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LLH Chapter 393 Cute Moegi


Almost August, the air is still so hot.

In front of Masahiko are three teenagers that were overflowing with sweat as they shared their ideas.

However, Masahiko’s body wasn’t the only cold thing, but also his heart.

“In the end… this is going to be your plan?”

The three looked at each other, then Itachi said calmly, “Ancestor, is there any problem?”

Masahiko almost laughed out loud, ‘Any?’ countless generations haven’t been able to solve it. What can these three children do…?

“You’re so naïve. If you’re really going to do this, then this ancestor will end up using force to calm down the chaos you’re going to create. It’s hot. Why don’t you go back, cool off, calm down, and think about any other options.”

Shisui was still unwilling, “Elder, where is the problem?”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, raised one eyebrow, and said, “Don’t ask me, go back and ask Kagami!”

Seeing that the three of them were still eager to know, Masahiko raised his hand to make a seal, “You’re not giving up? Then allow this ancestor to relieve these hearts of yours!”

As soon as his voice emitted, the three of them disappeared one after another.

Looking up, Masahiko sighed softly, “Three geniuses, Shisui’s natural reaction, and speed are almost catching up with Minato.”

After a pause, Masahiko shook his head and laughed, “But this ancestor is still the fastest. It doesn’t matter if you take a half-minute lead.”

With a flicker, Masahiko’s figure disappeared, then flashed behind the three kids, performing seals with his hands and leaving several afterimages behind, “Water Release: Great Water Fall Technique!”

Instantly, a water curtain that was several hundred meters high appeared out of thin air, sweeping everything in its way while heading toward the three kids.

“Wood Release: Great Forest Technique!” Itachi couldn’t use the deep forest creations and could only use the weakened version.

Many kinds of trees curbed the water flow…

“Fire Release: The Dragon Fire Technique!”


Masahiko’s figure flickered again, then the football instantly smashed Shisui’s Susanoo and fell back.

After a while, the three kids, who forcefully took a cold shower, stopped and looked at each other helplessly. Looking at the several Anbu who rushed towards them, Itachi whispered, “Is our plan really that bad?”

Shisui and Hatsu looked at each other, “…Is it?


At the same time, Masahiko flicked twice then appeared next to the Senju Station.

Because he didn’t want to get involved in the dispute between the Senju and the Uchiha, he hadn’t visited this place for a while. Otherwise, he would have heard of the death of the three Senju Jonin clansmen.

Of course, this is also has something to do with his injury and training for more than half a month.

Even though it was a year, Masahiko was still very welcomed by the Senju tribe, and people kept greeting him until he reached the Patriarch’s Hall.

“Great Grandpa, why are you here?” Nawaki greeted him.

Masahiko was startled, “Nawaki, you’ve grown up a lot! Two wrinkles have been added to your face!”

Nawaki scratched his head and smiled, “Well, I’m not you, and I’m already 36 years old.”

Masahiko chuckled. His status bar also shows that he’s 36 years old, but he looks younger than Nawaki.

A few steps into the patriarch’s hall, Masahiko’s face became serious, “I heard that three Jonin died because of the battle at the beginning of this year. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Nawaki was taken aback, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared, “I wanted to inform you, but the Uzumaki said you were also injured. And after we buried them, I didn’t want to disturb you anymore.”

Masahiko stared at him, “What are you talking about? These kinds of things are very important… Forget it, but it is better if you keep me noted in the future. Who are the three who died in the battle?”

Nawaki sighed and slowly explained to Masahiko.

The eldest one is called Senju Sancho, who is nearly sixty years old. Masahiko didn’t have a deep impression of him, and there was no overlap.

The other one was from Nawaki’s same generation and is called Tsuruichi, 39 years old, and Masahiko remembers that he was one of the clansmen he treated for infertility.

Nawaki added, “Back when you treated us, he had a son in the second year. He has a good talent. And at the age of nine, he was already a member of the graduating class of the Ninja Academy.”

“Is that so?” Masahiko murmured, “Took care of the kid. Is there another one?”

Nawaki hesitated for a moment, then sighed, “Yes, there is another. You should have a deeper impression of him, Senju Kazamatsuri, 22 years old.”

“22??” Masahiko was startled and nodded heavily, “I remember him.”

When they discovered that there was an age gap in the Senju clansmen, except for Itachi, who was less than three years old, the second youngest was the 12-year-old Kazamatsuri.

Masahiko remembers that he was a very lively and naughty boy. Because he was still young, he didn’t need to drink Masahiko’s medicine, and he laughed as he watched his brothers and uncles pinching their noses as they drunk the medicine.

“At the age of 22, he was a Jonin, very talented. It’s a pity that he died.” Masahiko sighed, “He didn’t have children?”
Upon hearing this, Nawaki smiled bitterly, “His wife is just a villager, and the two have a daughter, who is only two and a half years old.”

Masahiko nodded, “It’s good to have offspring, no matter what they are. She’s only two and a half years old, and she lost her father, her mother is a commoner, you better took care of… what’s up with your face? Why are you making such an expression?”

Nawaki hesitated, then said, “Uncle Michiyama likes that girl very much. He often goes to visit her, and it seems that he intends to accept her as his righteous daughter.”

Masahiko was stunned and couldn’t help but laugh. No wonder Nawaki had made such an expression.

Michiyama is four years younger than Tsunade, but his seniority is there. If he accepts her as his righteous daughter, the two-and-a-half-year-old girl will become his and Tsunade’s younger sister…

Opening his perception, Masahiko noticed that Michiyama wasn’t walking to his home, so he stood up, “I will go and taken a look.”

Nawaki quickly followed, “Great Grandpa, are you okay with this?”

Masahiko smiled, “We will check things out and decide later.”

At the southeast corner of the Senju Station, Masahiko saw Michiyama and a little blonde girl riding on his shoulders.

“Golden Hair?” Masahiko was taken aback and then reacted, “From her mother, right?”

Machiyama, who was playing with the little girl, was taken aback when he saw Masahiko, then stared at Nawaki and said, “Grandpa, why are you here?”

The little girl on his shoulders leaned over slightly and looked at Masahiko curiously.

Masahiko looked at the two-and-a-half-year-old girl, “She’s cute, but why does she look familiar? Does she look like her dad?”

Machiyama noticed Masahiko’s gazes, so he quickly patted the little girl’s legs, “Moegi, say hello to Grandpa Masahiko, you can call him… Great Grandpa.”

Masahiko laughed, Machiyama was very old, and it seems he picked a few tricks as he grew older.

“Hi, Great Grandpa! My name is Senju Moegi, and I’m three years old this year.” When she greeted him, there was a lovely blush on her cheeks.

Masahiko tilted his head and glanced at the helpless Nawaki beside him, “She’s cute, isn’t she? So cute… even her name is cute.”

“Cute Meogi…?” Masahiko was startled, “How come hr name seems to be familiar too?”