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LLH Chapter 440 Opening

Konoha, July 5, 1960, Night.

Konoha Casino stopped accepting bets half an hour ago, and Masahiko is conducting the last audit.

Opening the ledger, Masahiko was immediately startled.

“The total amount is more than 1.96 billion?! Didn’t it just reach 1.5 billion yesterday? How did it increase so much in the last day?”

The casino owner respectfully stood aside, wiping the sweat on his forehead, “Jiraiya-Sama has come here today, and bet nearly 200 million Ryo, so it increased by that much.”

Masahiko was stunned at first, then suddenly said, “Jiraiya this bastard is really rich!”

Jiraiya has spent years of work as an ‘Intelligence Ninja.’ If you send some information to Konoha about big or small things, you will be rewarded. Moreover, he’s also a writer, he’s actually the best-selling author. In a world that doesn’t have Wifi, Icha Icha can indeed be called a masterpiece.

Masahiko heard that Jiraiya is writing a sequel, which seems to be called Ichi Icha. He was inspired by that girl who tried to tie him up in Kirigakure a few years ago… it’s exciting if you think about it.

“Cough,” Masahiko coughed twice and corrected his thinking, “I knew he was rich but I didn’t expect him to be so rich. He’s throwing 200 million so casually! His wealth must be at least more than 500 million.”

After pondering for a while, Masahiko smiled again. 500 million seems a lot, but I’m afraid Tsunade can lose it all in half a year…

“Who’s he betting on?”

“Half bet on Naruto Uzumaki to win the championship, and the other half bet on a few top-eight candidates with high odds.”

Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief, so he can rest assured. Naruto’s Rasengan practice has been very successful, and he has been able to summon Gamabunta stably. Jiraiya probably thinks Naruto can win.

Too naïve!

Gamabunta cannot be compared to the Fat Cat!

“She’s the only worthy candidate, this ancestor can’t be wrong! Can’t be wrong!” Masahiko murmured, looking at the Casino owner next to him, “Relax, this ancestor will eat the meat and leave you some soup!”


The next day, early in the morning.

Masahiko let Kimimaro’s team and the Kushina family to the Konoha Stadium.

The huge stadium was half full, and the civilians and the ninjas were still entering. According to Obito, the original expected 2,000 tickets weren’t enough, and he sold another 2,000, so the venue would be a little bit more crowded.

But Masahiko didn’t have to worry about this. There are 32 rows of seats in the stadium, and the first and last rows aren’t sold, they were reserved for people with special identities and positions such as Masahiko.

“Kushina, where do you want to sit, in the first row or the last one?” There was a lot of noise in the venue, and Masahiko had to shout loudly.

Kushina hesitated slightly, but Naruto suddenly said, “Hey! Sit in the first row!”

Naruto wasn’t nervous at all and wanted Masahiko and the others to watch him at close range.

Since Naruto made such a request, everyone didn’t refuse, and went all the way forward, sit in the first row, and chattered waiting for the start of the exam.

Masahiko put Natsuki on his lap and pinched her cheeks with his big hands, “Natsuki, how is practicing with your father recently?”

“Ancestor, don’t pinch my face!” Natsuki struggled to break free, “Natsuki is a genius, and my father said that I will catch up with my brother soon!”

Masahiko smiled and let her go, but Karin and Haku stretched out their hands at the same time, and pinched Natsuki’s baby’s fat little face from left and right again… it felt really good and addictive.

Natsuki got frustrated and fumbled out a pair of gloves from her arms. After putting them on, she angrily threatened, “Pinch my face again and I will hit you all!”

Masahiko smiled then suddenly turned around to look at Obito and the three elders, Sakumo, Nawaki, and Hiashi, accompanying the ‘Fourth Kazekage’ to the last row.

“Orochimaru is really here. Your situation is really bad, the few people around you can beat you to death if you dare to make a move.” Masahiko murmured, and subconsciously put his hand on Natsuki’s face again, kneading it.

Natsuki’s face showed helplessness, and she suddenly lost all power in Masahiko’s arms; she actually loved it…

As time passed, the stadium gradually was filled, and the noises stopped because the countdown on the big screen showed only two minutes.

Two minutes later, the first duel will begin, and both sides will be randomly drawn on the big screen.

“Grandpa, don’t you think something is missing?” Kushina suddenly said.

Before Masahiko could react, Minato shook his head and said, “It’s a protective barrier. The venue is too big and it’s very troublesome to set it up. Obito probably had to use manpower to protect the audience behind us. In the first row on the side sit Kakashi and the other team leaders, and in the first row on the east side is Itachi and Hatsu, and here are us.”

Masahiko was stunned for a moment, looked left and right, and it really was the case, “That little kid Obito has also learned how to be manipulative… Minato, I’ll leave it to you!”

“Old ancestor is a big lazy pig.”

Masahiko pinched Natuski’s face again, “You will understand in the future that old men like me get too lazy to move every few days of a month.”

Kushina: “…”

The stadium was suddenly silent, and the big screen had begun to roll. When the scrolling stopped, a lot of noises emitted instantly!

Masahiko smiled, “Natsuki, do you recognize the words on the screen?”

“Tenten VS Temari, right? Ancestor!” Natsuki looked back at him.

“You’re so smart!” Masahiko rubbed her cheeks together…

There was no unnecessary stall. Almost instantly, Tenten and Temari were standing in the center of the field, and after Genma, the referee raised his arm high and put it down, the opening duel of the third round of the Chunin Exam began.

Tenten didn’t bring Fat Cat with her, but made full use of her family’s fortune, throwing all kinds of ninjas tools at Temari’s face.

In the fact of Tenten, the one who Masahiko is optimistic about her winning chances, Temari was very cautious, constantly defending and trying, yet every time she rolled up a hurricane, Tenten deftly avoided.

However, Tenten’s ninja tools were also blown away by her, and the scene became a stalemate for a while.

Masahiko could hear many sighs of regret behind him, and many ninjas who didn’t bet on Tenten were interested in the various tools she used…

“This should be the fat cat’s idea, use this opportunity to promote your family’s ninja tools store.” Masahiko helplessly covered his forehead.

After she showed every tool she had, she couldn’t defeat Temari. After a moment of hesitation, her small face quickly reddened, her body slightly trembled, then her hands turned into claws…

Masahiko laughed, “It’s over.”

Temari noticed this change and was immediately alerted, but Tenten’s figure disappeared without a trace instantly.

Suddenly Temari found herself on the ground with Tenten on top of her, and she could feel something sharp on her neck, like fingernails… her body immediately stiffened.

“So fast!

The stadium was quiet for a moment, then everyone exclaimed including the Jonin that couldn’t see Tenten’s movement clearly.

Masahiko turned his head with a smile, looking at Minato, and nodding slightly.

Minato immediately revealed a sunny smile.

Kushina looked surprised, “This little girl is actually very talented!”

“The first game, the winner, Tenten!”

Genma’s voice spread throughout the stadium, announcing a perfect opening for the third Chunin Exam!