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LLH Chapter 392 Resolving Conflicts

Soon, Naruto came home from school, which abruptly ended the naming saga.

Masahiko couldn’t think of a proper name for the little girl, so he decided to wait and choose one according to the situation.

Regardless of whether she was blond or red-haired, Masahiko didn’t feel the urge to panic at all.

Even if she gave birth to another boy, Masahiko was ready for it. He was going to name him Yagami Light, give him a notebook, then which L never meets him.

“I wish if Naruto was a bit older, though.” Masahiko looked at Naruto, who hadn’t stopped yelling since he learned that Kushina was pregnant.


What Lil’ Naruto knows his classmates will know, and then the parents of his classmates will know… then the whole village basically will know.

Hiruzen personally looked for Masahiko and asked whether Kushina would return to the Land of Whirlpools during labor. Masahiko shook his head and reassured him that he would take care of protecting them.

However, he never mentioned to him that they wouldn’t be in Konoha too…


It was October, and life had to go as usual. Masahiko can’t stay at Kushina’s house every day doing nothing. So he decided to keep an eye on the healthy growth of the child in Kushina’s stomach…

Kushina didn’t want him to do so, but Masahiko flatly refused. He was an enhanced human-shaped Fetal Ultrasound, and he could scan her every few days without radiations or harming the babe.

Moreover, Masahiko had a few things to do here.

The first is to make Toneri, Sasuke, and Naruto form a squad of mutual dislikes, Taka.

It was easy because Toneri obeys Masahiko. Naruto is such a fool. Sasuke… can be oppressed by power.

However, the Taka is far less important than the Akatsuki. This only gave Masahiko 100 witness points, which is 105 points short of 500 in total.

And Masahiko couldn’t shake the feeling that if he levels up his Yin Release to MAXLV, he might unlock something extraordinary.

“The Yin release represents the spirit, the Soul. The space that will open up should be in the brain, and isn’t one of Hachimon Tonkou’s gates located in the brain? I’m afraid that no one can stop the ancestor’s IQ when that happens!”

However, even if he gathers the witness points, Masahiko will have to wait for Kushina to recover after giving birth. God knows what will happen to him.

With a lot of free time, Masahiko finally put the research space node on the agenda.

It’s been some time since he got the complete Trigram of the Hyuga’s 256 palms. Masahiko was guilty of procrastination because of how troublesome it was. Up until now, he was trying to do everything but this.

But it’s not too much trouble if you really make up your mind to do it. In just one month, Masahiko traveled all over the Shinobi World through the space nodes and figured out the rules of these nodes.

It’s actually very simple. It’s to divide the Ninja World into a 16*16(256) grid, starting from the “upper left” to the right, arranged in a serpentine shape.

And the answer to why he always ended up in the sea when using these nodes is because the area of the ocean is much larger than that of the land, and more than half of the space node leads to the ocean.

However, because Masahiko wasn’t familiar enough, he was still a bit slow when using the nodes.

“One palm with eight trigrams, two palms… one hundred and seventy-eight palms….” Masahiko was in the space and clicked with his right hand: “One Hundred and ninety-nine palms, right here, go!”

Instantly, Masahiko jumped to a hill near Konoha.

“Finally!” Masahiko let out a sigh of relief.

During this period of time, he traveled around everywhere in the world, and they were all deserted areas. He wasn’t tired, because he couldn’t be, but it was too boring.

“I must return to Konoha to check on my little Tsuki….” Masahiko was about to take a step but suddenly paused. In his perception, there were three familiar Chakra fluctuations on the other side of the mountain.

“Itachi, Shisui, and Fugaku’s eldest son, Uchiha Hatsu? What are they doing here?”

Masahiko looked curious and walked over quietly.

The three of them, forming a triangle, sat on three wooden stools, frowning as if they were thinking about something. Itachi and Shisui are still dressed in Anbu, but they have taken off their masks.

Masahiko opened his eye slightly and let out a depressed cry: “Cards game?! Cough, no, this is the legendary way of sitting and talking, isn’t it?”

When the three heard the sound, they were all taken aback and looked in Masahiko’s direction.

“Ancestor? Why are you here?”

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “It’s me who wants to ask, what are the three of you doing on the top of my mountain?”

The three of them looked at each other, then Itachi said: “We didn’t know that this was your mountain. We will leave immediately.”

Masahiko laughed. Is he trying to fool the devil?

“Forget about it. But is there something that you don’t want me to know you need me to know?”

Itachi: “…”


When Masahiko saw the three of them gathered in this remote place, he actually knew what was going on here. These three came together to discuss and find a solution for the Senju’s dispute with the Uchiha.

“But why didn’t you invite Obito?” Masahiko said with a smile.

“Brother Obito… doesn’t know how to hide things.” Shisui hesitated to say something.

Masahiko was startled, then he smiled even more, “Obito is still reliable at critical times… forget it, even I don’t believe this….”

After a pause, Masahiko continued to speak, “How are you going to solve this? The elders of the Uchiha clan are all a little stubborn, not to mention that this matter is still unreasonable. After all, Itachi, you can’t just hand over your brother to them.”

“Elder, the Uchiha Clan now… have no elders,” Hatsu said.

Masahiko was taken aback, “Why? What happened?”

Itachi explained to Masahiko in a soft tone that in the last battle that took place at the beginning of that year, the Senju lost three elite Jonin, while the Uchiha lost the second and the third elders.

“Is that so?” Masahiko really didn’t know about this, “Then the Uchiha’s Great Elder… Oh, yes, I remembered, haha, he died when Sasuke awakened his Sharingan.”

Itachi gently pulled Masahiko’s sleeves, “That’s Hatsu’s Grandfather.”

“Ahem…” Masahiko was slightly embarrassed and changed the subject, “So, now is the best time to resolve the two clans’ conflicts?”

The three of them looked at each other, then Itachi nodded and said, “If you join us, we will be more confident in solving this once and for all!”