It seems that our leaders have also got caught up into the corruption…”Masahiko said sadly.

It’s not too much of a trouble for Masahiko to think of a present, he was gonna take this opportunity to give Tsunade the Katsuyu’s Summoning Scroll. And Hashirama will most definitely give her that necklace, while Tobirama…

Masahiko really couldn’t guess what Tobirama will give her.

Sure enough, on the 2nd of August, in the Senju’s Banquet, all the major clansmen came with their presents, but…

“Sarutobi! What do you mean by gifting my grandaughter a staff? Do you think that Tsunade is also a monkey?” Hashirama spoke fiercely, while Sasuke could only smile bitterly.

In the distance, Masahiko could hear Tsunade crying.

Walking a few steps toward her, Masahiko reluctantly covered his forehead. “Aburame clan, why did you think that sending a special bug to a kid is a good idea?”

Tsunade was no different from any kid, she was afraid of that bug, hiding behind her mother.

Masahiko could notice the helpless and confused expression on Aika’s face, which made him almost laugh out loud.

“Birthday party…” Masahiko shook his head. “Aika, this has turned more like the Senju’s weaponry sharing shop.”

What else can a Shinobi send? It’s impossible to expect Shinobis to send gold or diamonds like the nobles of the Land of Fire. Therefore, a pile of various weapons got formed on the table, in front of Hashirama and the others. There was even a box of bomb papers, which got quickly moved away by Kenji.

The better gifts were the strengthening pills from the Akimichi clan and a beautiful headband from the Nara clan.

“Well, my gift is indeed the best…” Masahiko nodded proudly and handed the Katsuyu’s Summoning Scroll to Aika.

Aika looked at it casually, then she put it on the table like the others.

Masahiko’s face got pale, “A mistake was made, Aika is not a shinobi, she doesn’t know the goods… I should have given it to Kenji.”

On the other side, Hashirama personally went to the crying Tsunade to comfort her.

However, the way that Hashirama used to comfort Tsunade made Masahiko’s jaw wide open. Isn’t that the dice cup that never leaves Hashirama’s side?

Tsunade instantly stopped crying, she took the dice cup and shook it twice, then she rolled the dice smiling, which made Masahiko helplessly shake his head
“Born a gambler…”

“Thank you, Grandfather!” The crisp girly voice emitted, making Masahiko slightly disoriented.

“How did I forget about this? Tsunade is already one-year-old, but she’s capable of speaking simple words.”

Masahiko quickly stepped forward, hoping that she will call him big grandfather, he shoved Hashirama aside and asked Tsunade.

“Little Tsunade, do you know who I am?”

Tsunade kept silent for a while, then she said, “Great Ancestor?”

“What the hell?” Masahiko faintly muttered, “No, sweetheart, it should be Great Grandpa.”

“Great Grandpa? I mean, Hashirama is her grandfather, and you’re more like, great-great-grandfather, I guess. I was afraid that she might get confused. I didn’t know what to tell her really… So I told her to call you Great Ancestor.” Kenji, who Masahiko didn’t know from where he showed up, said jokingly.

Hashirama heard this and almost laughed, “Sweetheart, call grandpa Masahiko Great Grandpa. I think this name is more appropriate.”

Tsunade could only nod, but this didn’t make Masahiko happy.

“If there’s a sixth-generation in the future, what should they call me? Damn, they will really call me Great Ancestor…” Masahiko didn’t really know much about this situation. Even in his previous life, there’s almost no way for a person to be alive at the same time as a sixth-generation old man.

“What is Naruto supposed to call me then?”

While he was thinking, someone gently poked him.

“Excuse me, but it’s my turn to give the present…” It turned out that Tobirama has finally arrived.

“Oh, it’s our busy Hokage. Finally, Tsunade’s second grandpa has arrived. So what did you bring to her?” Masahiko smiled.

He sighed helplessly and didn’t explain, but made a gesture to his special sword (Raijin No Kin), hanging on his waist.

Masahiko nodded slightly, this gift isn’t bad after all. He wanted to say something, but Hashirama, on the other side, finally announce the start of the banquet.

Every family and clansmen came to the table one after another, Masahiko shook his head and said nothing more, after all, it was important to eat.

The sumptuous dishes were placed on the table in front of Masahiko, which almost comparable to the feast at the Daimyo palace years ago. After all, in Konoha, the Senju is considered to be the biggest and the wealthiest clan.

This time, Masahiko didn’t start eating immediately but looked at the table on which the gifts were placed with a smile. The Shuriken and the Kunai were forming the biggest pile, nothing that expensive. Ninjas really don’t know how to gift presents…

“Hah! Without my summoning scroll, the Senju would have lost big time.”

“I’m really a generous man…”

Masahiko then nodded and started eating!

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